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I need the syntax of a simple batch file that will copy a file from a root folder to all subfolders (not recursive) that start with a prefix.

E.g.: I need the batch file c:\MyRoot\CopyCfgToSubs.bat with a for loop that will copy the file c:\MyRoot\My.config
into each of the sub folders:

// What have I tried?

I've come across this code sample:
for /r "C:\MyRoot" %%f in (.) do (
  copy "C:\MyRoot\a.config" "%%~ff" > nul

Which is 80%, what I need in addition is how to copy to the 1st level of subfolders only, AND only to those subfolders that start with "MySub"
Updated 25-Mar-15 23:17pm
Richard MacCutchan 26-Mar-15 4:42am    
What have you tried, and where are you stuck? You can type "help for" at a command prompt to see how to process a list of file or directory names.
Joezer BH 26-Mar-15 4:44am    
As it's a one line solution I thought the "what have you tried" can be avoided.
It might perhaps be that I was mistaken

Added above some "what have I tried"
Herbisaurus 26-Mar-15 4:54am    
NOTE: The batch sample you provided will copy the file also to the root level...
Joezer BH 26-Mar-15 5:34am    
Yes, I understand that. Plus, and it will also copy it into all the sub folders of the sub folders etc... which is what I want to prevent

1 solution

In CMD it's Something like:
cd \MyRoot
for /D %x in (MySub*) do copy a.config %x

and inside a batch file:
cd \MyRoot
for /D %%x in (MySub*) do copy a.config %%x
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Joezer BH 26-Mar-15 5:55am    
"x was unexpected at this time"

Richard MacCutchan 26-Mar-15 6:03am    
If you type it in at the command prompt it uses %x, if it is in a batch file then it needs %%x.

As a test you could type
for /D %x in (MySub*) do echo copy a.config %x
at the command prompt to check if it's correct.
Joezer BH 26-Mar-15 6:14am    
V - tnx Richard

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