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Posted 10 Feb 2011

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Making F1 do something useful in Visual Studio

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12 Feb 2011CPOL
F1 in Visual Studio takes forever, and rarely comes up with anything useful. Replace it with a Google MSDN search!
For Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010:

1) Open VS, and on the Menu bar select "Tools...Macros...New Macro Project"
2) Call the project "GoogleSearchMSDN"
3) I'm so sorry about this, but VB is involved here. Not my fault, honest!
4) Rename the default Module1 to "DoGoogleSearchMSDN" - right click on the module name in the left hand pan, select "Rename"
5) Enter the following code as the module body:
Sub GoogleSearchMSDN()
    Dim url As String
    Dim searchFor As TextSelection = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection()
    If searchFor.Text <> "" Then
        url = "" + searchFor.Text
        url = ""
    End If
    DTE.ExecuteCommand("View.URL", url)
End Sub

6) Build and save your module.
7) Use the menu bar again: "Tools...Options...Environment...Keyboard"
8) In the "Show commands containing:" textbox, type "Google" - you should see your new macro.
9) Go to the "Press shortcut keys" box, and press F1
10) Press OK.

F1 now searches for "MSDN" plus whatever you highlighted.

[edit]Took out the "C#" reference in the "searches for" comment at the end - mine does, because I put that in the URL... :-O -- OriginalGriff [/edit]


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OriginalGriff3-Jul-12 2:35
mvaOriginalGriff3-Jul-12 2:35 
You and 9,035,267 other people here! Laugh | :laugh:
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Lutosław12-Jan-12 11:56
Lutosław12-Jan-12 11:56 
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hoernchenmeister20-Sep-11 3:21 
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Cristian Amarie30-Jul-11 22:16
Cristian Amarie30-Jul-11 22:16 
GeneralCool stuff, let me do it today it self. Pin
Joshi, Rushikesh11-May-11 4:59
professionalJoshi, Rushikesh11-May-11 4:59 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Great tip. Pin
HimanshuJoshi9-Mar-11 12:51
HimanshuJoshi9-Mar-11 12:51 
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Patrick Kalkman28-Feb-11 5:19
Patrick Kalkman28-Feb-11 5:19 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Simple, yet brilliant idea! Pin
Stephen Haselschwerdt16-Feb-11 11:14
Stephen Haselschwerdt16-Feb-11 11:14 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 One of those macros that you wish yo... Pin
ctrueman14-Feb-11 12:30
ctrueman14-Feb-11 12:30 
GeneralThis is great, I've been trying to get the help search to op... Pin
Keith.Badeau14-Feb-11 6:48
Keith.Badeau14-Feb-11 6:48 
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OriginalGriff14-Feb-11 9:38
mvaOriginalGriff14-Feb-11 9:38 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Sweet, real sweet! Thank you Origin... Pin
Vic Rauch12-Feb-11 18:59
Vic Rauch12-Feb-11 18:59 
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Tarun.K.S12-Feb-11 7:16
Tarun.K.S12-Feb-11 7:16 
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Glenn E. Lanier II11-Feb-11 4:23
Glenn E. Lanier II11-Feb-11 4:23 
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jim lahey10-Feb-11 5:26
jim lahey10-Feb-11 5:26 
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Dmitry Sharygin16-Feb-11 6:18
Dmitry Sharygin16-Feb-11 6:18 
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ErrolErrol14-Feb-11 8:35 
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SBJ14-Feb-11 7:46
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