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I am using a vb function to code the string to asscii chars for some security purpose.
And this string info is stored to database.
Now i am fetching the same (password) data from a c# mvc application.
But when i cast the same string using c# code it returns a different string of ascii chars.
Its a user login process.I am using same users in both vb and c# applications.The users and their passwords will be saved from vb application.
The codes in vb and c#,
Public Function DecodeId(ByVal mmId) As String
       Dim DVal As String
       Dim I As Integer
       On Error Resume Next
       If mmId.ToString.Length < 10 Then mmId = mmId.ToString.PadRight(10)
       DVal = ""
       For I = 1 To mmId.ToString.Length
           DVal = DVal & Chr(Asc(Mid(mmId, I, 1)) + 58)
       DecodeId = DVal
   End Function

    public string DecodeId(string mmId)
               	string DVal = string.Empty ;
               	int I = 0;
               	for (I = 0; I <= mmId.Length-1; I++) {
                    char c = (char)(System.Convert.ToInt32(mmId[I]) + 58);
                    //int x = (System.Convert.ToInt32(mmId[I]) + 58);
                   // char nw = (Char)x;
                   // string s = char.ConvertFromUtf32(x).ToString();
                    DVal = DVal + s.ToString();
               	return DVal;

Please reply if there is any difference in ascii values according o.s or prgmng languages etc (the ascii value for 155 is '>' but from my c# code it gives '""').
Please reply

1 solution

Don't do that: hash your passwords instead. There is some information on how to do it here: Password Storage: How to do it.[^] and usingh SHA or MD5 will make it work very easily in both languages.
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NIDHIN.C 2-Apr-15 5:38am    
You mean that method will give wrong result? ie,ascii coding?
NIDHIN.C 2-Apr-15 5:42am    
//Password Storage: How to do it.[^] //
Its a nice article
OriginalGriff 2-Apr-15 5:48am    
You're welcome!
phil.o 2-Apr-15 5:56am    
Downvote countered.

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