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I am having a weird issue, I have multiple WCF services that work fine but every once in a while they all keep returning a message to say that it is undefined, this does not happen all the time, it occurs on a few occasions and then goes back to normal after some time.

Any idea what could be wrong?

[no name] 30-Oct-14 4:44am
Are you consuming a WCF service in JavaScript using ASP.NET AJAX ?
Laiju k 30-Oct-14 4:47am
It is like Session expires.I had got the samething on development I dont have solved yet.please inform me if you get a solution
Kats2512 31-Oct-14 2:45am
yes using javascript in a .js file, not behind the aspx page itself. yeah the exact same happens to me, it like a session variable gets expired and I have to keep trying etc, I have even tried logging off and back on to the machine but it still goes.

the part that complains or breaks during run time is the javascript code.
Bernhard Hiller 31-Oct-14 3:12am
Can you give us the exact verbatim error message? "undefined" looks rather like a part of an error message from JavaScript!
Ganesh Rana <> 31-Oct-14 4:01am
check your WCF service time-out
Kats2512 31-Oct-14 4:39am
that is what comes back, just stating the name of the wcf method that gets called is undefined. I have checked my time out and they all are correct.

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