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Simple Question

ImageFloat32 is datatype used for create image in boofcv library

is ImageFloat32 datatype 1D array or 2D array ?

Many Thanks

1 solution

This is not an array it all, but is a class:[^].

Some background: traditionally, bitmap data, as in this class, is considered to be an array of rank 1. The pixel data flows line by line in one stream, without any delimiters between lines. It makes deep practical sense. The memory boundaries between lines can be determined from the image width, which is usually stored in metadata. This approach is similar to the concept of array in C or C++. For those languages 1D or 2D (or 3D array, arrays of rank 1, 2, 3, etc.) is exactly the same thing. Multi-index array notation is nothing but syntactic sugar.

(And from the point of view of really deep mathematical theory of metric dimension, all pixel arrays, as well as any finite-set objects, including any object in computer memory, has dimension 0. :-))

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