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Great Reads

by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
by Evoluteur
A generic Web User Interface for CRUD applications generating all screens at run-time based on external metadata. It comes with sample applications for address book, memo pad, to do list, restaurants list, wine cellar, and database structure documentation that are easily customizable.
by HR Rony
This will cover how to use Domain Driven Design in your application according to the Onion Architecture. There are short descriptions about architecture Category / Style, N-Layer / N-Tier Architecture, Template Method Pattern and Facade Design Pattern.
by Dread_Sharp
How to build an easy plugin system with C# which only takes about 30 lines of code!

Latest Articles

by Oana Mancu
Any deterministic game can be broken down to its core functionalities. By understanding them, one can implement fundamental algorithms such as Minimax (with alpha beta pruning), thus paving the way towards a better AI opponent.
by Praveen Raghuvanshi
An application explaining the basic implementation of Autosave feature
by Christian Vos
SOLID principles: The Liskov Principle, a simple example in C#
by WyoMetz
Simple and easy paging of a WPF DataGrid with DataTable and LINQ queries

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15 Feb 2013
How to build an easy plugin system with C# which only takes about 30 lines of code!
2 Dec 2015
Umer Qureshi
How to create a Custom Control so it can be used later and how to give access to some of it properties
2 Dec 2015
Umer Qureshi
Explains how to navigate among pages with button clicks
28 Dec 2015
MVC functionalities with web service with simple integration
9 Jan 2014
Prasanna Venkatesh . K
Write a Windows 8.1 store app to save your files on SkyDrive using Live Connect SDK
23 Mar 2012
Fabrizio Stellato
This code provides your application a - check for updates - feature
28 Jul 2013
Attached the test data with method for regression testing by declaring ref type in attribute
16 Jun 2014
Garvit Arya
It is a JavaScript based application for drawing basic free-hand shapes, logos and drawings.
31 Jul 2014
This tip can be used to know more about how dojo templated widgets can be created and used inside a portlet programmatically.
3 Aug 2016
Jonas Vago
Application to show how to zigzag order a matrix
16 May 2013
Shweta Lodha
Some tips on Windows Phone Apps
18 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
Here's some particularly amazing Silverlight examples found in the blogosphere. Also, be sure to check out the Silverlight Galleries and the Learn
6 May 2014
Daniel Lieberwirth (BrainInBlack)
This describes a simple way to create interactive, bitmap based, buttons for WinForm applications.
17 Nov 2015
Shangwu Qi
A utility application that uses .NET 4.5 ZipFile class to unzip multiple files on file name sequence and save unzipped files to a same root directory.
10 Feb 2018
Integrate Firebase Analytics for iOS App to avail auto events tracking (barring few), get to know precise crashes, and also the exception reporting
1 Jul 2010
Project Execution
8 Jun 2012
Use DeviceIoControl, QueryDosDevice and WNetOpenEnum to get information about your system.
23 Oct 2012
Michael J Hill - OH
Create a Windows desktop app to display daily web stats from your personal site
28 Dec 2012
Nishith Jain
Balloon tool tip for the text box.
28 Mar 2013
Helper utility replaces magic string property names.
10 Mar 2013
Generate class definition for Web API Service Models.
19 May 2013
Shweta Lodha
Windows Phone app design principles
26 Jun 2014
Murali Gowda
WinJS custom control to plot/draw a simple donut like chart
19 Feb 2018
Max Vagner
Converting mainframe EBCDIC to ASCII format
24 Feb 2011
Application running in 32 and 64 bits
15 Mar 2013
Syed Hasan Hyder
Application convert's html link into PDF file format.
8 Oct 2015
How to override Castle Windsor's default behavior and make properties into required dependencies.
11 Jul 2014
Run Windows 8 Applications as Administrator by Default
2 Dec 2012
Bikash Karmokar
Connecting Windows Form Application With ADO.NET in C#
26 Jun 2015
Understanding Android activities handling of back key press - some useful tips to avoid unexpected results or app crash
2 Dec 2015
Umer Qureshi
How to bind data in a simple way without writing any code
31 Jul 2012
Naren Chejara
Working with the Windows notification service in metro style application
23 Dec 2015
MVC functionalities with Web Service with simple integration
20 Dec 2015
shijo joseph
An easy to implement yet powerful logging library which requires absolute zero learning curve
17 Jan 2014
Abdelrahman Elzedy, Abeer Touny
A description for a Java code implementing a Matrix program in a GUI form
1 Jan 2015
Benjamin Lifshitz
With this code, you can print images quickly and efficiently, using the largest part of the A4 page for your image.
29 Jul 2017
Dirk Bahle
A simple example to get started with the Unity Container usually used in Prism
14 Oct 2012
Convertor for Unicode to Krutidev and vice-versa.
6 Sep 2012
Modifed theme color settings for Visual Studio 2012.
17 Jan 2016
Use of Task Parallel Library and Async/Await in your application
8 Aug 2012
Member 8770718
How to set-up an Oracle database for .NET development.
20 Apr 2016
Carlos Leyva Pena
How to use Application.Idle event in C#
19 Jan 2015
Develop a web application in 3 layer architecture code style
18 Jan 2013
Mihail Mateev
This blog is about how to start with PhoneGap / Apache Cordova and Windows Phone 8
28 Jan 2013
This article is created for setting the tab focus on the controls, where the error-provider has error text.
15 May 2013
Sample of how to make a listview popup for editing a cell in a DataGridView.
11 Jan 2013
Zanga D. Dagnogo
This is a simple multiclient server chat on a Local Area Network.
8 Jan 2013
Receiving response correctly from pop mail server is the first step on receiving emails to your own email client.
22 Oct 2013
Muhammad Aqib Shehzad
Forgot Password and Email Check from Database
15 Sep 2015
An application which allows you to set a different wallpaper for each desktop
7 Sep 2010
Launching external application or file from Silverlight 4 (out-of-browser) using Automation Factory
29 Nov 2012
Gareth Jensen
Tips on how to declare a class template in a header file and define a class template in a source file.
28 Mar 2010
The best time to apply localization on an application is really at the end of its development. The obvious reason is that it allows you to get decoupling of localization from business modules. Localization should be done on UI side, not in business layer or data layer.If you are...
7 Jan 2011
Christian Mattix
How-To: Use Wget to Automate the Karamasoft UltimateSearch Indexing Process for Your Website
16 Jan 2012
Windows Phone 7 application for certification tip: Check under different themes
10 Dec 2012
Mihail Mateev
You need to know a little more when you need to deploy and test Windows Store apps on arm devices.
30 May 2013
Fazal Abu
Learn how to create reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in this tutorial
4 Feb 2016
Trần Văn Cửu
Signal which Sato Printer can read
16 Oct 2012
Shweta Lodha
How to set the splash screen image and how to change the background color.
6 Jun 2012
A C program to walk a drive or folder all the way to the bottom, listing each full file name and length, saving the longest one.
7 Dec 2011
Here is a step by step process to update database through datagridview in Windows applications

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