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Great Reads

by Daniel Vaughan
Create best-in-breed cross-platform MVVM apps using Calcium for Xamarin.Forms.
by Ajcek84
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
by Kel_
Presents a real-time gauge implementation that can be used for building dashboards
by Lionel LASKE
Learn how to develop an application for the XO laptop - the OLPC project's machine - using Mono on Sugar OS.

Latest Articles

by Steffen Ploetz
Compare the speed of generic collections running on .NET Framework 4.6.1, .NET Core 2.1 and Mono/.NET 4.5 based on the framework's version of List against Loys's version of AList.
by Qwertie
No matter how lazy you are
by Steffen Ploetz
Check OpenGL as a basis for appealing applications, that are not necessarily games.
by An Engineer
Cross Platform AES 256 GCM Encryption and Decryption (C++, C# and Java)

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23 Mar 2015
Oleg Shilo
The extremely simple implementation of generic "Extension Properties"
2 Jan 2008
DCOM component replacement in .NET is .NET remoting
21 May 2009
Tommi Laukkanen
A KD-Tree which stores axis aligned boxes.
30 Sep 2007
This article describes how to create a simple user-drawn form which moves over the desktop
13 Nov 2014
Daniel Vaughan
Learn how to combine T4 and a custom markup extension to share and consume image files between projects.
30 Oct 2009
Robert Dondo
Demonstrates how to tweak the TreeView control to make it collapsible when working with MasterPages.
5 Sep 2013
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
Object-oriented evaluator of the mathmatics expression
3 Sep 2013
Moreno Airoldi
The class runs under Mono or .NET and allows the use of Windows style "INI" files to store and retrieve application settings
1 Sep 2013
Moreno Airoldi
The class runs under Mono or .NET and allows the use of Windows style "INI" files to store and retrieve application settings
15 Dec 2007
Marc Clifton
A debug build stopwatch useful for diagnostic timing.
3 Sep 2008
A generic plugin system used to load and manage plugins
6 Mar 2016
LLLPG, the Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: now parsing C# itself!
2 Mar 2010
ValidationScope is used to collect all input errors in a context although validation code exists in independent APIs.
29 Jan 2009
Jose Menendez Póo
100% managed code that draws HTML on any device
1 Dec 2006
Nick Alexeev
This class is a thin MFC wrapper around Win32 API for reading/writing INI files.
16 Mar 2011
Paul Lessard, M.Sc.
We propose a way to secure C# programs by emulating Taint checking
27 Oct 2018
Steffen Ploetz
Give an brief overview of text rendering options for OpenGL/OpenTK especially for MONO/.NET.
27 Dec 2007
Zeeshan Haneef
An article on drawing graphics on a hand-held device touch screen.
31 Dec 2007
Douglas Day
This article describes the steps to add automatic update capabilities to your application quickly and easily using the DDay.Update library.
11 May 2006
Shows the basics of working with ADO.NET disconnected data.
24 Dec 2008
A phone number structure that can be used for parsing, validating, and normalizing phone numbers.
10 May 2016
Florian Rappl
The third part discusses events, asynchronous and dynamic types, the TPL, and reflection.
5 Dec 2007
Ekaterina Kostrioukova
The article shows how to update data in a DataGrid (DataView) control with AJAX.
7 Dec 2007
Ekaterina Kostrioukova
An article on how to implement DataGrid
19 Dec 2007
Keith Balaam
An article on writing a responsive multithreaded GUI, but not the Microsoft way
17 Aug 2007
Scott Dorman
A simple to use resumable file downloader class that provides progress feedback for .NET 2.0 or .NET 1.1
25 Feb 2006
Darren Pruitt
A design for an event driven rules engine.
9 Jun 2013
Lex Li
This article introduces #SNMP and how to use it to accomplish SNMP operations such as managing SNMP enabled devices.
5 Jan 2008
Jibu is a high-level multithreading API for .NET 2.0 and above.
25 Feb 2009
XmlObject is the class to derive from when you need high-performant XML serializable objects.
3 Aug 2012
R S Dodiya
Some of the Android SDK’s built-in layouts for ListView items, classes for creating list adapters, and ListActivity for displaying a ListView.
18 Feb 2010
Tiago Conceição
Application Management makes your application's life easier. It will automatically do memory management, handle and log unhandled exceptions, profile your functions, make your application single instance, and also provide utility functions to get system information.
14 May 2008
Michał Kosmala
Article describes an easy and light way to secure access to methods in your application.
11 Jan 2008
Arcball module using Tao.OpenGL in C#.
28 Mar 2008
An Arcball module using CsGL in C#.
18 Jun 2013
Shivprasad koirala
Architecture FAQ for localization and globalization: Part 2.
10 Jan 2017
Want to square-root an arbitrary type T in your generic code and multiply it by its natural logarithm? No problem.
27 Nov 2014
Pascal Ganaye
In this article, I try to highlight some issues in the .NET Framework generic list and how to circumvent them
30 Dec 2007
Omar Al Zabir
An extender that allows content to be dragged and dropped within columns and across columns. Allows column-wise content flow and reorganization.
25 Aug 2015
This article will let you know how can we use JSPM in ASP.NET MVC 6 and Material Design Lite.
15 Feb 2010
A powerfull web proxy that able you pass through the blocked web pages.
26 Apr 2013
Sebastien Lebreton
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
1 Jan 2008
In this article, we will describe how information generated on data acquisition devices connected to servers running Windows Server 2003 can be efficiently integrated into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using Windows PowerShell.
10 Dec 2016
The Lexical Macro Processor transforms your C# code with a LISP-inspired macro system. Nice substitute for T4 templates, with Visual Studio integration and a Linux-compatible editor.
9 Dec 2007
How to setup an Axiom application
8 Dec 2007
An application to create skins for DotNetNuke portals with a browser preview
14 Jan 2009
Dmitri Nеstеruk
A BDD tutorial using NBehave and MbUnit.
2 Sep 2010
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
6 Oct 2010
Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize binary data to IsolatedStorage in a Silverlight client when there is no BinaryFormatter in Silverlight? Why not with sharpSerializer? - An open source XML and binary serializer for .NET and Silverlight
8 Sep 2014
Introduction I’ve recently passed the Microsoft 70-483 “Programming in C#” certification which is one of the entry point into the .Net and WinRT developers certification cycles. To be well prepared I’ve read the two books entirely dedicated to this certification … Conti
22 Dec 2007
Miles Gibson
Iron Speed Designer builds database, forms, and reporting applications for .NET – without hand-coding. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation and security. Accelerate development and eliminate infrastructure programming.
25 Nov 2016
Daniel Vaughan
A fun Xamarin Forms implementation of the game Sokoban, demonstrating how to port a UWP puzzle game to both Android and iOS while sharing nearly all code across platforms.
2 Oct 2014
Daniel Vaughan
Leverage existing .resx files to localize Windows Phone, Android, and iOS apps in Xamarin.Forms.
12 Jul 2007
Eugene Mirotin (Guard)
Defines the full process of building Mono on Windows with Cygwin.
22 Jan 2010
Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi
This article discusses SET based operations involving INSERT / UPDATE and DELETE using LINQ to SQL.
9 Mar 2016
Well, not literally. Enhanced C# supports pattern matching, ADTs, and tuples, so Plain C# gets all that by transitivity.
4 Jul 2011
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Introduction to writing plugs in Cosmos in C#, Assembly, or X#
3 Jul 2011
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
A quick view under the hood of Cosmos and how it works
11 Aug 2008
Jerome Bellanger
A data structure implementation of a fixed size collection: the oldest element is automatically deleted if the maximum capacity is reached
1 Feb 2018
Pawel idzikowski
How to replace the web API request query string to provide case insensitive OData search
15 May 2008
Surajit Paul
This is a cool chat application created in DotNet using web services having all the functionalities.
8 Dec 2007
A walkthrough to set up client application services for user logon in a Windows application using ASP.NET membership providers
20 May 2016
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
Code style guidelines for Microsoft VisualBasic
18 Oct 2008
Shivprasad koirala
Compiling the first F# program using interactive mode
22 Apr 2013
An implementation of a generic, concurrent object pool with smart memory management.
20 Mar 2014
Lizandro Campbell
Using Visual C# 2008 to establish connection to a MySQL 5.1 database with MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.7
7 Dec 2007
Creates User Information from Input into a Text File - C#
15 Dec 2007
Matthew Hazlett
More about the technology, but the demo app is ASP.NET
27 Mar 2014
Docking windows container, extended listview, extended property editor.
28 Jun 2017
John Newcombe
Presents an explanation of Datum transformations with examples shown in C#
21 Jan 2008
Andy Aspell-Clark
A simple program to help get the timing of a roast dinner
16 Sep 2015
Jaime Olivares
Classes to store, handle, and retrieve geodesic coordinates, in memory, database, and XML, according to the ISO 6709 standard.
31 Mar 2010
A memory-efficient Patricia trie that implements IDictionary and supports the "find nearest key" operation.
7 Oct 2014
Daniel Vaughan
Using Xamarin Forms platform specific rendering to create a cross-platform application bar.
31 Oct 2018
An Engineer
Cross Platform AES 256 GCM Encryption and Decryption (C++, C# and Java)
27 Jun 2008
Having problems changing app.config and web.config? Use your own settings class. Easy to add new keys and save to disk.
18 May 2008
Olivier Lecointre
Movable controls with customized rendering on Linux with Mono.
12 Jul 2011
Custom Membership and Role Providers, a website administration tool, and Role based access to individual files.
2 Sep 2014
How to create a generic singleton for .NET.
21 Apr 2009
Lionel LASKE
Learn how to develop an application for the XO laptop - the OLPC project's machine - using Mono on Sugar OS.
16 Oct 2014
Bruno Sonnino
MonoGame is an open source implementation of the XNA application programming interface (API).
16 Jan 2011
Joe Nachbaur
Easy to use WinForms class to create extended dialog boxes
21 Dec 2007
There are four ways of publishing an application using ClickOnce, which we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of here.
13 Aug 2014
Creating the AList data structures for my "list trifecta" series must have taken hundreds of hours. The DList is a vastly simpler beast, but in certain cases will boost your insert/remove speed a lot.
15 May 2008
GUI automation for the purpose of driving or controlling an application via its GUI
17 Apr 2012
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
No more long switch statements!
25 Oct 2006
Phil Crosby
A simple, easy-to-use, resumable .NET file downloader.
10 Aug 2007
Searching Directory Services with Novell's LDAP library.
24 Sep 2013
BernhardDieber, Jennifer Simonjan
Ella is a fully distributed publish/subscribe middleware written in pure C# and compatible with Mono, enabling scalability and flexibility for your application.
11 Nov 2009
Describes a technique to call JavaScript from C#, and then to allow the JavaScript to call back into C#.
9 Jun 2013
Stan Bice
Imagine connecting church worship attenders with real-time content.
11 Mar 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Generic classes for enumeration-based iteration and array indexing
10 Jun 2009
Davide Icardi
An ASP.NET server library for creating CMS website (forums, articles/wiki, news, users/roles, ...), using NHibernate for data access.
25 Dec 2007
Nilay Parikh
Exception handling with Ports in BizTalk
25 Jun 2008
Lev Danielyan
A library to extract EXIF information from images, compliant with the EXIF 2.2 standard.
30 May 2012
Miloslav Beno
This article describes how to extend WordPress with plugins written in C# and shows very first C# plugin for this system.
7 Dec 2007
Ali Ozgur
Describes making of an external tools add-in using ProcessStartInfo and Process classes in System.Diagnostics
17 Feb 2009
Yuri Astrakhan, Sasha Goldshtein
This article shows how to generate dynamic methods for fast byte to structure conversion
17 Aug 2015
Marcos Meli
An easy to use .NET library to read/write strong typed data from files with fixed length or delimited records (CSV). Also has support to import/export data from different data storages (Excel, Acces, SqlServer, MySql)
1 Aug 2008
Lionel LASKE
Learn how to generate your own code for the DLR using an Abstract Syntax Tree.
9 Mar 2017
A documented journey looking for the fastest solution for generating valid Anagrams for the Weekly Code Project Challenge...
22 Dec 2007
A generic implementation of the WeakReference class
5 Nov 2016
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
VisualBasic Darwinism Evolutionary computation Application and Super Computing
30 May 2008
Unknown Narrator
A GetOpt implementation for .NET.
9 Nov 2014
Richard Dunkley
Demonstrates how to use the Yocto Project to get a custom Linux operating system with Mono up and running on the Beagleboard C4 development board.
11 Nov 2014
Richard Dunkley
Demonstrates how to use the Yocto Project to get a custom Linux operating system with Mono up and running on the MicroZed development board.
9 Nov 2014
Richard Dunkley
Demonstrates how to use the Yocto Project to get a custom Linux operating system with Mono up and running on the Raspberry Pi development board.
29 Nov 2018
Steffen Ploetz
Check OpenGL as a basis for appealing applications, that are not necessarily games.
18 Dec 2007
Global event handler distributor
9 Dec 2007
Aqeel Khandwala
implementing multiple culture with master page
16 Apr 2013
GMap.NET is a powerful, free, cross platform, Open Source .NET control. It enables the use of routing, geocoding, and maps from Google, Yahoo!, OpenStreet in Windows Forms and Presentation, and supports caching!
9 Jan 2010
Anindya Chatterjee
The Google Code Issue Tracker client library for .NET.
28 Dec 2007
This article aims to show the creation of Network Links for Google Earth.
20 Dec 2007
Merge some small print-screen maps to a big one
14 Oct 2010
Greg Olmstead
Grouping a List based on string property of the object in the list without LINQ
1 Mar 2013
Paul Stovell
Secure alternative to WCF. JSON-RPC meets SSL meets .NET and Mono.
27 Jan 2013
Joel Ivory Johnson
An introduction to the process of deploying code to a PlayStation® Vita
30 Apr 2012
Mohammad A Rahman
The Mono is an Open Source free programming language project. It has the implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# language and Common Language Runtime (CLR). In this article, I will explore how the Mono C# compiler works.
8 Sep 2014
Alex J Lennon
A refreshed article on how to build the older releases of Mono on Windows
17 Oct 2014
Alex J Lennon
A refreshed article on how to build the current release of Mono on Windows
8 Apr 2007
Nilesh Surve
This code will give you the diffrence between the two dates in days.Some time it is required in the program to get diff. between two dates.It is so small and very efficient code.
9 Mar 2010
Ilya Builuk
This article describes how we can use our programming skills on the .NET framework to implement platform-independent code
23 Jun 2015
MyChat: a simple real-time client-server chat using fancy HTML5 features and identicons.
18 Feb 2010
Ozgur Ozcitak
A .NET ListView like control for displaying image files with asynchronously loaded thumbnails.
20 Sep 2016
Alen Toma
How to implement deep cloning using Reflection
12 Jun 2008
Jimmy Zhang
Introduces a simple, efficient, human-readable XML index called VTD+XML.
15 Nov 2010
Ludvik Jerabek
Read and write to INI files in VB.NET and VBScript
5 Dec 2007
Alexander Sher
This article may help you to understand how the CascadingDropDown works and how to work with it.
13 Aug 2014
In the netherworld between T[] and List
7 Jan 2009
Vivek Srivastava SSE
With IKVM, you can run compiled Java code (byte code) directly on Microsoft .NET or Mono. The byte code is converted on the fly to CIL and executed.
24 Dec 2007
David Saelman
A simple method to achieve interprocess communication between the .NET framework and MFC.
15 Sep 2014
Daniel Vaughan
Create best-in-breed cross-platform MVVM apps using Calcium for Xamarin.Forms.
29 Sep 2008
A plunge into creating a fast, full text index, with advanced searching capabilites.
3 Apr 2010
Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi
An introduction of Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) with Visual Studio 2010
18 Jun 2009
Corinna John
First steps tutorial for Delphi developers.
13 Jul 2006
Jaroslaw Kowalski
Introduction to managing diagnostic traces with NLog.
31 Mar 2015
A simple and inexpensive project to control your first IoT device using an Azure service
25 Feb 2008
Robert Köpferl
A enumerable class, that is able to iterate two enumerable collections at once. Either until both or one is done.
31 Dec 2007
A control that mimics the look-n-feel of iTunes and the iPod manager.
30 Dec 2007
a javascript module that grants developer to select variant parts or may be the whole page to make user can print preview it and print it.
7 Dec 2007
Troubles putting JavaScript code inline with VB.NET or C# code
17 Jan 2018
codewitch honey crisis
Dependency free, fast, lightweight JSON parsing and light query
30 Dec 2007
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
11 Dec 2007
Using the KudzuASp Template Engine for Classic ASP
7 Dec 2007
In this article, Tobin Harris introduces a new Ajax library for ASP.NET and explains its benefits over Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax. He demonstrates an easier approach to .NET Ajax applications, even for those without serious JavaScript skills.
22 Dec 2007
Guy Vider
A sample Visual Studio 2008 project that compares the performance of LINQ to simpler loops
14 Dec 2007
Islam ElDemery
A simple speed comparison.
14 Jan 2017
With this library,"from x in list select x.Property" returns another list.
28 Jan 2008
Andy Aspell-Clark
A simple todolist designed for an Asus Eee Pc
6 Dec 2008
Günther M. FOIDL
An extended List that fires events when the count of list-items changes
22 Apr 2018
This article details how to make .NET applications scriptable with Aphid, an embeddable scripting language.
27 Jan 2010
The Zetta
A how to guide to make a custom shaped (by transparency, of course) MDI container form.
9 Feb 2015
Walks a developer through the implementation of a standards compliant RtspClient and RtspServer.
5 May 2014
Shuqian Ying
Service based, multi-application, post ASP.NET 4.0 asynchronous custom membership stores for ASP.NET Identity 2.0 with a hierarchical role system.
30 Oct 2011
Olivier Lecointre
This articles describes a way to reproduce the behavior of a panel applet (menus and interation with an application) on Gnome Shell for Mono applications on Linux, with the help of DBus
6 Jul 2010
Alain Bertrand
A small XML serializer for Silverlight projects.
30 Dec 2005
Rei Miyasaka
A portable and flexible HTTP web server library written in 100% managed C#.
22 Dec 2007
William E. Kempf
An article on creating WPF applications, following the Model-View-ViewModel pattern
6 Oct 2013
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
Mathematical method of S-system equation to simulate a biochemical network system
18 Dec 2007
Andrew Smith, Josh Smith, Karl Shifflett
A high octane multifunction visualizer that allows detailed inspection of the visual tree and logical trees. New feature of Mole II Black Ops allows viewing and drilling into non-public members of any element or sub-element in the visual or logical trees.
28 Aug 2013
Software Developer's Journal
This article presents possibilities for development of .NET applications running on operating systems other than Windows, using the MONO platform. Advantages and challenges will be presented. Also presented are some common issues encountered while developing applications using the .NET technology.
22 Jun 2014
Nathaniel Moschkin
Topics and methods on programming in .NET and performance considerations
15 Jul 2018
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
14 May 2015
Using SIML, a language designed for Digital Assistants, to create a Natural Language Interface to an SQL Database.
15 Sep 2012
Tomi Valkeinen
NetSerializer - A fast, simple serializer for .NET
5 Dec 2007
New Ajax Navigation Docable Bar
1 May 2010
Noda –DateTime extensions for .NET
27 Jul 2008
Cory Borrow
A small and easy to use notification bar like that found in IE6+ and Firefox web browsers.
10 Sep 2018
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
29 Apr 2014
Don Fizachi
A C# implementation of the OTR protocol.
21 Aug 2014
Lucas Ontivero
A class library for port forwarding in NAT devices that support Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) and/or Port Mapping Protocol (PMP)
17 Sep 2008
Simplified multi-threading of for loops in C#, with an interface akin to OpenMP.
7 Feb 2008
How to easily override key processing in a form or user control
21 Sep 2010
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
A better way to control the painting of the .NET TabControl
1 Oct 2008
Andrew Kirillov
This article describes the implementation of parallel computations using plain C#.
6 May 2010
David Cruwys
Provide a mechanism to execute a list of tasks in parallel on multiple threads and communicate back to the calling thread useful states such as exceptions, timeouts, and successful task completion.
28 Feb 2010
Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
How the .NET Framework Stopwatch class can be used to measure and compare algorithm runtime with a high accuracy
14 Jul 2007
Framework for porting code between different languauges and platforms through a standard XML schema.
19 Aug 2009
Idea and implementation of a simple and easy database synchronization tool.
2 Feb 2019
No matter how lazy you are
17 Dec 2007
How to print Microsoft Access Reports from a C# application
13 May 2016
Florian Rappl
The last part discusses attributes, iterators, and some more advanced topics.
29 Jul 2014
Steffen Ploetz
How to draw text unsing Cairo from C# with full control over character positioning, linebreaking and so on.
9 Mar 2015
Steffen Ploetz
How to develop Linux/Unix (X11) GUI applications in C# efficiently without dependencies to GUI frameworks like GTK or KDE. Description of composite widgets.
9 Mar 2015
Steffen Ploetz
How to get out the maximum from the Roma widget in C# efficiently without dependencies to GUI frameworks like GTK or KDE. Basics and description of concepts.
21 Oct 2015
Steffen Ploetz
How to develop Linux/Unix (X11) GUI applications in C# efficiently without dependencies to GUI frameworks like GTK or KDE. Description of simple widgets.

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