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Posted 19 May 2010

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Asp.Net ShortCut Keys

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20 May 2010CPOL
Asp.Net ShortCut Keys List
Here I am sharing the list of all the available shortcut key options for ASP.Net

.NET ShortCut Keys

Ctrl + N Opens the New Project Dialogue Box
Ctrl + Shift + O Opens the Open File Dialog Box
Ctrl + Shift + A Opens Add New Item window
Ctrl + D Opens Add Existing Item window
Ctrl + S Saves Current Form
Ctrl + Shift + S Saves everything from Application
Alt + Q Exits Visual Studio. NET
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Ctrl + X Cuts your selection
Ctrl + C Copies your selection
Ctrl + V Pastes your selection
Ctrl + A Selects All
Del Deletes your selection
Ctrl + F Opens Find window
Ctrl + H Opens Find and Replace window
Ctrl + Shift + H Opens Replace in Files window
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12 Opens Find Symbol window
F7 Opens Code Designer window
Shift + F7 Gets you back to Design View
Ctrl + R Opens the Solution Explorer window
Ctrl + Alt + S Opens the Server Explorer window
Ctrl + Shift + C Opens the Class View window
F4 Opens the Properties window
Ctrl + Shift + E Opens the Resource view window
Ctrl + Alt + X Opens the Toolbar window
Shift + Alt + Enter Takes you to Full Screen View
Alt+F8 Opens Macro Explorer window
F2 Opens Object Browser window
Ctrl + Alt + T Opens Document Outline window
Ctrl + Alt + K Opens Task List window
Ctrl + Alt + A Opens Command window
Ctrl + Alt + O Opens Output window
Ctrl + Alt + Y Opens Find Symbol Results window
Ctrl + Alt + F Lists Items under the Favorites Menu in your Internet Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + B Builds your project
F5 Runs your Application
Ctrl + F5 Runs your Application without Debugging
Ctrl + Alt + E Opens the Exceptions Dialog Box
F8 Used while Debugging Applications
Shift + F8 Used While Debugging Applications
Ctrl + B Inserts a New Breakpoint
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Clears All Breakpoints
Ctrl + Alt + P Opens the Processes Dialog box
Ctrl + T Opens Customize Toolbox window
Ctrl + Shift + P Runs Temporary Macro
Ctrl + Shift + R Records Temporary Macro
Alt + F11 Opens Macros IDE
Ctrl + F1 Opens Dynamic Help window
Ctrl +Alt + F1 Opens Help window sorted by Contents
Ctrl + Alt + F2 Opens Help window sorted by Index
Ctrl + Alt + F3 Opens Help Search window
Shift + Alt + F2 Opens Index Results window
Shift + Alt + F3 Opens Search Results window
Ctrl + K +C Comment out the current selected section
Ctrl + K +U Uncomment the current selected section

Hope you find this useful.


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