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I am storing a note created with images in my SQL DB.

The html is stored as string like so
<div class="WordSection1">
Image 1<br>
<img width="237" height="97" id="Picture_x0020_2" src="cid:image001.png"><br></div>

And the content of image0001.png is stored as a byte array.

how do I display the note with the image displayed
right now it displays a 'X' where the image should be

Please assist. Thanks
DamithSL 25-Mar-15 4:53am    
can you update the question with the code, how you save and load your note content with image?
ASJ_SA 25-Mar-15 5:10am    
The code that creates the html is like so
Dim strbHTML As New Text.StringBuilder
For Each Note In Notes
strbHTML.Append("<table><tr><td>" & Note.NoteMessage & "</td></tr><br></table>")

the NOte.NoteMessage is html that is saved as string in the DB.
so essentially it will have the string "<img width="237" height="97" id="Picture_x0020_2" src="cid:image001.png"><br>"

The image0001.png itself is stored in a table as a byte array.


1 solution

GOt it..
If anyone else is looking for this
add a webbrowser control to your page
and do this

Dim array() As Byte = File.ReadAllBytes("C:\image.PNG")

Dim base64string As String = System.Convert.ToBase64String(array, 0, array.Length)
Dim str As String = "<div class=WordSection1>Image 1<br><img width=237 height=97 id=Picture_x0020_2 src=data:image/png;base64," + base64string + "></div>"

WebBrowser1.DocumentText = str
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