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I have two projects:
1) MyProject1
2) MyProject2

Directory Structure
---BaseControl.cs - derived from CompositeControl
---Derived1.cs - derived from BaseControl
---Derived11.cs - derived from BaseControl
---Derived12.cs - derived from BaseControl

---Derived4.cs - derived from BaseControl

Assembly.cs for MyProject1
NOTE: Image is set as an embedded resource

[assembly: WebResource("MyProjects1.Images.BaseControl.gif", "img/gif")]
To get the link to the WebResource, I do the following:
<br />
myImgControl.ImageUrl = this.GetImageUrl("MyProject1.Images.BaseControl.gif");<br />

This works fine with Derived1, Derived11 and Derived12 controls since the embedded resource is available to their parent. However, Derived4 control cannot find the images because the 'MyProject1.Images.BaseControl.gif' is not part of its embedded resource.

Let me know if you need anymore info.
E.F. Nijboer 12-Aug-10 9:59am    
Is there a question hidden somewhere?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 3-Dec-10 22:03pm    
Is there a reason why not to add the images or BaseControl to Project2?
Fayu 5-Dec-10 23:04pm    
Project1 is the main redistributed assembly. Project2 is a different assembly, which contains external developers implementation of BaseControl.

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