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I have a javascript like:
<script type="text/javascript">
        function getHighlight() {
            var MainText = '';
            var toSearch = 'store';
            MainText = MainText + '<table>';
            MainText = MainText + '<tr><td><b>Stores</b></td></tr>';
            MainText = MainText + '<tr><td class="clsUrl"><a href="check%20Store%20quality.aspx" style="color:blue; text-decoration:none;" target="_blank">check%20Store%20quality.aspx</a></td></tr>';
            MainText = MainText + '<tr><td><p>Some Description about store...</p><br /></td></tr>';
            MainText = MainText + '</table>';
            textHightLight($(".dv_searchResult").html(), toSearch, ".dv_searchResult");

    function textHightLight(totText, term, dvCls) {
        var src_str = totText;
        var childNodes = document.body.childNodes;
        term = term.replace(/(\s+)/, "(<[^>]+>)*$1(<[^>]+>)*");
        var pattern = new RegExp("(" + term + ")", "gi");

        src_str = src_str.replace(pattern, "<mark>$1</mark>");
        src_str = src_str.replace(/(<mark>[^<>]*)((<[^>]+>)+)([^<>]*<\/mark>)/, "$1</mark>$2<mark>$4");


Here I am binding the complete html into a div dv_searchResult and then highlighting the toSearch text inside the div. Its working fine to an extent. The only problem is that if the toSearch text contains any word which exists also in url (eg, in the above text, store exists inside href="/KB/answers/check%20Store%20quality.aspx" also.),then the url is also replaced with <mark></mark> that i am using to highlight the word. I need help on how can I ignore the clsUrl class or the <a href=""> tag while reading the text in textHightLight function.

Kindly help.

See the example here: fiddle Example
Updated 14-Apr-15 22:11pm

1 solution

Change these below lines...
src_str = src_str.replace(pattern, "<mark>$1</mark>");
src_str = src_str.replace(/(<mark>[^<>]*)((<[^>]+>)+)([^<>]*<\/mark>)/, "$1</mark>$2<mark>$4");

var new_str = src_str.replace(pattern, "<mark>$1</mark>");
new_str = src_str.replace(/(<mark>[^<>]*)((<[^>]+>)+)([^<>]*<\/mark>)/, "$1</mark>$2<mark>$4");
Mahatma Aladdin 16-Apr-15 3:43am
tried this. the link works fine. but it doesn't highlight any word.
What is used to highlight?
Mahatma Aladdin 17-Apr-15 0:20am
i am using mark tag
Yeah, that is because you are replacing the whole HTML with a pattern. Send only that part of text, which needs to be highlighted to the function textHightLight. Don't send whole HTML of the div.

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