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by Jason Henderson
Get organized and find a reason to use Active Desktop at the same time.
by Nitesh Luharuka
How to implement paging in GridView Control in ASP.NET
by Ravi_Baghel
Introduction We often need to create a Data Access Layer (DAL), which takes our business objects and performs CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) in physical data store. If you have ever created the DAL you will come to know how tedious it is to do it again and again. Also, it’s very time consumi
by Abhijit Jana
Sorting ASP.NET Dropdown list is very common requirement for any of the web application development.  To Implement this features sometimes developers used to iterate through each and every item and create a sorted list of element then reassign the same source to dropdownlist or sort the element at s

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by Garry Pilkington
Part 1 – Securing Your Logins With ASP.Net MVC (This post) Part 2 – Securing Web.API Requests With JSON Web Tokens An archetectural patterns that is becoming more popular is using ASP.Net MVC with a Web.API layer servicing the web…Read more ›Related Posts:Windows 8.1 Has Been
by Francis S Michael
CodeProjectiTextSharp is a most popular PDF Library to create,modify and do some additional manipulation with PDF files. In this article, I’m going to explain how to convert an text file to PDF while uploading. Ground work:                           Before starting we need to download the iTextSharp
by madan535
For enabling the CORS request in the ASP.NET Web API project we have to download the cors package from the Nuget i.e. Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Cors Open up the Nuget Package Manager console from the Visual Studio Tools Option —> Library Package Manager —> Package Manager Console Type foll
by madan535
In this post we will learn how to use Use Dapper.NET ORM in ASP.NET MVC. Whats is a Dapper? Dapper  is a simple object mapper for .NET Dapper is a single file you can drop in to your project that will extend your IDbConnection interface. It provides 3 helpers: Execute a query and map the results to

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by Member 11091395 on technical blog "Google reCAPTCHA in ASP.NET MVC"
by Member 11091395 on technical blog "Google reCAPTCHA in ASP.NET MVC"
by Balu Mate on Tracking users login/logout times on your site
by Nitesh Luharuka on article "How To Implement Paging in GridView...
by Bill SerGio Jr. on article "How To Implement Paging in GridView...

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