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I dont use visual basic but i need to select every 4th coloumn of my worksheet .. I need it for some application ... can any one tell me how to do it in visual basic ..
Updated 2-Oct-20 0:28am
Dalek Dave 17-Jun-10 10:35am    
5 rows by 2000 columns is completely the wrong approach to using spreadsheets.

Please think about having 2000 rows of 5 columns, it is more sensible that way.

It is actually very easy, and I will give you the code.
However, before I do I just need to know if the columns are fixed, ie you want columns D, H, L, etc?

If so, something like this...


Should do the trick.
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guchu 17-Jun-10 9:13am    
I have data in columns and each column has 5 rows.. I want to select all the rows of every 4th column say A E I ...
guchu 17-Jun-10 9:15am    
and there are 2000 columns like that ...
Here is the code that does the trick,

Sub test1()<br />
<br />
Dim i As Integer<br />
Dim j As Integer<br />
Dim a As Double<br />
<br />
<br />
For i = 1 To 10000        ' counter, from 1 to 672<br />
j = 4 * i - 3             ' steps<br />
Sheets("sheet1").Select 'Sheet you get the data from<br />
Cells(1, j).Select<br />
a = Selection<br />
<br />
Sheets("sheet2").Select 'Sheet you want to copy the date to<br />
Cells(1, i).Value = a<br />
<br />
Next i<br />
<br />
<br />
End Sub
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