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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for compare table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files.
by Marco Merola
Creating PDF documents from XML
by Dan Radu
The DACBuilder application provides auto-generation features from multiple database systems in multiple programming languages.
by Gavin Sinai
Using the open source Saxon library, .NET programmers can benefit from XSL 2.0 and XQuery 1.0.

Latest Articles

by Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
by Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
by Sean Ewington
Web development beginner tutorials. A compilation of web development tutorials that serve as a beginner's walk to web development
by Matias Lopez
Displaying XML Files with CSS/XSLT

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6 Mar 2002
Anand Bolangadi
Number to word conversion program using XSLT
18 Oct 2018
Gavin Sinai
Using the open source Saxon library, .NET programmers can benefit from XSL 2.0 and XQuery 1.0.
6 Jul 2008
Mahendra Kumar Srivastava
An XSLT transform for string representation of numeric place values
17 Aug 2012
Example: HOWTO Move the ECB from the Filename to Title, in a DocLib, preserving all native functionality.
2 Oct 2012
Rahul Rajat Singh
This article talks about how we can render XML data in an ASP.NET application. We will see how this can be done using XSLT transformations.
19 Nov 2012
Jim Meadors
String manipulation of XML files
16 Aug 2013
Marco Merola
Creating PDF documents from XML
4 Aug 2013
Lothar Behrens
Customizing generated code to support phone number formatting
20 Mar 2018
Alex Pumpet
A simple program for compare table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files.
4 Jul 2018
Krishna P Seetharaman
Issues faced and learnings found during the generation of pipe delimited flat file generation
31 Mar 2006
Dan Radu
The DACBuilder application provides auto-generation features from multiple database systems in multiple programming languages.
17 Feb 2012
Outlines the construction of a simple data dictionary utility for MS-SQL using extended properties.
9 Dec 2019
Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
18 May 2013
Amir Jalilifard
How to make a real time commenting feature using SignalR.
20 Dec 2012
Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation, and usage of custom message mediation activities for a XAML workflow.
27 Oct 2012
This tutorials introduces a new NUnit Addin able to record execution time of unit tests and generate XML, CSV, HTML performances reports with charts and history tracking.
10 Aug 2005
An article on converting EDIFACT messages to XML, and converted the XML into anything XSLT can perform
27 Dec 2015
Patrice T
In this paper, I report what I have learned and all the problems I encountered while making my very first Stylesheet for ToDoList.
6 Jun 2014
Transforming with help of XSL
7 Sep 2006
Riaan Hanekom
A (very) simple XSLT test utility.
4 Nov 2019
Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
4 Oct 2009
Generate Word documents by appling XSLT on XML data.
31 Jul 2012
Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by using jQuery and XML.
12 Sep 2019
Sean Ewington
Web development beginner tutorials. A compilation of web development tutorials that serve as a beginner's walk to web development
16 Feb 2010
dawright, ProtoBytes
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
16 Nov 2016
Lars Hove Christiansen
XML Visualizer v.2 improves the standard XML Visualizer in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.
10 Apr 2012
Doug Domeny
Text in an XSLT may be localized by reading translated strings from an XML document. Numbers may also be localized.
7 Aug 2016
Rahul S Chavhan
Validate an XML document in SQL Server using XSD by Rahul Chavhan
8 Feb 2006
Chris Stefano
A custom tool for Visual Studio .NET which runs an XSL transformation to generate code.
17 Sep 2012
S V Saichandra
This article describes XSLT programming for beginners.
18 Apr 2008
Ehsanul Haque
An article on managing ASP.NET server controls, event handlers, and server-side validation using XML and XSLT.
3 Jan 2016
Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator/Checker Version 2.0 somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by utilizing jQuery and XML.
11 Jun 2018
JSON to JSON transformation - XSLT equivalent for JSON
3 Nov 2013
Drasko Popovic
Displaying WSS or MOSS item attachments with the SharePoint Designer Data View Web Part.
13 Jun 2009
Geoff Hudik
A basic WinForms XSL editor control
28 Oct 2008
Serghei Sarafudinov
A design pattern on how to override elements in a base XML.
24 Dec 2007
Description of the binary format used to store internet explorer favorites, includes Favorites-to-XBEL example project.
26 Apr 2006
Dmitry Khudorozhkov
The article presents the XSLT/JScript framework that handles all types of RSS feeds and HTML-based newsreader application that is built upon it.
11 Aug 2012
How to implement XPathNavigator for file system
21 Apr 2018
In this article, we will try to understand Data Binding in AngularJS
2 Aug 2008
Lee Humphries
XPS is a fixed document format derived from XAML. Learn how to use it to produce the documents you want?
21 Jul 2011
A HTTPWebRequest based library which abstracts how data is retrieved from web sources.
12 Nov 2010
This article will represent how to work with Resource Files dynamically
9 Jun 2006
Dmitry Khudorozhkov
This article presents several XSLT stylesheets for converting XML numerical data to eye-candy HTML bar charts.
14 Jun 2010
Anton Burtsev
This tutorial shows usage of Telerik controls in DotNetNuke. It lead you through a process of creation rating / comments solution for a complete DotNetNuke page or any other content identified by URL.
20 Sep 2005
Matthias Hertel
Calling a server from JavaScript is a fundamental part of AJAX applications. Using WebServices with SOAP and WSDL is easy if proxy objects and methods are available in the browser.
4 Jan 2004
I G 198
Shows how to split an XML file into pages and render page links using XSL Transformation style sheet
19 Sep 2008
Valentin Billotte
The proxy generated by the ADO.NET Data
4 Oct 2011
An XML/XSLT based solution for auto-generating API and code.
22 Jun 2010
Gerard Castelló Viader
This article explains how to create some interesting charts in SVG documents
4 Dec 2006
Andrew Tweddle
A demonstration of using XSLT to create SQL error reports in a daily build process.
13 Jun 2010
Anton Burtsev
Article shows how to create a hierarchy management with create / rename / delele nodes, drag and drop, nodes deffered (lazy) load.
19 Jun 2008
An application to interact with a Subversion repository and produce logs in a few different formats; TXT, XML, XML with XSL, and RSS.
2 Sep 2008
Ralph Willgoss
The aim of this article is to show how you can install, configure, and have CruiseControl.NET perform continuous monitoring by running a scheduled task.
22 Jun 2007
Gary Mann
Use the open-source IDE to add annotations to your code and review FxCop reports
24 Apr 2009
Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin
How to express a series of generic data points in XML and read them without much pain.
17 Nov 2007
Dmitri Nеstеruk
An XSL Transformation Custom Tool for Visual Studio
26 Oct 2007
A tool for executing any DOS command using property editors
7 Jun 2006
Dmitry Khudorozhkov
This article presents an XML/XSL/XSD browsing and validation tool, a shining example of how various technologies like Shell scripting, Scripting Runtime, or HTA can be put together to aid programmers in rapid development of powerful script-based applications.
5 Dec 2006
Bill Albing
Sas Jacobs’ book ''Beginning XML with DOM and AJAX: From Novice to Professional'' published by Apress is a wonderfully succinct introduction to the world of Web development, which today means being able to manipulate XML in any of its various forms.
13 Sep 2005
Marc Clifton
Convert your XML object graph to code using CodeDom
7 Jul 2003
Johan Danforth
A BLOG tool ready to use. Post weblogs to an XML file from a windows application via Web Service. Uses SOAP Headers for authentication. Uses simple XSL Transformation for the RSS feed.
21 Sep 2005
Emma Burrows
A simple XSLT stylesheet to convert a Visual Studio .NET XML document into basic HTML
5 Mar 2013
Using XSLT to create on-line summary documentation for .NET Assemblies
27 Oct 2006
This article explains the applcation of the XmlXsdDocument class.
22 Oct 2006
This is an article on an Excel export component (using XSL and XML) in .NET.
17 Feb 2002
MS le Roux
Using XSLT to group XML elements based on unique ID values in the XML. The XML is transformed into an HTML table.
26 Feb 2009
Lindsey Lewis
An article about a tool for comparing SQL database schema versions
12 Sep 2001
Alan Wen
This is a 3-tier application. A COM component returns SQL data in XML format, then using XSLT to transform to HTML at client side. By using XML, all the data can be sort, split into pages locally, that will give users a quick response!
2 Oct 2013
George Ziady
This is an alternative for "Measurement Unit Conversion Library"
14 Apr 2008
George Zabanah
This article will show you how to view a colourful collapsible treeview for XML Strings/XmlDocument in a browser (just like Internet Explorer) without the need for XML files.
22 Mar 2006
An ASP.NET type-ahead suggest textbox (Autocomplete) that leveraging on Google AJAXSLT
24 Jun 2008
Dietmar Kurok
Showing People grouped by departments in an own style (XSLT) and without limits in count of results and paging. Only intensively using build-in Webparts.
21 Jul 2010
Nested list using SharePoint designer
28 Jan 2006
Emma Burrows
An example of using XSL to achieve a custom sort order - in this case, sorting titles by the first word that isn't an article.
26 Jan 2009
Gil Shabat
Real-world Use Case: a flexible approach to present dynamic content with SQL Server, ASP.NET, and XSLT.
17 Dec 2009
Article describing how to use the table looping and table extractor functoids in BizTalk maps
23 Aug 2007
Cvetomir Todorov
This article shows how you can implement templated messages, such as email templates
28 Feb 2002
MS le Roux
A simple and generic way to use XSLT to generate a multi-level HTML tree menu from an XML source
24 Dec 2008
Drasko Popovic
Displaying attachments with the Data View Web Part using an object model.
24 Oct 2006
Brian Rush
An article on exposing the iTunes Library via XML, ASP.NET, and AJAX.
12 Feb 2011
The subject of our new article is to develop a simple and a nice poll application.
12 Feb 2008
Jason Witty
An Update to my original article which allows you to search your personal web site using Windows Live Search.
25 Mar 2009
Ali Kheyrollahi
A Unit Testing framework for testing orchestration using instrumentation
26 Feb 2010
Leo Bi
How to use XSLT to generate SQL script
22 Dec 2006
Kiran Kumar G
This brief article will demonstrate the recursive nature of templates.
1 Oct 2009
William Grubbs
Convert podcast feeds into a variety of playlist formats on the fly by applying XSLT on RSS XML
28 Mar 2012
Passing Parameters to XSL
21 Oct 2008
Steve Marsh
The Tree Relationship Calculator is an object that accepts an XML representation of a tree and will calculate the relationship of any two members within it. This article describes how relationships are calculated, and what terms like second cousin, or first cousin once removed, mean.
25 Nov 2007
This Article is an enhancement of the Typeahead Texbox article in code project site. I have tried to generalize and give more functionality which were missing in the Typeahead article.
2 Nov 2011
Bangla Gopal Surya Prakash
Validating XML against defined XSL
16 Mar 2008
Martin Garcia
One possible way to build an HTML report that has a dynamic number of pages
19 Nov 2013
Pallavi Wasnik
In this article, you will see how to create and read the XML file, how to add new elements, new attributes and replace the value of existing element in/from existing XML file.
28 May 2017
In this article, we will see how to use multi-languages(i18n) in angular2
10 Jun 2010
Jimmy Zhang
Learn to take advantage of VTD-XML's stateless XPath capability to achieve unmatched efficiency and flexibility
23 Jan 2008
Erich Ledesma
1 alternative  
This project allows you to store values along with unit information and conversion between different measurement systems. Also provides a hierarchy to create new converters easily.
25 Sep 2006
Thomas Kurek
You need to build a dynamic sitemap right from a dataset because you don't have static content on your website.
19 Sep 2008
This article will explain and show how to use XLINQ (LINQ to XML) to get WoW Realm status.
3 Aug 2008
Dave Elliott
An article on how to generate source code as well as populate Excel Spreadsheets.
11 Jan 2009
Sam Safonov
The tool is based on XML/XSLT, and allows a user to create a Word report from scratch, namely: construct SQL query, construct a WordML template, generate a document.
9 Mar 2009
A console application to generate enumerations from a database query
19 May 2006
Mike DiRenzo
This is a technique describing how to create node-tree-fragments in XSLT using C#. Additionally, this aritcle describes how to use C# in XSLT.
29 Jun 2009
This is an introduction to creating XAML applications using Silverlight 2.0 and C#.
4 Jul 2017
This tip explains how we should structure our project folder
17 Jul 2009
Mahendra Kumar Srivastava
XSLT Number to String Transformation for Hindi Language
25 May 2010
Shuffle XML elements with XPath and VTD-XML.
13 Jul 2008
Sudipta Chaudhari
This article demonstrates how to use AJAX with ASP.NET 2.0.
6 Aug 2016
Petrov Vladimir
The alternative way of the MFC Project from Existing Code creation
17 Aug 2008
Sebastian Böthin
Apply an XSL transformation to the service description of an ASP.NET webservice to generate better interface documentation.
10 Feb 2003
Nick Berardi
OmniSearch attempts at showing a way to reduce the number of hits to the Google Web Service by caching searches
7 May 2007
How to misuse XML/XSL to do what not even the
3 Jul 2007
Jacco Vonk
Describes the use of an XSLT stylesheet to transform a WSDL definition of a web service to VBScript/JavaScript proxy code
27 Mar 2007
Mike DiRenzo
This article describes how to convert an existing XML set of values that are contained in elements to valid elements of another XML, using an XSL transformation.
28 Jul 2006
Ken Kilar
A tip on partial page caching & consuming and diaplying RSS XML feeds via XSL
30 Jun 2016
This article describes how to customize master page, how to customize home page and it will give you tips to improve the look and feel of the SharePoint site.
25 Sep 2008
Serghei Sarafudinov
Using XML technologies for Model-Driven Engineering.
20 Nov 2007
Sujith John Thomas
This article explores the concepts of XMLSS and its transformation to XL.
23 Jan 2006
Ted Bouskill
This solution demonstrates enforcing valid SQL connection strings in the App.Config file.
20 May 2009
Retrieve data from a webform into an XML file, save data to database via OPENXML and send and transform XML to HTML via XSLT
13 Feb 2009
XEML (Entity Markup Language) for Code Generation
28 May 2017
In this article, We will have a look to unserstand how RESTful/WebApi was applied in my code
7 Aug 2007
Raymund Macaalay
Simple RSS Reader in C# using XSL
9 May 2007
XML2XML is a mapping tool to transform XML data from one XML format to any another XML format.
17 Oct 2008
Riaan Lehmkuhl
How to... customise the VisualSVN Server browser view.
1 May 2006
Brian Mulder
An article about using XSL to transform XML to CSV
9 Oct 2006
Retrieving data from XML using column indexing.
19 Jun 2007
An advanced discussion of customizing applications with XML fragments
25 Dec 2007
Nilay Parikh
Exception handling with Ports in BizTalk
12 Jun 2008
An AJAX textbox user control with auto-suggest functionality.
9 Oct 2006
Describes how to achieve globalized JavaScript and XSLT code.
15 Jun 2017
In this article, we will why and why not using DI & IoC from my real situation.I did not tell you that DI is not good. From my view, each tech has it own pros and cons. So It is better if we know when we can use which techs for our business.
16 Jul 2009
Erode Senthilkumar
How to implement AJAX in XSLT
17 Jun 2007
Shankar Balaji
A pipeline component that has a mapper, that provides a GUI for feeding in XSLT. At runtime, the receive pipeline takes the XSLT as input and maps the source message to the destination message.
18 Mar 2008
Tariq Younas
A walk through fundamental knowledge about MOSS 2007
12 May 2008
Customizing SharePoint Search Results (Deleting Author & Date)
1 Mar 2011
Michael Simonov
The article discusses dynamic xHtml to xHtml XSL transformations for PDF output purposes.
24 Oct 2002
John Lyon-Smith
A tool for automatically updating version resources in C++, C# and other projects
17 Apr 2007
A simple editor for XSL transformations.
17 Sep 2007
Vidhya Rao
This article discuss about functoids that help with Mapping in BizTalk Server
13 Mar 2008
In a cumbersome daily schedule, only tools like this can help us to be a little bit organized.
13 Apr 2012
How to run a simple WCF service with Topshelf as a host plus several tips and tricks
2 Jan 2013
Amr Rekaby, Mai Sobhy
This article provides a reusable component to calculate the delta difference between 2 XMLs structures, it is implemented by XSLT to be faster and platform independent.
1 Nov 2006
Lou Franco
This article will show you how to use the Atalasoft DotImage AJAX-enabled Web Image Viewer and Web Thumbnail control to navigate multi-page TIFFs, add controls to call clean-up routines, and update the browser without a post-back.
3 Aug 2007
Find out how the PureCM Version Control/SCM system can help simplify your development process using Streams and SCM best practices.
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
  It is very good to know how we can add controls in XSLT.We know by using XSLT we can transform XML document to any format like