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Hi experts,
I'm trying to find a possibility to add a "CrLf" to the tooltip property for a command button (BaseCommand) on a toolbar (not on a form, this is easy with the tooltip from the toolbox!)
I tried vbCrLf, ControlChars.CrLf, "<br \>" and Environment.NewLine in the tooltip-string. But there is no reaction, the tooltip ignores it all, he does what he wants.
Has anyone an idea ?

This is the tooltip property section of my command:
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Tooltip() As String

        MyBase.m_toolTip = "my first line" & vbCrLf & "and now the second line"
        Return MyBase.Tooltip
    End Get

End Property
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Jun-15 10:05am    
What Toolbar, from what UI library? At least give us the full type name, and/or other detail.
Ralf Meier 4-Jun-15 14:57pm    
Please explain in another way what you want to do.
In the Moment I can't imagine what the goal should be ...

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