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Hello everyone,

I'm doing a school project that requires me come up with a website that is a able to retrieve system data from computers on the same network and display on the website, it's a little like An Implementation of System Monitor by Zuoliu Ding but a network version of it. Need help with what i should look into or what codes i should be using.

Thanks in advance.

1 solution

You can't gather information on a computer from a website unless the website itself is hosted on the computer.

You could do it using Browser plugins or maybe something in flash or a monitor you download from the web page. It might work with Silverlight, I'm not sure.

The problem is that if any website could see your computer information, it wouldn't be good for privacy or security. You could use 1 windows application that gather network data and sends it to a database online. The data could then be presented as you'd like.

That's what I'd do personally.
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tyloler 15-Jul-10 12:21pm    
What about an executable? will it be possible if i use snmp?
Simon Dufour 15-Jul-10 12:42pm    
If you can gather the date and log it in a file somewhere, you can find a way to show that data in a web page. What's you problem exactly?
tyloler 15-Jul-10 22:19pm    
Thanks Simon for replying me, my problem is that my partner and i are told that rails and php should be the languages used to do this project and we have been trying out and asking around. But we found out that rails is more towards Linux systems, but we are doing on windows, also php is not able to perform such a task. So we're now lost on how to do this project.

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