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Memory management is the task of operating system or programming language?
Thanks7872 4-Dec-14 1:48am    
How is this question related to programming?

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Memory management(MM) may appear in every part of the computer system.

At the lowest level, Computer platforms have special hardware for segmentation, paging and memory protection.

Compiler may divide the binary image into code/data/zero initialized data section.

The OS/VM may provide API for managing the heap/system stack, memory synchronization.

e.g. allocating stack for process, performing inter-process communication.

At user level, some library may also do the MM by pre-allocating a memory pool for efficient data access.

e.g. Some network stack may pre-allocate buffer for DMA R/W access

e.g. Graphic related code may pre-allocate buffer for holding vertex for model for transformation.
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