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Hi guys,

I would just like to ask if it is possible to search and highlight multiple text in a PDF file using C#.

Your advice is very much appreciated. Thank you.

1 solution

Here is a sample VB.NET code to highlight the marked text in PDF:

Private Sub TextMarkButton1_Click()
    '~~> Change this to your File Name
    filey = "c:\test.pdf"
    Set AcroExchApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
    Set AcroExchAVDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")

    '~~> Open the pdf file
    AcroExchAVDoc.Open filey, ""

    '~~> Get the PDDoc associated with the open AVDoc
    Set AcroExchPDDoc = AcroExchAVDoc.GetPDDoc

    '~~> Search Text
    sustext = "Release"

    '~~> get JavaScript Object
    Set jso = AcroExchPDDoc.GetJSObject

    '~~> Show application

    '~~> Count of Matches Found
    nCount = 0

    If Not jso Is Nothing Then
        '~~> Total No of pages in pdf
        nPages = jso.numpages
        '~~> Loop through pages
        For i = 0 To nPages - 1
            '~~> Get words Count in one Page
            nWords = jso.getPageNumWords(i)
            '~~> Loop Thru words in that Page
            For j = 0 To nWords - 1
                '~~> Get each word
                word = Trim(CStr(jso.getPageNthWord(i, j)))
                If word <> "" Then
                    '~~> Match word with Search text
                    result = StrComp(word, sustext, vbTextCompare)
                    '~~ if found, increment count
                    If result = 0 Then nCount = nCount + 1
                End If
            Next j
        Next i
    End If

    '~~> Display Number of matches found
    MsgBox nCount

    '~~> Clean Up
    Set jso = Nothing
    Set AcroExchAVDoc = Nothing
    Set AcroExchApp = Nothing
End Sub
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akosidab 14-Jun-12 21:39pm    

Can you please post the whole code? Coz I don't know the objects you used it causes a lot of errors.

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