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by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Dr. WPF
This article describes a new approach by which an element can remove its visual and logical relationships to its children while maintaining a conceptual parental relationship with those children.
by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.

Latest Articles

by SSDiver2112
A custom Panel that creates a glow effect around a child control or a drop shadow when it receives focus
by Robert Gustafson
A UserControl that allows rich-text applications to have a ruler with support for margins, indents, and tabs
by Melick
SharePoint 2016 Installation using AutoSPInstaller Online - how to set up the environment and service accounts
by Qwertie
No matter how lazy you are

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26 May 2010
Mike Corley
C# (.NET and Mono) library provider for RRDtool
23 Mar 2015
Oleg Shilo
The extremely simple implementation of generic "Extension Properties"
4 Jan 2008
Use extension methods to augment the enums to validate the values and more
9 Mar 2009
A WPF application for viewing RSS video feeds. Built using the MVVM pattern.
17 Dec 2008
Writing and using cross platform AJAX in ASP.NET applications.
12 Oct 2007
An article that tries to clear up the concept of serialization.
27 Mar 2010
Sergey Sorokin
Use .NET 2.0 configuration features for building a pluggable provider framework for your application.
2 Nov 2010
Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
6 Jan 2014
This article describes asynchronous patterns in .NET and how to do them.
17 Aug 2010
Shivprasad koirala
.NET Best Practice No: 1:- Detecting High Memory consuming functions in .NET code
11 Mar 2010
Base practice code for those preparing the exam 70-536 or learning the .NET framework basis
19 May 2013
Shemeer NS
.NET Framework Cultures with Culture Specific Formats and Mapping with SQL Server Language. CultureInfo, DateFormat, Number Format, Currency Format, Percent Format, Infinity Format etc.
10 Sep 2008
Mayur Chauhan
An UI tool that can be used to zip and unzip a file.
6 Aug 2008
Compose mail messages and send them through your mail account provider.
26 Apr 2010
Izzet Kerem Kusmezer
With this tool you can download whole .NET Framework source code at once, and enjoy offline browsing. With it, you can have whole the source code without any Visual Studio product installed
2 Dec 2008
Cirilo Meggiolaro
Multicast delegates provide functionality to execute more than one method.
2 Jan 2008
DCOM component replacement in .NET is .NET remoting
3 Mar 2010
Ron Beyer
1 alternative  
Explains producing and consuming .NET remoting events, the drawbacks, and advantages.
25 Oct 2015
Greg Nutt
This is a VB.NET Version for ".NET Remoting Events Explained"
27 Aug 2012
Kumar, Ravikant INDIA Bangalore
A .NET resource (.resx file) translator. English to any other language.
19 May 2008
Ralph in Boise
Edit web.config to Update the Data Provider for Shared Hosting with Role-Based Security: SQL Server, ODBC, Active Directory, ADAM, SQLite, MySQL, Access, XML
26 Aug 2011
Jecho Jekov
How to use .NET settings files in class library projects.
23 Oct 2008
A splash screen which allows for dynamic creation and updates.
16 Dec 2008
David Polomis
Loads a Targa image file into a Bitmap using nothing but .NET code.
3 May 2016
this post discussed .NET versioning and multi-targeting of .NET application and component written in C#.
30 Jul 2008
An article on .NET localization
7 Feb 2011
asheesh goja
This article shows you how to build a simple cross-platform interoperation solution between .NET and Java using the Service Interface and Data Transfer Object (DTO) architecture patterns
10 Dec 2009
Shivprasad koirala
This article has 12 important FAQ’s which covers unit testing, automated testing, data driven test, load/ performance test, code coverage , database testing and ordered testing.
23 Mar 2010
The article introduces how to easily develop business solutions in RapidWebDev through developing a product management system with the special requirement step by step.
2 Jul 2009
In Internet Explorer webpage is embedded a C# user control and communication between the page and user control
21 Feb 2014
Sacha Barber
WPF: Version II of my 100% Reflective class diagram creation tool.
7 Jul 2009
Dan Wts
Rotate between front and back content.
4 Nov 2014
Shivprasad koirala
6 important uses of Delegates and Events
20 May 2010
Shivprasad koirala
6 steps to implement DUAL security on WCF using User name + SSL
25 Nov 2008
Shivprasad koirala
7 steps to write your own custom rule using FXCOP
13 Apr 2009
Shivprasad koirala
8 Steps to create workflows using SharePoint designer
8 Jan 2011
This article introduces a .NET class that makes the use of MiFare card easier.
26 May 2012
Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A .NET wrapper for NT Registry and a .NET NT RegEdit demo
1 Oct 2009
Deepankar Malik
Generates SQL Server Stored Procedure and Table Defination Scripts
13 Mar 2008
Jarrad Winter
Vista introduced a new synchronization primitive called the CONDITION_VARIABLE. In this article, I will provide a .NET wrapper (written in C++/CLI) for this primitive and explain how it works.
12 May 2008
Albert Lu
A base SharePoint Web Part to support AJAX in ASP.NET 3.5.
29 Oct 2009
Stephen Inglish
Everyone wants one, now you can have the functionality and style your own.
21 Oct 2008
Tony Williams
A basic ASP.NET Pager User Control
30 Jan 2008
Kurt Mackey
This is a utility class for acquiring named locks.
28 May 2008
Didara F Dosabhai
Define schedules to the program for executing programmer defined jobs
11 Dec 2011
Raj Lal
Chapter 11 of "Fun with Silverlight 4" More information at
9 Feb 2009
Rahman Masudur
This article shows how to use a WCF service in XBAP or a WPF browser application.
8 Nov 2010
JP van Mackelenbergh
A component which allows to work with WCF services in a robust way
18 Feb 2008
David Catriel
A very powerful and clean way to add logging of all sorts to an application
7 Jul 2010
Josh Fischer
Leverage your existing classes and the power of Generics to speed up and simplify importing denormalized data into your system.
1 May 2008
The VF Graph Isomorphism algorithm in C#.
16 Aug 2008
How to use the Google Static Maps API within .NET.
9 Mar 2011
Sacha Barber
Set of utility classes to observe a chain of INotifyPropertyChanged objects.
23 Feb 2008
Implements a custom, checked listbox editor in a property grid.
24 Apr 2008
Vitaly Zayko
An article about using SHGetFileInfo in C# (a simple class and demo are included).
5 Aug 2009
Nicholas Butler
A tool to help author articles at The Code Project
27 Apr 2008
Derek Bartram
This library provides a framework for using Code Project article information in applications, and provides a utility for monitoring articles
1 May 2008
Derek Bartram
This library provides a framework for using Code Project article information in applications, and provides a utility for extracting user information
30 Oct 2009
Robert Dondo
Demonstrates how to tweak the TreeView control to make it collapsible when working with MasterPages.
29 Jul 2008
Bruce Zhang
A common base class for LINQ to SQL with which you can implement code to access database easily.
5 Nov 2010
Wayne Ye
This is a complete Impersonation demo in C#, impersonating a user and accessing its files and HKCU Registry entries.
5 Jun 2009
Bharath K A
MultiMap is similar to a .NET Dictionary collection type, but accepts duplicate Key,Value pairs during addition. The MultiMap collection is also a concurrent collection.
30 Aug 2009
A Windows Service that uses interface to work like the Linux Crontab service
3 Sep 2013
Moreno Airoldi
The class runs under Mono or .NET and allows the use of Windows style "INI" files to store and retrieve application settings
1 Sep 2013
Moreno Airoldi
The class runs under Mono or .NET and allows the use of Windows style "INI" files to store and retrieve application settings
31 Mar 2010
Amir Krifa
This article describes/provides a 2D Curve Custom Control for Windows Mobile.
16 Jan 2008
Ricardo Cuello
In this article, you will see how to bind a CheckedListBox to the data source and how to get/set a list of IDs for the checked items.
30 Jul 2009
If you need to restrict user input to digits or decimal data, this is one way!
20 Aug 2008
Bharath K A
At times, business needs are so unique that we have to write new controls in addition to the existing Toolbox provided controls. This article explains how to write such a unique control, named Range Control. Control source and a sample app are included.
10 Mar 2009
Vitaliy Liptchinsky
This article describes a custom thread pool implementation using the .NET Framework and C# 3.0.
15 Dec 2007
Marc Clifton
A debug build stopwatch useful for diagnostic timing.
25 Mar 2008
Demonstrates a variety of Windows Forms data binding features through several simple examples.
20 Sep 2009
New features of Visual Studio 2010 discussed
19 Nov 2008
Marc Clifton
Making the "the given key was not present" message more informative.
3 Dec 2009
Philipp Sumi
Logging is an important aspect of every application, but you probably don't like to have dependencies on a specific logging framework all over the place. This logging façade provides you with a common interface that decouples the logging framework of your choice from your code.
2 Aug 2008
Don Kackman
A simple, fully functional flashlight to help you see in the dark.
12 Jun 2016
David A. Gray
What happens when you have more items in your list than you have items in your control string?
17 Dec 2013
Mike Gledhill
How to easily add an "export to Excel" feature to your app
25 Dec 2010
A SplitButton with its button part has all the characteristics that a Button has.
24 Sep 2015
Alberto Venditti
Using a .NET Windows service as an engine for specialized custom plug-ins execution
13 May 2012
Prabhat Spark
A generic autocompletion WebMethod for multiple AutoComplete Extenders
14 Nov 2013
shijo joseph
An extension methods library which could do the equality comparison operations easily
15 Jul 2010
Seth Dingwell
An implementation of IEqualityComparer that can be used to compare any class by one of its properties
18 Jun 2009
A convenient shortcut using generics to check for InvokeRequired on a Winforms control
9 Jan 2009
A method for deep cloning objects in C#, by using Surrogates and serialization formatters
30 Nov 2011
Generate Front end screens and database on a Windows Mobile 5 for data collection
26 Oct 2009
Michael D Bray
A Generic helper function that dynamically sorts objects by properties of the object that aren't known at compile-time
5 Apr 2009
Richard A. Dalton
Part three of a four part series of articles on the Specification Design Pattern.
23 Feb 2009
This article describes and implements a graph drawing control for tree structures structured in a WPF panel.
16 Dec 2010
CheckGroupBox, RadioGroupBox, CollapsibleGroupBox controls
16 Jul 2009
Purely object oriented ADO code component to get your project running, no matter what database you are using at the backend. Specialised for SQL Server.
1 Nov 2008
Sacha Barber
A journey into Expressions
16 Jun 2011
Shows how to create a nice looking photo frame control in WPF and animate it using the Ken Burns effect
24 Mar 2010
Alishah Novin
Currently, ComboBoxItems cannot be selected using the keyboard - only the mouse. This is an attempt to resolve that.
28 Jun 2008
Simon Gulliver
A lighweight approach to creating AJAX.NET-enabled grids, with advanced functionality built in.
3 Apr 2010
Greg Burman
A lightweight event driven control with minimal recursion and no manual tracking of selected items
10 Mar 2009
Gavin Harriss
A link cloud / tag cloud that copes with large weighting variations and gaps well.
11 Dec 2009
Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A tutorial that walks through adding/updating/deleting data in your database with LINQ to SQL while keeping your class relationships (M:M, 1:M, and M:1) synchronized.
12 Dec 2009
Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A beginner's LINQ tutorial that walks you through mapping your SQL Server database tables and relationships to objects, and how to retrieve that data via simple LINQ queries.
11 Dec 2009
Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A tutorial and application on using WPF Data Binding with LINQ to SQL classes. This is part 3 of a three-part tutorial on using LINQ to SQL.
2 Apr 2009
Ron Levy
A custom listbox control with disabled list items.
30 Oct 2008
This is an update to my jigsaw, which allows the user to customize the jigsaw (size and picture).
8 Mar 2008
Nish Nishant
The performance of STL/CLR sequence containers are compared with that of corresponding BCL generic collection classes
22 Oct 2010
Ed Guzman
The Chart control gives you freedom to develop graphic reports.
23 Feb 2009
Rick Hansen
Here is a very simplified method for selling relatively secure unlock keys to your customers. The unlock key you provide will only unlock that specific customer's download instance for a specific feature set or product.
6 Apr 2008
Derek Bartram
An article presenting the Quick Access Toolbar as part of RibbonControl.dll, as seen in Microsoft Office 2007
22 Mar 2008
Derek Bartram
An article presenting ApplicationButton used in creating round buttons as per Microsoft Office Style application buttons
18 Mar 2013
A convenient, high-performance money structure for the CLR which handles arithmetic operations, currency types, formatting, and careful distribution and rounding without loss.
24 May 2008
An easy way of sorting the WPF ListView with a generic method.
24 Mar 2008
Derek Bartram
An article presenting a library for producing communication based application utilising the MSN Messenger services and protocols.
30 Apr 2009
I needed a multithreaded task queue but with linked tasks, so I created this Multithreaded Task Queue.
11 Mar 2008
Kavan Shaban
Multi-Threaded WPF TreeView Explorer
10 Jul 2009
Andrius Mudinas
A multilingual Silverlight virtual keyboard.
30 Dec 2009
Brady Kelly
A single page template that can replace all of the Details, Edit, and Insert page templates.
18 Jun 2009
A wrapper for the Asynchronous Progamming Model in .NET
23 Feb 2009
Raul Mainardi Neto
An implementation of the MVVM Patterns + CommandModel within a WPF LOB application.
2 Mar 2010
ValidationScope is used to collect all input errors in a context although validation code exists in independent APIs.
20 Jun 2009
Suchi Banerjee, Pune
This article helps in understanding the overall programming model of a web application with reference to ASP.NET and AJAX.
15 May 2008
Gregory Gadow
With Visual Studio 2008, it is easy to create a nullable version of Microsoft's DateTimePicker.
21 Jul 2009
Alberto Venditti
How to implement paging and filtering on a Silverlight 2 ListBox.
16 Jan 2012
Ron Sher
A performance counters helper class that makes it easier to use performance counters in your system, especially for measuring duration and total duration
4 Apr 2013
Michael Mann (mann.DEV)
Plugin migration with new features of .NET 3.5.
4 Nov 2010
An article that describes WPF for the beginner and provides some tips for the intermediate.
22 Jul 2008
Mike Borozdin
Tutorial on using LINQ, ListView, LinqDataSource, DataPager, ASP.NET AJAX
3 Nov 2009
Allows one to easily clone a menu item and demostrates how to clone a component's callback handlers
17 Jun 2009
Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.
18 Aug 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
The objective of this article (Part 2) is to introduce you to using of VB / Microsoft .NET library, Function, Methods as well in your Microsoft Windows PowerShell script.
23 Aug 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
The objective of this article (Part-1) is to introduce you with Microsoft Windows PowerShell.
21 Aug 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
The objective of this article (Part 3) is to introduce you to Microsoft Windows PowerShell and learn some basic command of windows PowerShell.
23 Jan 2012
Ali Daneshmandi
A Restaurant and Waiter helper app in WPF and Windows Mobile
30 Jan 2012
Dirk Bahle
UI and code-behind is executed in different threads. Long running processes need asynchronous execution. This artice shows a way of doing this in a ViewModel approach.
5 Jan 2010
Aviad P.
A custom control based on a TextBox which allows autocompletion based on a custom filter from any items source.
15 Nov 2008
A derivation of XmlWriterTraceListener that manages the size of your trace files automatically
3 Jul 2011
Ramu Sangabathula Original
This article gives information to the reader on how flexible ASP.NET MVC validation framework is for complex validations on the form, also explains little bit on how ModelMetadata is created internally using provider model.
10 May 2012
Alberto Venditti
An alternative to SQL Server Management Studio for scheduling SQL Server Agent jobs
30 Aug 2009
Xavier Spileers
An introduction on Silverlight for developers of administrative applications. The article starts by explaining the basics of WPF and then delves deeper in the business-oriented aspects.
21 Oct 2009
Widget developing is more and more in fashion today, drag and drop support is a basic function in a widget platform. If you want to develop a Silverlight widget platform, you may need a Panel which supports drag and drop UIElement on it. The WidgetZone is a Panel that can be used in such cases.
28 Jul 2012
Smart K8
A palette quantizer based on human perception
25 Apr 2009
An article on describing how to create a radio button style GridView
2 Oct 2008
Ole L. Sørensen
An article on showing an image browser in a web page using ASP.NET and AJAX.
14 Sep 2008
Michal Dabrowski
An article that shows how to use a simple Aspect to automatically make class members virtual.
9 Dec 2007
Andy Edinborough
Learn how to create classes that automatically save and retrieve their data (), and how to quickly query that data with LINQ. The sample implementation of my class Saveable shows just how easy it is to create a blog.
9 Oct 2009
Arash Sahebolamri
This is a simple analog clock that demonstrates the use of GDI+.
13 Sep 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple example of SQL server admin tools.
21 Nov 2007
An ArrayList container wrapper class that permits the table to be filled with data in an early phase of a program, but then made read-only (Immutable) for subsequent usage.
21 Nov 2007
A Hashtable wrapper class that permits the table to be filled with data in an early phase of a program, but then made read-only (Immutable) for subsequent usage.
16 Aug 2011
Reto Ravasio
A WPF app that uses dynamic types and databinding for displaying MSI files.
11 Jan 2009
Sacha Barber
A look at the Visitor pattern, and a Reflective version.
5 Apr 2009
Richard A. Dalton
Part two of a four part series of articles on the Specification Design Pattern.
27 Dec 2010
This article describes a simple method to resize a control at runtime.
15 Oct 2010
Andre Trollip
A simple set of classes to make creating Peer to Peer messaging easy using UDP. Features built-in message concatenation and delivery receipts for reliable transmission.
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
Implement caching in your project using AspectF library that saves you from writing plumbing code for dealing with cached objects and collections and learn how to handle stale objects and collections
6 Jul 2009
This is a simple ASP.NET web application that can determine how users can view a single page with single content in the many browsers with custom presentation and styling
16 Oct 2009
Victor Lapin
This article presents a simple solution to operate multiple UI elements at runtime depending on one condition
28 Jan 2013
A simple WPF text clock gadget for Windows
19 Sep 2008
Razan Paul (Raju)
To be notified when an alert is generated in a system without filtering for what type of event you are registered.
30 Mar 2007
Sacha Barber
A Sneaky Peek At Visual Studio 9 (Codenamed Orcas)
21 Sep 2008
Sacha Barber, Fredrik Bornander
A Spider type control tree thingy for WPF.
28 Mar 2008
Ron Ayoub
Presents an implementation of a Spiral Tic-Tac-Toe AI using a vanilla Negamax search algorithm and WPF DrawingVisuals
1 Jun 2011
The basics of searching and sorting algorithms via C#.
20 Aug 2009
Andrew Courtice
A TCP/IP chat program coded in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.
15 Sep 2008
Khandakar Fazley Rabbi
UI and Functional Testing through different Tools using .NET Technology
24 Feb 2010
An implementation that wraps DateTime to allow for keeping track of TimeZone state
18 Aug 2011
Herre Kuijpers
A utility that allows you to enter simple and more complex mathematical formulas which will be evaluated and calculated on the spot
21 Sep 2010
Herre Kuijpers
@TinyPG is a utility that makes it easier to write and try out your own parser/compiler.
7 Dec 2008
Dmitri Nеstеruk
Describes a small VS add-in for making decorators from existing code.
14 Dec 2008
Dmitri Nеstеruk
A small VS add-in to implement a Visitor pattern.
11 Oct 2009
Wu Xuesong
An article describing a tool developed using WPF for visualizing 3D geometry models
26 Nov 2008
Vitaliy Liptchinsky
A Transactional Enterprise Caching Application Block implementation.
6 Dec 2008
An article for BugZilla users to import their old/new bugs from Excel file to the bug tracking system.
8 Oct 2012
A MessageBox replacement with some much needed extras
8 Feb 2008
Philipp Sumi
A strongly typed enhancement of the regular WPF TreeView control.
21 Aug 2008
A sample application with source code in three .NET languages (Basic, C#, C++) on using the new (.NET 3.0+) System.Speech Class.
25 Nov 2008
Yogesh Jagota
Import export library for the Excel XML format, which reduces a programmer's work to the bare minimum.
31 Jan 2010
Mostefai Mohammed Amine
A library to help a developer to test core business operations in console mode before integration in larger UI project
14 Oct 2007
How to implement a custom pager for the GridView without relying on ViewState or the GridView's paging features at all.
20 Oct 2008
Anil Kumar T R
An enhanced ViewStack component for Silverlight 2 with transitions and cache management.
23 Jan 2009
Ever think "wouldn't it be nice if there was a control - like a panel control - that you could simply use to wrap some input controls, set a single property (to the ID of the control that should be 'clicked' when the Enter key is pushed), and that was all you needed to do?". Well, now there is such
25 Oct 2013
Creates copies of a Visual Studio C++ or C# solution
25 Jul 2008
Another example of how XAML can solve issues that most developers automatically assume will require "coding".
17 Jun 2008
A WCF review from the perspective of bussiness application development, and some debugging problem solving hints.
15 Apr 2008
Islam ElDemery
An Internet chat application with file transfer.
18 May 2008
A wizard that allows you to FTP an application to a remote server and then launch the configuration wizard from the web browser to update the database connection.
18 Sep 2008
Deepthi Viswanathan Nair
This article talks about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and how to consume it in applications. It describes the WCF model, and is a quick introduction for beginners.
11 Feb 2010
A fully functional FTP application for most Windows systems, inculding a Windows 7 specific built which addresses and uses the new features found in Windows 7!
17 Jun 2008
This article describes how to create a fade in and fade out irregular pop up window using WPF
25 Jul 2008
Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of an interactive pie chart which uses data binding.
30 Nov 2011
A simple WPF TileView control.
6 Mar 2009
Marc Schluper
Creating a simple tool to get wallpapers right.

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