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I am facing a problem with the dropdown in firefox. When I mouse hover the dropdown items or moving the cursor on the items the selectedindex event of dropdown fires in firefox and I am not facing this problem in IE,chrome.

I found that i am using timer too(in my master page)and it is effecting this scenario. Can we have solution for this

Here is mycode:

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlTempGroups" runat="server" onselectedindexchanged="ddlTempGroups_SelectedIndexChanged"
<asp:ListItem Text="-" Value="-" > 
<asp:ListItem Text="type" Value="type" >
<asp:ListItem Text="date" Value="date" >

protected void ddlTempGroups_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
      {   }

Thank you.
Updated 4-Nov-14 1:12am
DamithSL 4-Nov-14 0:56am    
create minimum sample code to recreate this issue and update the question with that code samples.
sr1198 4-Nov-14 1:29am    
Hi i have updated the code can you go through that. It happens only in firefox
Ch Smrutiranjan 4-Nov-14 2:23am    
There may be bug in the firefox version you are using. You can update the version and chk again. alternatively you can refresh the page and try again.Pls let me know your response.
sr1198 4-Nov-14 3:42am    
Hi actually i just updated the FF and i am sorry for not providing the correct information its not working in FF(Version 34)
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 4-Nov-14 2:46am    
I run your code on FF 30-33 and didn't experienced the problem you described...
May you write a step-by-step instruction list to reproduce the error?

1 solution

Version 34 of Firefox is still in beta version (5th for now) - so it may have some problems...
The only solution for this is to connect FF teams and report the bug (with as much details you can collect)!
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