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Hi all, nice to be back with another question. Hope you are able to help, again.

I have a very complicated application with embedded resources. The application runs on a server, when a user logs in, it starts running a quick menu for all department at the top of the user desktop. There is also a script that checks if the user desktop have the latest version of the application, and if not download it from the server and replace the old one.

All resources are embedded, including images and buttons. Our company has now change their logo colour and I have been charged with the task of changing the logo so the new one appears instead of the old one on all desktops. I foolishly thought if I simply locate the image, and replace it with the new logo, with the same dimension and name, it would work. But that is not the case.

So, as you might have worked it out by now, my question is, how do I make a simple change like replace an image that is embedded within the application?

It would make my day if someone could help me with this.

Richard MacCutchan 2-Apr-15 6:04am    
Rebuild the application with the new image in the resources.
Awoldeselassie 2-Apr-15 6:10am    
I explained above that I have already tried that and it didn't work
Richard MacCutchan 2-Apr-15 6:22am    
Well I am soory but "it didn't work" means nothing to us. Remember, we cannot see your screen or read your disk, you have to explain your problem in proper detail.
Awoldeselassie 2-Apr-15 6:48am    
Yes I understand, I got it working just now, there was a script the program is calling every time it runs, which undo all the changes by copying the previous version from the server. I just have to compile it into .exe file. Thanks for your help anyways

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