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Posted 20 Aug 2016

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Disabling Fast Startup in Windows 10

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20 Aug 2016CPOL
Fast startup in Win10 seems to conflict with some apps, on some machines: I've seen it affect Chrome and Live Mail for example, as well as making shutdown a very long process on some laptops. But it's not obvious where the control for this is, hence this tip.


A strange bug seemed to have crept into a Win 10 lappy: Live mail would only start once a day, and Chrome would sometimes not start at all. And shutting it down was very slow - like several minutes. As an additional oddity, the Group Policy service was not being started. On a different lappy, these were fine, but shutdown was taking several hours!

Finally, sussed it as being a problem with "fast startup" which seems to conflict with some apps: Chrome and Live mail particularly. It seems it's to do with "fast startup" not being a "real" startup like "restart" is, but a halfway hibernate which means that problems don't get cleared properly.

But... it's not exactly obvious how to turn it off, either ... and it defaults to on.

Disable FastStart

  1. Open the (generally useless) Settings app.
  2. "System"..."Power and sleep"..."Additional power settings"..."Choose what the power buttons do"..."Change settings that are currently unavailable"...Uncheck "Turn on fast startup (recommended)".

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Image 5

    Image 6

  3. "Save changes".

    Image 7

  4. Probably, reboot.


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