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by Igor Ladnik
Wrapper to facilitate usage of TCP sockets
by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and usage of the Custom Routing Manager for managing messages via Routing Service built-in .Net 4 Technology.
by Nish Nishant
An ExifReader class in C# that supports custom formatting and extraction. StyleCop compliant code, with demos for WPF and Windows Forms.
by Guillaume Waser
Reflection Studio is a "developer" application for assembly, database, performance, and code generation, written in C# under WPF 4.0.

Latest Articles

by Yucel Guven
IPv6 subnet calculator / tool explained ( latest version: 4.5 )
by #realJSOP
A rewrite of a previous article with more liquid nitrogen and bacon
by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
by Ashwin. Shetty
.NET Delegates & its 5 different features (Func, Action, Predicate, Converter, Comparison)

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16 Apr 2020
Yucel Guven
IPv6 subnet calculator / tool explained ( latest version: 4.5 )
10 Apr 2020
A rewrite of a previous article with more liquid nitrogen and bacon
6 Jan 2020
The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
30 Dec 2019
Ashwin. Shetty
.NET Delegates & its 5 different features (Func, Action, Predicate, Converter, Comparison)
25 Dec 2019
Alexander Iacobciuc
In this article you will find an implementation of a stream player control.
13 Nov 2019
A multithreaded server class that accepts multiple connections from a provided client class. Each client can send and receive files and text (byte data) simultaneously along 250 available channels.
11 Nov 2019
Suk H. Lee
WPF Window allows tabbing by drag and drop
4 Nov 2019
Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
17 Oct 2019
Changqin Liu
C# framework integrated with and
4 Jun 2019
Sacha Barber
An example application using angular/Rx for JavaScript/Web Sockets/jQuery
27 May 2019
Alexandros Pappas
Example of a self hosted WCF service over HTTPS with transaction
24 May 2019
Alexandros Pappas
This deletecertstore tool deletes certificate stores as a pendant to makecert
23 May 2019
Saira Fazal Qader
Conversion of image to byte and Encryption using 128 bit key than Decryption using the same key and re-conversion from byte to image
2 May 2019
Alexandros Pappas
Rehosting of WorkflowDesigner in WPF and Windows Forms application, and invoking the workflow
1 Apr 2019
Smooth a 2D polyline through interpolation (Catmull-Rom) or approximation (Chaikin)
1 Apr 2019
Generating a certificate file for web server and CA server(s) using a .NET C# Bouncy Castle library
15 Mar 2019
Darryl Bryk
A software application is presented which facilitates the analysis of crash test data, automatically generates graphs with injury criteria, and generates reports
9 Mar 2019
This paper demonstrates a technique of building Sprache parsers using grammar inheritance.
2 Feb 2019
No matter how lazy you are
30 Dec 2018
Chinmoy Mohanty
Multiple techniques of implementing The Observer Pattern in .NET
16 Dec 2018
Praveen Raghuvanshi
An application explaining the basic implementation of Autosave feature
3 Dec 2018
How to binary serialize your classes without having to modify them
6 Nov 2018
Dirk Bahle
How to create a new tool window in AvalonDock [2.0]
31 Oct 2018
Aydin Homay
In this article, we will discover the power of generics in C#.
26 Sep 2018
An example on how to call Oracle stored procedures with UDTs from ASP.NET MVC / REST API
4 Sep 2018
Aydin Homay
In this article, I tried to show a real benchmark based on pressure test method, for a Big-Data collection in C# .NET.
27 Jul 2018
Implement a Global Try Catch block while still using the .NET Application Framework.
19 Jul 2018
PSAM Control Library ported over to WPF
14 Jun 2018
paolo guccini
How to use the Microsoft Interop/Automation to implement parallel research of a Microsoft Office file password.
22 Apr 2018
Muhammad Magdi
Fancy toast notification for WPF applications easy to use and support MVVM pattern
22 Apr 2018
Muhammad Magdi
Fancy toast notification for WPF applications easy to use and support MVVM pattern
25 Mar 2018
The Ænema
Learn how to inject your 4.5 framework .NET application into a C++ unmanaged host application. Fast, Secure & without any extra tool or library.
16 Mar 2018
Paulo Zemek
Learn how to create a very small (less than 3kb) yet very expandable IoC container.
9 Feb 2018
Steve Hageman
DSPLib is an complete DSP Library that is an end to end solution for performing FFT's with .NET 4
29 Jan 2018
Mohammed Abdulla (ABSS)
Step by step procedure to xcopy deploy .NET assembly into fox-pro application
23 Jan 2018
This is an API for creating, detecting and analyzing Optical Marks Sheets (Also known as bubble sheets). Its upgrade of version of C# OMR Engine 1.0 i wrote back in 2012. It can be found at ""Version V2.1 Also has
17 Jan 2018
honey the codewitch
Dependency free, fast, lightweight JSON parsing and light query
15 Jan 2018
Michael B Pliam
A very scalable recursive descent math expression parser with built in math functions and variable storage in C#
30 Nov 2017
John Torjo
Easily read and write files from/to any Android Phone/Tablet/iPhone/iPad connected via USB.
5 Nov 2017
Alexander Iacobciuc
In this article you will find yet another implementation of a web camera control.
25 Oct 2017
A modular InnoSetup script to download and install all available .NET Framework versions and much more
24 Oct 2017
Mike DiRenzo
An easy to use programmatic LDAP search utility is a single C# class file that can be dropped into any project and used right away.
22 Sep 2017
Dirk Bahle
A list of advanced tips & tricks on Virtualized WPF TreeViews
20 Sep 2017
Yang Kok Wah
A tool to generate face images and animated gif files for different angles and lighting using only a single face image. Also includes Face Matcher using Microsoft Face API.
7 Aug 2017
Bart-Jan Brouwer
Modern design example for .NET Core MVC with RESTful service
1 Aug 2017
Dmitry Brant
A custom control for Windows Forms that looks like an electronic 7-segment LED display.
31 Jul 2017
Dirk Bahle
This article explains how to take advantage from look-less WPF controls through inheritance
22 Jul 2017
Duncan Edwards Jones
How to use a Windows Azure storage table, blob or file as an event store for event sourcing
10 Jul 2017
Yury Yuhno
A custom drawn keyboard usercontrol and TextBox with keyboard popup
14 Jun 2017
Robin Rodricks
.NET core/.NET standard is the latest incarnation of the .NET platform. This tutorial introduces you to this new world, and gives you practical advice to successfully port your .NET Framework library to .NET Core.
13 Jun 2017
A responsive, JavaScript-enabled event-calendar using ASP.NET calendar control
16 May 2017
Rene Bustos
WCF WebService IN VB.NET Response JSON
22 Apr 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
The lost joins in System.Linq
11 Apr 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
Continues with the cloning objects .NET Framework
11 Apr 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
The importance of cloning objects in .NET Framework
7 Apr 2017
Marco-Hans Van Der Willik
This article continues with the development of the SOLID Poker project, and covers functionality to Compare and Validate Poker Hands.
4 Apr 2017
Marco-Hans Van Der Willik
The pieces start coming together! Development of the SOLID Poker project continues, and the latest addition is a versatile engine to Generate Spec Based Poker Hands, allowing for extensive algorithm based testing.
16 Mar 2017
ASP.NET MVC C# Opensource library that abstracts social logins for OAuth providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal
9 Mar 2017
A documented journey looking for the fastest solution for generating valid Anagrams for the Weekly Code Project Challenge...
4 Mar 2017
Duncan Edwards Jones
An outline of how a paired Azure queue and Azure table can be used for the command side of a CQRS application
16 Feb 2017
Sayantan Dutta
Pre-compiled Razor view in ASP.NET MVC
15 Jan 2017
A very small logging library
13 Jan 2017
With this library,"from x in list select x.Property" returns another list.
10 Jan 2017
Want to square-root an arbitrary type T in your generic code and multiply it by its natural logarithm? No problem.
9 Jan 2017
A simple program to translate numbers into their textual representation. (To turn 1013 into "one thousand, thirteen").
19 Dec 2016
Machine Learning. What languages come to mind? R? Python? Matlab? Bet you didn't think Visual Basic.
10 Dec 2016
The Lexical Macro Processor transforms your C# code with a LISP-inspired macro system. Nice substitute for T4 templates, with Visual Studio integration and a Linux-compatible editor.
7 Dec 2016
Kuv Patel
Convert a class library of POCO classes to datacontracts for use with WCF without having to write DataContract and DataMember attributes directly to the POCO classes.
3 Dec 2016
SmartFormat.NET /2 is a string template library that allows you to fill a string with data. Easy to use, fast, extensible, and extremely powerful. Allows for named {placeholders} using any data type, conditional formatting, iterating through IEnumerables, and much more.
17 Oct 2016
Moshe Morris
A novel standalone tool to help limit computer-related distractions such as the internet, while promoting more healthy goal-driven behavior(s).
13 Oct 2016
Fredrik Bornander
Showing how to prune nodes of a TreeView as a means of searching
5 Oct 2016
Vladyslav Chernysh
Simple library that parses a string according to custom patterns.
30 Sep 2016
Florian Rappl
Exploring WPF capabilities, limitations and work-arounds to create state-of-the-art applications with multi-touch features.
27 Sep 2016
The goal of this article is to create flat image buttons with bindable properties.
25 Sep 2016
SaintModeCache is a thread safe in-memory cache wrapper for performance optimisation. It's able to continue serving stale content after expiry, whilst it repopulates the cache with a non-blocking single thread.
21 Sep 2016
Enable CORS support in WCF and consuming WCF as rest API from different domain , other than WCF hosted domain.
20 Sep 2016
Alen Toma
How to implement deep cloning using Reflection
13 Sep 2016
This article explains how to get code coverage from website, web application , web service, stanalone executable etc..
9 Sep 2016
Lucas Ontivero
A Bitcoin traffic sniffer that intercepts bitcoin protocol messages and analyzes them in order to check if bitcoin addresses in transactions are vulnerable.
7 Sep 2016
Emanuel Santos
In this article i will show how to create a basic application to detect and recognize faces using EmugCV.
1 Sep 2016
SQL Server database project creation using Visual Studio 2013
31 Aug 2016
Sheshnath Kumar
This article will find out a solution to serialize/deserialize object by reference at server and client, also will serialize/deserialize objects having circular references.
28 Aug 2016
George Sefcik
This article will show an easy way to add the ability to print, or save as an image, each screen (Window) or FrameworkElement (UserControl) in your application.
9 Aug 2016
Rasik Bihari Tiwari
Let's understand the evolution from older multi-threading world to Task Parallel library (alias TPL). What are the use cases where you would want to leverage TPL instead of creating threads on your own. What are exact areas where TPL has real edge.
22 Jul 2016
Mohamed Kalmoua
In this article, I will create a master-detail view using the Entity Framework.
11 Jul 2016
understandeable, short and fast code
4 Jul 2016
Avelino Ferreira
"Don't care about Google Maps/Routing/StreetView programming. This Control gives your WinForms applications the power of Google Maps API v3". - my previous article. Unfortunately, since Dec.2015, Google Maps JavaScript API applications requires authentication and the program stopped working properly
28 Jun 2016
Mohamed Kalmoua
This article describes how to create a UWP application that uses a Window Runtime Component.
26 Jun 2016
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple imitation of direct streaming of live video from web cam on YouTube service on Windows 8 and Windows 10
21 Jun 2016
Alexandros Pappas
Measuring COM+ performance
20 Jun 2016
In this article, we will see different ways through which we can recieve post data by view in controller.
18 Jun 2016
Paulo Zemek
Create animations easily using a Fluent API that integrates well with frame-based animation segments.
16 Jun 2016
This article presents the minimal code necessary to display a hierarchical tree using Popups.
16 Jun 2016
David A. Gray
When I needed to compute the Daylight Saving Time transitions for any year, I had to dig a bit deeper into the time zone information stored in the Windows Registry.
16 Jun 2016
A quick method of populating ComboBoxes from Enum's with optional resource strings.
12 Jun 2016
David A. Gray
What happens when you have more items in your list than you have items in your control string?
22 May 2016
Ryan S White
CppHeader2CS: A compile-time tool for converting C/C++ header constants, enums, and structures to C#.
20 May 2016
The A-list is an all-purpose list, a data structure that can support most standard list operation in O(log n) time and does lots of other stuff, too
3 May 2016
this post discussed .NET versioning and multi-targeting of .NET application and component written in C#.
27 Apr 2016
Creating of user-friendly configurable internationalization mechanism in ASP.NET MVC application
23 Apr 2016
Wait, timeout and evaluate early thread release criteria easily and clearly with WaitTimeout
20 Apr 2016
Comparative analysis of .NET RESTful middleware solutions
18 Apr 2016
Mongo DB Tutorial and Mapping of SQL and Mongo DB Query
13 Apr 2016
Steve Grundy
This article describes using the Windows MIDI API functions in a managed environment.
12 Apr 2016
Jalapeno Bob
A VB.NET version of Ray Koopa's 21 Mar 2016 article, Getting All "Special Folders" in .NET
11 Apr 2016
Hari Krishna Poluru
How to do logging & exception handling in custom inspector code in Azure biztalk services
9 Apr 2016
A simple command line based app to announce the currently logged on user using the Speech API
6 Apr 2016
Saravanan Rajamanickam
Light AutoComplete TextBox
5 Apr 2016
Mark Kruger
To And From Binary Literals for all standard .net numeric value types.
3 Apr 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article, we will learn how to send Push notifications to Windows phone 8.1 app using php
1 Apr 2016
Akhil Mittal
This is the last article of the RESTful series in which I’ll explain how you can leverage OData capabilities in ASP.NET WebAPI. I’ll explain what OData is and we’ll create OData enabled RESTful services.
28 Mar 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article, we will learn how to send Push notifications in Windows Universal app using WNS
27 Mar 2016
Manish kumar choudhary
This article shows 3 ways to convert a DataTable to a List in C#.
27 Mar 2016
This is a comprehensive windows C# application which watches specific folders and upload their entry to a SharePoint lists or document library
24 Mar 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article, we will learn how to consume Webservice in Windows Universal App
24 Mar 2016
A simple and convenient wrapper class for Anonymous Pipes in C#
24 Mar 2016
A Windows Forms Application that can open, view and edit binary files in a simple way
21 Mar 2016
VR Karthikeyan
Creating Static Reports using SVG file
20 Mar 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article we will learn how to generate Barcode and QR code in Windows Universal App.
20 Mar 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article we will learn how to share code between Windows store app and Windows phone app using Windows Universal App development.
20 Mar 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article we will learn how to use existing sqlite database in WP 8.1 apps.
19 Mar 2016
amar nath chatterjee
Here is a template or pattern for using datagrid in building monitoring UI for simulations and tabulated data presentations.
8 Mar 2016
Well, not literally. Enhanced C# supports pattern matching, ADTs, and tuples, so Plain C# gets all that by transitivity.
7 Mar 2016
John Torjo
You can easily apply Pretty Formatting to your logs. Make the information that's relevant to you easily stand out!
5 Mar 2016
LLLPG, the Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: now parsing C# itself!
5 Mar 2016
Prabu ram
This article explains how to create a PDF file using C# object
1 Mar 2016
Jörgen Andersson
Fluent database access
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
This article will explain how to make WebAPI secure using Basic Authentication and Token based authorization.
1 Mar 2016
sachin verma, Akhil Mittal
This article of the series will explain how we can handle requests and log them for tracking and for the sake of debugging, how we can handle exceptions and log them. We’ll follow a centralized way of handling exceptions in WebAPI and write our custom classes to be mapped to the type of exception th
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article I’ll explain how to write your own custom routes using Attribute Routing.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
My article will explain how we can make our Web API service architecture loosely coupled and more flexible.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article we learn how to write unit tests for core business logic and primarily on basic CRUD operations.
29 Feb 2016
VR Karthikeyan
Automating the drawing process in AutoCAD using programming to improve the productivity of the design engineers.
26 Feb 2016
Alan Seedhouse
An Editor Control to edit both Flags and non-Flags Enums
25 Feb 2016
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
23 Feb 2016
This is a complete end-to-end application that runs in the VS2015 IDE that enables WCF to pass JSON to AngularJS
16 Feb 2016
Simon Agholor
How to invoke Java methods from a .NET application.
12 Feb 2016
Different ways to export a grid contents to different file formats csv, excel, pdf using ASP MVC
29 Jan 2016
Alazar 9860585
Calculating the Probability of Related Events Based on Bayes' Theorem Using MongoDB Aggregation Framework in C#
28 Jan 2016
An alternative Tor Browser built with C# using CefSharp and Tor.NET.
17 Jan 2016
Harsha Wansooriya
Sample Game using XNA
13 Jan 2016
The new parser generator for C#: now with syntax highlighting.
12 Jan 2016
John Jiyang Hou
An algorithm to determine if a point is inside a 3D convex polygon for a given polygon vertices in C#
5 Jan 2016
How to Build a Simple Dependence Injector from scratch using C#
18 Dec 2015
Mohamed Kalmoua
This article describes how you can deploy your application using ClickOnce and Windows Installer technology.
8 Dec 2015
Thomas Daniels
This article explains speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech and speech synthesis in C#.
22 Nov 2015
This Article discusses on Memory allocation in .Net and how JIT compiler optimizes non-volatile code. It also talk about Value Type, Reference type, Stack, Heap, Boxing, Unboxing, Ref, Out and Volatile.
21 Nov 2015
K K Kodoth
Designing and Development of a simple ASP.NET Web API.
8 Nov 2015
Using delegates to group, conquer cross cutting concerns and created dynamic validators
8 Nov 2015
Using delegates to group, conquer cross cutting concerns and create dynamic validators
1 Nov 2015
John Torjo
Meet the Log Viewer that makes monitoring log files a joy!
25 Oct 2015
Greg Nutt
This is a VB.NET Version for ".NET Remoting Events Explained"
14 Oct 2015
John Torjo
Create and Share Notes about your Logs like never before!
6 Oct 2015
Chris A. Johnson
This article explains a gradual approach on moving to Typescript, using Angular and also using a Hybrid Approach.
3 Oct 2015
Snesh Prajapati
Recently I was looking for WPF major versions and its progression so far. To my surprise there was no resource providing a compact look on WPF versions on internet. Then I put some efforts in this regard and came up with this article.
16 Sep 2015
Jaime Olivares
Repackaging of Workflow Foundation's property grid for general use
9 Sep 2015
Leonid Osmolovski
TextBox that accepts numbers of form [[-+]integer-part][.fractional-part][{eE}[-+]exponent] only
6 Sep 2015
Disclaimer: the article represents a survey on the transformation of JSON data into html on the client part (browser) and reveals the operation details of template в Incoding Framework (search, formation, local storage and plugging in one’s own engine).
5 Sep 2015
Disclamer: this article is a step-by-step guide to help you to familiarize with the core functionality of Incoding Framework. Following the guide will result in an application that implements the work with the DB (CRUD + data filters) and fully covered with unit tests.
30 Aug 2015
Murugan Sivananantha Perumal
Self Hosted WCF Service as Windows Service with custom User Authentication over Http.
24 Aug 2015
Concerned about regular expressions being unintelligible, repetitive, hard to get right and non-recursive? Read part 5, possibly the most useful part yet!
17 Aug 2015
Simon McKenzie
Reads JPEG Exif data without the heavyweight and unnecessary instantiation of GDI+ objects.
17 Aug 2015
Marcos Meli
An easy to use .NET library to read/write strong typed data from files with fixed length or delimited records (CSV). Also has support to import/export data from different data storages (Excel, Acces, SqlServer, MySql)
11 Aug 2015
Leonid Osmolovski
Techniques for MultiBinding based ViewModel - ViewModel communications in the MVVM pattern.
27 Jul 2015
syed shanu
Design your Winform at Runtime.Perform CRUD operation to your Form at Runtime with out writting any code using Stored Procedure.
15 Jul 2015
Akhil Mittal
This article will cover almost every OOP concept that a novice/beginner developer hunt for, and not only beginners, the article’s purpose is to be helpful to experience professionals also who need to sometimes brush-up their concepts or who prepare for interviews.
14 Jul 2015
syed shanu
In this article we can see in detail about how to create a simple SPC (Statistical Process Control) Cp,CPk Chart using C#
14 Jul 2015
syed shanu
In this article we will see using ASP.NET,HTML5 and jQuery how to draw our charts like Line,Bar,Pie,Donut and Bubble Chart
13 Jul 2015
Mohamed Kalmoua
WPF Validation
9 Jul 2015
syed shanu
This article explains how to create a simple web-based photo editing tool using HTML5, jQuery and ASP.NET.
30 Jun 2015
Nikhil Awatade
Algorithm for Tree view binding
25 Jun 2015
A framework to solve the problem of opening dialogs from a view model when using the MVVM pattern in WPF or UWP.
23 Jun 2015
MyChat: a simple real-time client-server chat using fancy HTML5 features and identicons.
23 Jun 2015
Presents a real-time gauge implementation that can be used for building dashboards
22 Jun 2015
Terence Wallace
The primary purpose of this article is to provide quality sample source code for VB.NET developers interested in building data-centric applications using the .NET Framework.
11 Jun 2015
Khaled Abdelhamid
Core utility components - Localization, Configuration, Logging, and Exception Handling.
1 Jun 2015
Niel M.Thomas
Custom button as rectangle or ellipse that emits pulses
1 Jun 2015
Snesh Prajapati
In this article we will discuss about various ways of using shared layout page in ASP.NET MVC applications. To experience it practically we will create a demo application implementing those different ways to define layout page in ASP.NET MVC.
29 May 2015
Raghavendrasri, Amarnath S, Prasad R V, BhumikaThatte
An application to create interesting effects for your favorite pictures.
24 May 2015
Mustafa Sami Salt
Experimental wave simulation program made using VS 2010 C#
16 May 2015
Leonid Osmolovski
Techniques for joint execution of a group of commands after single user interface action.