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Posted 10 Jun 2010

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Formatting Code in Tips and Tricks

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8 Apr 2013CPOL
Syntax coloring for tip/trick

Code in tip/trick posts should be wrapped with <pre> </pre> tags to ensure formatting and colouring are correct.

For example:

<pre lang = "vb">
' Example  
Dim test As String

will produce:

' Example
Dim test As String

To specify the programming language, use lang="xxx" as follows:

<pre lang = "C++"> for native C++ formatting
<pre lang = "mc++"> for C++/CLI formatting
<pre lang = "aspnet"> for ASP.NET formatting
<pre lang = "cs"> for C# formatting
<pre lang = "css"> for CSS formatting
<pre lang = "F#"> for F# formatting
<pre lang = "html"> for HTML formatting
<pre lang = "Java"> for Java formatting
<pre lang = "jscript"> for JavaScript formatting
<pre lang = "asm"> for MASM/ASM formatting
<pre lang = "msil"> for MSIL formatting
<pre lang = "midl"> for MIDL formatting
<pre lang = "php"> for PHP formatting
<pre lang = "sql"> for SQL formatting
<pre lang = "vbscript"> for VBScript formatting
<pre lang = "xml"> for XML formatting

If you want to enter text like <pre lang = "xml">:

  1. Check the allow HTML radio button in the Tip/Trick editor "When Pasting" option list. Use the article editor to enter text. Copy its HTML and paste here.
  2. Learn the special text for symbols like <(&-lt-; Remove the - for the symbol)


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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