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28 Tips for Web Development

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4.65 (15 votes)
15 Jul 2010CPOL
1) Go for Javascript validations instead of validation controls
2) Use Javascript instead of VBscript.
3) Minimize the use of Forms authentication.
4) Use Connection Pooling and Object Pooling
5) Turn off Tracing unless until required
6) Turn off Session State, if not required
7) Disable View State of a Page if possible
8) Set debug=false in web.config
9) Avoid Response.Redirect as many places
10) Use the String builder to concatenate string
11) Avoid throwing exceptions. try to handle the exceptions without try catch.
12) Use Finally Method to kill resources
13) Avoid unnecessary round trips to the server
14) Use Gzip Compression
15) Use Page Output Caching and Proxy Servers
16) Use Per-Request Caching
17) Use Page.ISPostBack
18) Avoid Unnecessary Indirection
19) Use "ArrayLists" in place of arrays
20) Place StyleSheets into the Header
21) Put Scripts to the end of Document
22) Make JavaScript and CSS External
23) Use DataReader instead of Dataset
24) Make Enableviewstate property as false for the components (particularly for heavy items like datagrid, datalist etc) if it is not necessary.
25) Use xmlhttprequest object or scriptmanager to minimize post backs.
26) Declare regions for each section of codes.
27) Try to use datarepeater than any other data controls.
28) Use skins files.


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GeneralReason for my vote of 5 I always use what you mentioned. my ... Pin
mhamad zarif27-Dec-11 21:18
membermhamad zarif27-Dec-11 21:18 
GeneralReason for my vote of 3 Point are good.. Pin
Muthu Nadar25-Dec-11 17:09
memberMuthu Nadar25-Dec-11 17:09 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 These tips are good Pin
informtonaidu12-Oct-10 21:44
memberinformtonaidu12-Oct-10 21:44 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Good for beginners who generally lea... Pin
Ravi LVS17-Jul-10 1:59
memberRavi LVS17-Jul-10 1:59 
GeneralPoint 3 : Minimize the use of forms authentication. Can you ... Pin
Rajesh Pillai15-Jul-10 20:32
memberRajesh Pillai15-Jul-10 20:32 
GeneralI agree with most of these points, but should point out that... Pin
TheyCallMeMrJames15-Jul-10 8:38
memberTheyCallMeMrJames15-Jul-10 8:38 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Nice Tips&Tricks shared here and hop... Pin
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»15-Jul-10 7:35
mentorKunal Chowdhury «IN»15-Jul-10 7:35 

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Posted 15 Jul 2010

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