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Does wpf user control contain a method to close, like close in windows form, thanks.
Updated 4-Jul-10 23:25pm

Well UserControl and Form are two different things. UserControls are placed inside the Window. You have a Close method tied up with Window. If you want to force the Window.Close from inside of UserControl, definitely you can do so using the following.

Window parentwin = Window.GetWindow();

But if you want to close only the UserControl, why dont you deal with Visibility. You can make the UserControl.Visibility = Collapsed, or you can remove the UserControl from the Parent using

I dont know what you wanted from this.
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ihebiheb 28-Mar-13 13:37pm    
Window parentwin = Window.GetWindow(this);

this one worked for me
This is an insane question. How would a control 'close' when it is on a form ? That makes zero sense. If you want to 'close' a control, you can animate it, or just set it's visibility to collapsed ( or both ). A control can't be 'closed' because it is not a form, not in any framework I've ever used.
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You could just remove the control from the parent Control. This is what I did assuming that the parent control is a Canvas
(this.Parent as Canvas).Children.Remove(this);
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