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1- i will improve my question for u because i coudn't write comment the server has problem.....
i have WCF service in my desktop computer running windows xp and vista and i have the mobile applictaion project called "Client"... when i genrated the proxy i made this step in commond prompt during the service running :
NetCFSvcUtil http://localhost:8731/Design_Time_Addresses/Server/Service1

and this genrated 2 files Greeting_Service.cs and CFClientBase.cs
and i puted both in Client;

and this is my code in Client :

System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding binding = GreetingServiceClient.CreateDefaultBinding();
           string address = GreetingServiceClient.EndpointAddress.Uri.ToString();
           GreetingServiceClient m_proxy = new GreetingServiceClient(binding, new EndpointAddress(address));
           string result = m_proxy.Greet(textBox1.Text).ToString();
           textBox2.Text = result;

when i try to run the service and the client the error above is appear in CFClientBase.cs at this part
return requestChannel.Request(msg);

and i tried to run the "Client" from this Client\Client\bin\Debug\Client.exe and it run fine

when i try ur solution and change my command for genrate proxy to ...

it is the same error.

and thx for ur replay mr fredik.
Updated 7-Jun-10 15:25pm

1 solution

I'm not sure I understand your scenario completely, but to me it sounds like you're having a service running on your desktop computer that you're trying to access using a client running on a mobile device (or emulator).

If this is the case then you cannot use localhost as the address because that would point to the mobile device rather than the desktop computer. You need to specify the address of the desktop using an "external" IP or host name.

It works when you're running the desktop client because that is running on the same box as the service so localhost is correct then.

Hope this helps,
Fredrik Bornander
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Ashraf ELHakim 7-Jun-10 21:26pm    
thx for ur replay and yes u understand me right but i improve my question for u to give me any advice because if i undertsood ur solution right it is the same problem plz check the question again :)

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