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Running a .bat file as administrator - Correcting current directory

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20 Oct 2010CPOL
How to set the current directory correctly when running batch scripts as administrator
When you run a batch file as administrator under windows vista and 7 the current directory gets set to C:\windows\system32. This can prevent your scripts from working correctly if you use relative paths.
To fix this problem, include these two lines at the top of your .bat script:
@setlocal enableextensions
@cd /d "%~dp0"
This will change the current directory to the location of the .bat file.
How it works:
@setlocal enableextensions - controls the visibility of environment variables[^] and enables cmd extensions[^].
@cd /d "%~dp0" - Changes the current directory to %~dp0 which is a special batch parameter[^] that expands to the drive and directory that batch file is located in.
%0 expands to the full path and file name of the batch file, adding the ~dp modifier in the middle to make %~dp0 reduces the %0 value to just the drive and path.


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Simon P Stevens
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I discovered programming aged 11 with my school's BBC micro, and a book titled "Write your own space action games". (Their ideas of "space action" games were very different to mine. My ideas didn't include a bunch of * signs controlled via a text based menu)

I got hooked on VB for a while (mainly because I discovered I could replace the * signs with .bmp files) until someone pointed out the wonderful world of objects and Java. I also went thought a c++ phase.

I've now been a professional developer for 5 years.

My current language of choice is C#. I spend my free time playing with XNA and microcontrollers.

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Posted 20 Oct 2010


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