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Posted 28 Jun 2010

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C++ Tip : Should I use iostream.h or iostream?

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18 Aug 2011CPOL
Minor edits to improve wording
Many C++ programmers still use <iostream.h> instead of the newer, standard compliant <iostream> library. What are the differences between the two?

  • The .h notation of standard header files was deprecated more than five years ago. Using deprecated features in new code is never a good idea.
  • In terms of functionality, <iostream> contains a set of templatized I/O classes which support both narrow and wide characters, as opposed to <iostream.h> which only supports char-oriented streams.
  • The C++ standard specification for iostream’s interface was changed, with many subtle aspects. Consequently, the interfaces and implementation of <iostream> differ from those of <iostream.h>.
  • <iostream> components are declared in namespace std whereas <iostream.h> components are in global scope (chances of name conflicts are greater).

For these reasons, you should never mix the two libraries in one program. As a rule of thumb, use the newer <iostream> header file, unless you are dealing with legacy code that is only compatible with <iostream.h>. Otherwise, my suggestion is always to upgrade from the older version to newer version, which is quite easy to do.


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BrainlessLabs.com30-Dec-11 7:28
MemberBrainlessLabs.com30-Dec-11 7:28 
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Pranit Kothari20-Dec-11 3:50
MemberPranit Kothari20-Dec-11 3:50 
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PrafullaVedante10-Nov-11 20:00
MemberPrafullaVedante10-Nov-11 20:00 
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User 641634323-Aug-11 2:30
MemberUser 641634323-Aug-11 2:30 
GeneralReason for my vote of 2 really banal info Pin
bearw0822-Aug-11 21:57
Memberbearw0822-Aug-11 21:57 
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KenBonny22-Aug-11 20:59
MemberKenBonny22-Aug-11 20:59 
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lewax0019-Aug-11 6:14
Memberlewax0019-Aug-11 6:14 
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ryan20fun18-Aug-11 23:17
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George L. Jackson20-Aug-10 1:49
MemberGeorge L. Jackson20-Aug-10 1:49 
GeneralReason for my vote of 2 simple but worths knowing.. Pin
Cool_Dev11-Aug-10 5:02
MemberCool_Dev11-Aug-10 5:02 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Nice to know! :) Pin
Bigdeak30-Jun-10 22:05
MemberBigdeak30-Jun-10 22:05 
GeneralThe .h headers were standardised 12 years ago, even Microsof... Pin
Aescleal29-Jun-10 3:13
MemberAescleal29-Jun-10 3:13 
GeneralRe: Agreed, i believe even .h version of iostream is not availab... Pin
ThatsAlok3-Jan-12 3:11
MemberThatsAlok3-Jan-12 3:11 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Very Nice info. Pin
GPUToaster™28-Jun-10 18:47
MemberGPUToaster™28-Jun-10 18:47 
GeneralNice Info :) Pin
GPUToaster™28-Jun-10 18:47
MemberGPUToaster™28-Jun-10 18:47 

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