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by Dmitri Nеstеruk
Let's create a simple project estimation DSL using F#!
by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describing how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content with perculiar phenomenon arising from such novel field that can be coined as 'AI-xenophobia' or 'Cyber-xenophobia' or 'Cyborg-xenophobia'?
by shunninghuang
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Display names and descriptions for enumeration members: a non-intrusive, reliable, localizeable method.

Latest Articles

by Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
by Robert Gustafson
A UserControl that allows rich-text applications to have a ruler with support for margins, indents, and tabs
by Palavos
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess
by shunninghuang
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking

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26 May 2010
Mike Corley
C# (.NET and Mono) library provider for RRDtool
27 Mar 2010
Sergey Sorokin
Use .NET 2.0 configuration features for building a pluggable provider framework for your application.
17 Aug 2010
Shivprasad koirala
.NET Best Practice No: 1:- Detecting High Memory consuming functions in .NET code
18 Aug 2010
Shivprasad koirala
.NET Best Practice No: 3:- Using performance counters to gather performance data
13 Jul 2008
Dazdarevic Edin
A .NET component that simplifies tracking of system's idle time.
10 Sep 2008
Mayur Chauhan
An UI tool that can be used to zip and unzip a file.
12 Oct 2009
A .NET Regular Expressions Find and Replace add-in for Visual Studio 2008
13 Jul 2008
Rajneesh Noonia
The source code / article published here is to provide features of MS Script control (Functions like AddObject) and some features of VSA/Visual Studio editor like intellisence, code completion etc
23 Oct 2008
A splash screen which allows for dynamic creation and updates.
16 Dec 2008
David Polomis
Loads a Targa image file into a Bitmap using nothing but .NET code.
7 Feb 2011
asheesh goja
This article shows you how to build a simple cross-platform interoperation solution between .NET and Java using the Service Interface and Data Transfer Object (DTO) architecture patterns
2 Jul 2009
In Internet Explorer webpage is embedded a C# user control and communication between the page and user control
14 Apr 2014
auralius manurung
An article on designing your own robot simulator
11 May 2017
Raghavendra Hosad
2D DFT for Color Image - GUI implementation
12 Jul 2008
Norman Solomon
Easy addition of a 3D Tabstrip page to an ASP.NET project.
13 Jul 2011
Amro Ibrahim
3G Modem Internet Dialer
4 Nov 2014
Shivprasad koirala
6 important uses of Delegates and Events
20 May 2010
Shivprasad koirala
6 steps to implement DUAL security on WCF using User name + SSL
28 May 2008
Didara F Dosabhai
Define schedules to the program for executing programmer defined jobs
1 Nov 2009
Ali Tavakol
Fast, real, and easy to connect to your application.
2 Jan 2013
Ger Hayden
This is a working example of clients in queued correspondence with a service, sending messages to it, recieving unsolicited messages from it while both client and service can queue messages to the other while the other is offline.
20 Feb 2010
An article written with the purpose to help any beginner to use OpenMP.
9 Feb 2009
Rahman Masudur
This article shows how to use a WCF service in XBAP or a WPF browser application.
17 Aug 2011
Ger Hayden
This is a working example of a BLOB column on a DataGridView for a Windows Form using C++/CLI where data is drawn from an XML document.
27 Jun 2010
Wayne Wood
Verify the execution efficiency of a short CUDA program when using the library thrust
29 Aug 2008
Massimiliano Brugnerotto
This user control is similar to the standard Microsoft .NET 2.0 PropertyGrid control with several additional features
10 May 2010
An article that defines managed threading from the basics to the intermediate.
23 Jun 2014
Give a C++ application its own web page
17 May 2012
Ahmed Charfeddine
A Websocket protocol implementation atop the ush Framework real time library plus a demo example featuring four types of communication workflows between the HTML5 web client and the server.
14 May 2010
An Article the Demonstrates How to Build a Windows Forms Calculator
5 Aug 2009
Nicholas Butler
A tool to help author articles at The Code Project
24 Jan 2009
Paul B.
Execute actions while making the form wait and still be responsive to other tasks.
5 Jun 2009
Bharath K A
MultiMap is similar to a .NET Dictionary collection type, but accepts duplicate Key,Value pairs during addition. The MultiMap collection is also a concurrent collection.
26 Jun 2010
Karthik. A
This is a user control that could be added to a web page to allow the users to choose a month and year alone
25 Mar 2008
Demonstrates a variety of Windows Forms data binding features through several simple examples.
3 Dec 2009
Philipp Sumi
Logging is an important aspect of every application, but you probably don't like to have dependencies on a specific logging framework all over the place. This logging façade provides you with a common interface that decouples the logging framework of your choice from your code.
27 Jul 2009
Nish Nishant
The article shows how to interop between a WCF service and a WWS client, and also how to rewrite the WCF service in WWS retaining compatibility with existing WCF clients.
2 Jan 2019
Octavio Loyola-González, Miguel Angel Medina Pérez, Andres Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Milton García Borroto
In this article, we introduce a framework in C# for fingerprint verification, we briefly explain how to perform fingerprint verification experiments and how to integrate your algorithms to the framework.
16 Apr 2011
Uses Farhad Siasar's YahooWeathertlb library with a few added functions
27 Aug 2011
Daniel Carvalho Liedke
A cool List and Dictionary debugger visualizer for VS.NET 2005, 2008 and 2010
18 Jul 2008
Sam Rahimi
Keeps the GPS active in Windows Mobile, allowing for instant, accurate location determination. Also a tutorial on how to access GPS data with almost no code.
10 Mar 2009
A different approach to make a Visual Studio VISTA Gadget Template
5 Nov 2013
Large Integer class acts similar to built-in type
20 Apr 2010
A Comprehensive Look at LINQ and the Binary Search Tree Data Structure
8 Nov 2015
Phillip Piper
.NET ListView maxed out on caffeine, guarana and steroids.
4 Jan 2010
Thomas Denzel
Show and use items in a tag cloud for data entry.
18 Jun 2009
A wrapper for the Asynchronous Progamming Model in .NET
15 May 2008
Gregory Gadow
With Visual Studio 2008, it is easy to create a nullable version of Microsoft's DateTimePicker.
1 Dec 2009
J. Ambrose Little
When your boss asks you to create applications transforming your data warehouse into business intelligence, you need the right set of Silverlight 3 tools to make this transformation quickly and easily. Here is a pivot grid control that really gets the job done.
22 Jul 2008
Mike Borozdin
Tutorial on using LINQ, ListView, LinqDataSource, DataPager, ASP.NET AJAX
28 Jun 2014
Tom Clement
A splash screen with some neat predictive progress bar features
5 Jun 2009
Connecting and disconnecting network drives
23 Jan 2012
Ali Daneshmandi
A Restaurant and Waiter helper app in WPF and Windows Mobile
12 Dec 2008
Stefan Kuhr
Creating a self-extracting file that allows to start multiple setups
28 Jul 2012
Smart K8
A palette quantizer based on human perception
26 Nov 2008
Mohammad Dayyan
This article shows you how we can create an animation button in Silverlight.
2 Oct 2008
Ole L. Sørensen
An article on showing an image browser in a web page using ASP.NET and AJAX.
9 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple but effective way to send an email using SmtpClient class
30 Apr 2009
An application to solve a custom/random labyrinth represented with a .NET GridView control
27 Dec 2009
Haim Nachum
A multi-threaded crawler that downloads pages and saves them localy while preserving the site tree structure.
1 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how to read RSS feeds
13 Sep 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple example of SQL server admin tools.
21 Nov 2007
An ArrayList container wrapper class that permits the table to be filled with data in an early phase of a program, but then made read-only (Immutable) for subsequent usage.
21 Nov 2007
A Hashtable wrapper class that permits the table to be filled with data in an early phase of a program, but then made read-only (Immutable) for subsequent usage.
15 Dec 2009
Nikhil Soman
Easy to use profiler for time and impact analysis of C/C++ code which uses the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler (/Gh and /GH flags) and the DIA SDK to gather profiling data.
15 Dec 2012
Marc Clifton
A simple punch clock applet
6 Feb 2009
A class which simulates components which transfer data through inputs and outputs.
26 Jul 2012
Daniel Leykauf
A routine to print out text, images and lines (including complete text files)
15 May 2015
Describes a framework to use the PCSC Smart Card API with .NET.
23 Aug 2010
Erion Pici
Generating docx reports in a client-server architecture, without using MS Office
28 Mar 2008
Ron Ayoub
Presents an implementation of a Spiral Tic-Tac-Toe AI using a vanilla Negamax search algorithm and WPF DrawingVisuals
1 Jun 2011
The basics of searching and sorting algorithms via C#.
5 Jan 2009
Lev Danielyan
A style for giving WPF buttons a glassy, Windows Vista-like look
21 Sep 2010
Herre Kuijpers
@TinyPG is a utility that makes it easier to write and try out your own parser/compiler.
7 Dec 2008
Dmitri Nеstеruk
Describes a small VS add-in for making decorators from existing code.
14 Dec 2008
Dmitri Nеstеruk
A small VS add-in to implement a Visitor pattern.
11 Oct 2009
Wu Xuesong
An article describing a tool developed using WPF for visualizing 3D geometry models
8 Oct 2012
A MessageBox replacement with some much needed extras
14 Oct 2007
How to implement a custom pager for the GridView without relying on ViewState or the GridView's paging features at all.
17 Nov 2008
Stanislav Kniazev
A C# wrapper for the Windows WaitableTimer.
15 Apr 2008
Islam ElDemery
An Internet chat application with file transfer.
18 Sep 2008
Deepthi Viswanathan Nair
This article talks about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and how to consume it in applications. It describes the WCF model, and is a quick introduction for beginners.
2 Feb 2010
Dr. Song Li
This article introduces a working example of five different ways to make AJAX calls using jQuery.
21 Mar 2011
Ashley Davis
1 alternative  
Examines a custom content control that can be used to zoom and pan its content
30 Apr 2010
An article that presents a TV Player via WPF
5 Oct 2009
Euhemerus, rspercy65
A solution to extensive mouse clicking
20 Jan 2016
Pat Dooley
In this article I will show how simple programs can help improve your photography work flow. Acme Photo resizer resizes JPG images in bulk. It can also add a copyright notice and the photograph's file name to each image. It was written to help me resize race photographs so that I could post them to
25 Apr 2009
Active directory tool - helps manage active directory oparations (query, update and delete) with easy to use GUI
29 Jun 2011
Multi account synchronizer for GMail, AD, and SQL Server.
18 Sep 2008
Introduces the goal and use of the Adaptive Console Framework.
29 Nov 2011
Md. Marufuzzaman
Add random quotes in your Outlook email signature
5 Aug 2010
Sebastien T.
Add-in Visual Studio 2008 for automatically generating properties (Getter and Setter)
24 Jul 2008
Simon Parmenter
A VS2008 C++ project to add an icon resource in a file to an executable.
6 Oct 2008
Abey Thomas
This article is about the details of adding an image to a Word document programmatically.
2 Jul 2014
Mohammed El-Afifi
Given an existing win32 application, how to provide COM automation capability to it?
3 Oct 2008
Abey Thomas
This is an article about adding footnotes to a Word document (MS Office 2007) programmatically.
19 Nov 2014
Allan Eagle
Using a combination of Reflector, Reflection, and C# 3.0 extension methods to add Save(string FileName) functionality to MailMessage in System.Net.Mail.
13 Feb 2009
Allows to maintain and backup your contacts and also maintains a reminder. You can store data in any of the three different databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Microsoft Access
20 Mar 2009
Lex Beekmans
Setting the member name property for a DataGridTableStyle for an IList object.
14 Apr 2009
Julian Ott
A simple but powerful .NET color picker dialog.
31 Dec 2009
Make Bookmarks (or Favorites) for your web browser
10 Apr 2009
Alexander Kostikov
The article shows how to extend ReportViewer control that comes with Visual Studio 2008. The most important extension is adding export to Microsoft Word
16 Jun 2016
Clifford Nelson
This is an alternative for "Advanced WPF Localization" that adds functionality for capitalizing and pluralizing the text to be display.
1 Oct 2017
Jecho Jekov
1 alternative  
Provides a solution for localization of WPF application both in XAML and in code-behind
18 Aug 2009
Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application
30 Jul 2009
Create an Aero-style wizard in VB.NET
11 Sep 2009
image transformations for C# .NET CF
1 May 2012
Service aggregation of self hosted WCF services, using the built-in RoutingService .NET Framework class.
4 May 2008
Josh Smith
Introduces a generic technique of chaining commands together.
22 Feb 2009
Cache server response to reduce server load.
1 Feb 2009
Kurush Rastkar
Using most of the recent technologies in one application
17 Jun 2009
Sacha Barber
All new .NET 3.5 3D elements
17 Feb 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Single-instance application behavior can be considered comprehensive only it all three features are implemented: detection of second instance, passing command line and activation of first instance
15 Jul 2008
Chris Copeland
A rendering class with full customizations for novice or advanced users.
18 Dec 2007
An ASP.NET server control inspired from WinForms’ ListView and implementing ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0.
17 May 2012
Jim Parsells
Explorer TreeView control with Shell Folder access class and Icon management.
16 Aug 2012
It employs a dynamic trigger, a CLR Stored Procedure, and a Web Service to sync data from a MS SQL Server to MySQL.
9 Nov 2008
Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
23 Apr 2009
Nicholas Butler
Collects and records your article ratings plus a couple of new summary ratings
31 Mar 2009
The way to get your splashscreen going in a few lines of code.
19 Jul 2008
Improve drawing of controls with transparent background over a form with image background
10 Jun 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will show you how to resize an image keeping with the best graphics quality.
23 May 2010
An article that demonstrates how to use video, images and animations via WPF
28 Feb 2010
Alan Burkhart
A thesaurus based on data from the WordNet database, easily implemented
19 Aug 2016
Clifford Nelson
This is an alternative for "A WPF Custom Control for Zooming and Panning"
25 Oct 2010
This example shows how and where to implement the strategy design pattern.
22 Apr 2009
Dustin Metzgar
Tired of writing long, complicated CodeDom expressions? This parser's for you!
5 Apr 2009
Altering the WPF TabControl to show a single row of scrolling TabItems
14 Apr 2009
Alessandro Del Sole
Learn how to implement an extension method in Visual Basic 2008 for converting a BitmapImage object into a System.Byte() array
20 Feb 2009
Vitaliy Liptchinsky
This article describes the basic ideas of how to build workflow engine a-la WF based on F# workflows and CCR
19 Dec 2007
An alternative to message boxes, implementing ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0.
9 Jun 2013
Lex Li
This article introduces #SNMP and how to use it to accomplish SNMP operations such as managing SNMP enabled devices.
20 Mar 2009
Introduction to an MVC Framework that integrates with the MFC Doc/View architecture
31 Jul 2013
Karthik. A
This article discusses ways by which you could utilize Disqus in your web applications.
22 Jul 2009
A complete overview and implementation of SNTP from a client perspective.
1 Nov 2007
Saving XAML files using MarkupWriter
23 Jan 2010
Arman Ghazanchyan
The analog clock control is a control that has almost all the functionality that a clock control can have, and it is fully modifiable.
19 Nov 2008
Mohammad Dayyan
A simple analog clock in Expression Blend 2
17 Sep 2008
Mohammad Dayyan
A simple analog clock in WPF
25 Feb 2015
This article discusses how to create animated controls using graphic layers.
24 Aug 2008
Steve Katic
3dsMax style rollup control animated in C++/CLI
11 May 2011
To get a 3D model and a marker moving on Google earth and map respectively, showing the live tracking of GPS
17 Jul 2010
Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A highly object-oriented ListView control with varying-height items and support of complex data types
16 Feb 2010
An article that provides ways to achieve concurrency via C++
6 May 2010
A simple thread pool with minimal dependencies
5 Nov 2008
Read, Write, Save INI files without using Windows APIs.
18 Oct 2009
Daniel Vaughan, Nicolas Dorier
How to use an MSBuild custom task to provide compile time verification of string type names in app.config files.
17 Jun 2008
Nelson Kosta Souto
Application configuration settings .NET & VB 6 with XML
22 Mar 2008
Alessandro Forte
A description of various frameworks to develop a complete enterprise .NET applications easier
2 Mar 2009
A WinForms component to notify when your app has been idle for a specified timespan.
5 Feb 2010
How to use Active Object pattern to carry out long-running tasks
10 Oct 2010
An article that describes how to use and integrate a Numerical Library for .NET
22 Feb 2011
Apriorit Inc, Eugene Wineblat
In this article, the use of open source OpenSSL library for file and disk encryption is described
18 Jun 2013
Shivprasad koirala
Architecture FAQ for localization and globalization: Part 2.
23 Sep 2009
carl morey
How to use Visual Basic with the Arduino 2009 board.
27 Nov 2014
Pascal Ganaye
In this article, I try to highlight some issues in the .NET Framework generic list and how to circumvent them
13 Sep 2012
James Ashley
This tutorial examines the new Visual Studio 2008 Server Control and Server Control Extender. A compendium of tips, tricks, and gotchas, it is a comprehensive tutorial that will provide readers with the skills necessary to start building advanced AJAX-enabled custom controls with Visual Studio.
30 May 2013
Amir Jalilifard
Creating a useful ASP.NET HTML Editor custom control.
17 Jan 2008
Rolf Szomor
A work-around for ASP.NET menu parent menuitem highlighting.
21 Apr 2011
Jonathan Nethercott
Simple voting control for MVC projects, using a partial view
7 May 2009
ImageLink HTML helper for ASP.NET MVC views
15 Nov 2014
Michael Ulmann
The introduction of the ADO.NET Entity Framework implicitly created the need for ASP.NET providers such as membership, role and profile that leverage this new technology.
4 Jan 2008
Herre Kuijpers
AspExe is a small command line tool that will take an .aspx file and compile and execute (=render) it.
26 Apr 2013
Sebastien Lebreton
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
25 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads using this multithreaded, portable C++ asynchronous callback framework
18 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
A C++ standards compliant delegate library capable of targeting any callable function synchronously or asynchronously.
3 Dec 2010
Custom windows control that mimics Windows 7 diming & asynchronous aero progress animation
14 Nov 2008
Giorgi Dalakishvili
How to receive asynchronous events about Registry changes, using WMI.
14 Sep 2018
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
29 Mar 2013
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
29 Aug 2008
How to host and asynchronously run PowerShell scripts from C#
11 Feb 2009
A console program that captures audio but does not save it.
10 Feb 2009
A console program that captures audio and saves it with simultaneous preview.
26 Jan 2008
Karl Shifflett
An article on developing and debugging Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers.
19 May 2010
Derek Viljoen
Create context-sensitive help files for your own APIs
5 Sep 2008
Vishal Shukla
An ASP.NET template server control demonstrating how we can store/retrieve values of various ASP.NET controls on a page.
30 Mar 2009
That Asian Guy
Increase the build number of the project each time you compile
22 Aug 2017
This article revises the HTML authoring tool, HTML TOC Generator, that generates a Table of Contents for an HTML document. Optionally, the tool will number the HTML headers.
1 Mar 2016
VR Karthikeyan
Automating the drawing process in AutoCAD using programming to improve the productivity of the design engineers.
2 Jan 2011
Ashish Kaila
Learn how to leverage UI automation in testing your UI and also to support accessibility features
15 Dec 2007
This project will show you how to make a program that randomly chooses a background image when you log on, and either lets you simply select a background, or randomly chooses one for you every minute to an hour.
26 Jun 2014
Clift Norris, John D. Cook
We describe a PowerShell script to extract source code from Team System version control and automate the build process
23 Dec 2014
César de Souza
Demonstration of automatic image stitching by interest point matching using the Accord and AForge.NET Frameworks

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