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21-Nov-16 8:13am by onqtam (new) 
The article consists of an introduction to the testing framework, motivation behind it's creation (what makes it unique) and a few important points about it's capabilities.
47 mins ago by VINEET MISHRA 086 (updated) 
Convert column into rows without using pivot function in sql
57 mins ago by eddbs (updated) 
Handles input typing and pressed keys in TextBox, RichTextBox and ComboBox, displaying custom balloon tips notifications.
57 mins ago by Carlo Hans H. (updated) 
Creating Angular2 Application with ASP.NET Core Template Pack in VS 2015
1hr 20mins ago by Dave Ceddia (new) 
Is your React component not rendering?Quick quiz: When a React component loads data from the server in componentWillMount like this one below, what will it render?Original photo by Jay Galvinclass Quiz extends Component { componentWillMount() { axios.get('/thedata').then(res => { this.s
1hr 20mins ago by Junian Triajianto (new) 
Beginner guide on how to integrate MySQL database into ASP.NET Core project with Identity and host it on Ubuntu Server
2hrs ago by Jon McKee (updated) 
Exploring multi-threading and related topics.
4hrs 5mins ago by wmjordan (updated) 
Converting PDF into bitmaps without installing extra components.
4hrs 10mins ago by Cinchoo (new) 
Simple FixedLength file reader for .NET
10hrs 15mins ago by Fred Song (Melbourne) (new) 
From this article, I’d like create ASP.NET Core (Net Core) application with Angular 2.
13hrs ago by Cinchoo (updated) 
Simple CSV file writer for .NET
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Tue 24 Jan 2017
How much time do you spend (on average) working on hobby programming projects?
Tue 24 Jan 2017
The Prettier formatting tool ensures outputted JavaScript conforms to a consistent style
Tue 24 Jan 2017
We've done three days of training. Introduction, Intermediate, and Cross-Platform and all three days are now available! We just released training...
Tue 24 Jan 2017
So if color theory doesn’t provide a solid basis for color in UI design, what does?
Tue 24 Jan 2017
This article will cover all the fundamental concepts you need to get good with the CSS Flexbox model.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Ameer Dhotre
how to do one to one chat using c#? ,without signalR.or using console app using c#.kindly help me, I am new at network programing.What I have tried:tried client server chat ,in console and windows.
by Member 12964312
First chek this simple code: ...............................................................................................................................................................<?php $mysql_host = 'localhost'; $mysql_user = 'root'; $mysql_pass = '';...
by Ravi Sargam
I have created one web service with two methods. First method is without parameter calling on load which is working fine, my second method have dateparameter(textbox), i am not getting parameter value in code behind (on buttong click i am calling this parametrised function)<script...
by Member 11349163
i want different id generate as i have a combo box having different cities name and a textbox. when i choose a city from combo box then according to it city name two initial values will pick and create a id.if i do ten entries as same city then it will generate as DE01,DE02,....DE10.AND IF...
by planet06
I want to make an sql designer that relate tables with drag and drop method like MS SQL management studio views . Could you help me?What I have tried:I tried to make it. But I can't

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by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter  5.00/5 (12 votes)
Think algorithm...
by marcus obrien  5.00/5 (10 votes)
My experience of the disastrous effects of a bad OO design. In particular what happens when combinatorial explosion arrives knocking on the door.
by DaveMathews  5.00/5 (9 votes)
Using Oscova, a bot development framework, to create a Natural Language Interface to an SQL Database.
by Jovan Popovic  5.00/5 (9 votes)
Complex properties in entity Framework models such as arrays, dictionaries, and objects can be serialized in SQL Server database in JSON format. In this article I will show you how to map your properties in EF model to database columns that contain JSON.
by David Lafreniere  5.00/5 (8 votes)
A framework combining state machines with asynchronous multicast delegates.

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