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Dear Friends,
I want to search and highlight the text in pdf. In my window application i will show the pdf in webbrowser control.using acrobat, webbrowser control shows the pdf. based on the values in textbox i need to search and highlight the text. i have tried by passing in url. the below mentioned code searched the word.

i had been gone though adobe document and i was came to know that there is a option to highlight the text based on co-ordinates.

For eg.,highlight lt,rt,top,bottom

but if i passed it in url means it can't highlight. if you have any idea on this?

Dim filename As String
Dim value As String
filename = RTBHeadLine.Text
filename = WebBrowser1.Url.ToString()
If filename <> "" Then
    value = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(RTBHeadLine.Text.Normalize)
    value = value.Replace("+", " ")
    Me.Text = filename & "#search=" & """" & value & """"
    WebBrowser1.Navigate(filename & "#search=" & """" & value & """")
End If
Updated 9-Jul-21 11:17am

1 solution

For example :
- Your search returned (2 results)
- Create a Temp PDF file as clone from the Original PDF File, but with highlighted results.
- Append your Temp PDF File to the WebBrowser Control, using your Acrobat lib.
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