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10-Mar-17 13:48pm by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich (new) 
Be notified in your mobile phone of intruders in your home, and take photos of them
1hr ago by Kamran Bigdely-Shamloo (updated) 
This article explains how to get position (x,y,z) and rotation (qw, qx, qy, qz) of HTC Vive headset or controllers.
9hrs 15mins ago by AshishTomer (new) 
Learn how to create the D3 charts with scales and axes.
12hrs ago by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
.NET Core 2.0 brings a lot of improvements to the system, and it brings a lot of pain to the developers as well. I had a lot of problems upgrading .NET Core 1.x apps to .NET Core 2.0; I yet have to feel the promise it makes about performance and so, but let us see how to upgrade our existing applica
15hrs ago by Jasper Lammers (updated) 
Using multithreading in Windows Console Applications without interrupting user input.
18hrs ago by Graeme_Grant (updated) 
Working with simple JSON objects & collections to Custom Converters and Transformations into .Net classes.
18hrs ago by Joseph ( (new) 
How AutoHotKey saved the (Visual Studio) day
20hrs ago by David_Wimbley (new) 
Scheduling dependent jobs sequentially with
24hrs ago by Zijian (updated) 
WCF development for real RAD in enterprise through teamwork
yesterday by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov (updated) 
A computer keyboard can be turned into an isomorphic musical instrument, to help in deeper exploration of the Musical Harmony and even to inspire new musical ideas
yesterday by Rou1997 (updated) 
Send SMS Programmatically (Intent) with Example . . . Send SMS Without Intent with Example. . . Implement SMS Receiver with Example . . . Get SMS List with Example . . . Open Sending MMS Form . . .
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Fri 18 Aug 2017
For a vestige of the past, the password has managed to hold on and remain alive -- even though some of the top people in computing said that it...
Fri 18 Aug 2017
Fri 18 Aug 2017
By using the IBM Watson Conversation service, you can create AI-powered conversational user interfaces in minutes, often with just a few lines of...
Fri 18 Aug 2017
Azure Event Grid is a fully-managed event routing service and the first of its kind. Azure Event Grid greatly simplifies the development of...
Fri 18 Aug 2017
Do you use the singleton pattern? If not, I’m assuming that you either don’t know what it is or that you deliberately avoid it. If you do use...

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by Chiranthaka Sampath
Hi All, I want to delete a sql table record using C#. I already tried the below mentioned code snippet but it didn't work. However the message is showing 'Data Record Deleted!' as it should it be. I can't find an issue in the statement also. What I have tried: private void...
by Member 13368994
.div1{ display: inline-block; width: 49%; border:1px solid red; height:250px; } .div2{ display: inline-block; width: 49%; border:1px solid red; } .div3{ display: inline-block; width: 49%; border:1px solid red; vertical-align:top; } .div4{ display:...
by babaiZhere
I want to use tagging feature in my project.My requirement is to show all results in tilelist quite like StackOverflow tagging system. Here is my autocomplete box code <telerik:RadAutoCompleteBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="racb_tags" InputType="Token" ...
by Moulali D
I have a table named tbl_topstories (topstory_id,topstory_title,topstory_description,meta_tag,da‌​te) so i want related posts from this table matched with meta_tag column for that please let me know how to do it... thank you for replay What I have tried: select meta_tag FROM tbl_topstories...
by Member 13368943
I am currently getting this error: :60018/server.php Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 405 (Method Not Allowed) I am not very familiar with php code as this is code a friend wrote a while ago for a project we worked on, and I wanted to work on that project on my own...

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by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.99/5 (36 votes)
This article provides a simple and complete explanation for the neural network. There is also a practical example for the neural network. You read here what exactly happens in the human brain, while you review the artificial neuron network.
by Graeme_Grant  5.00/5 (19 votes)
Working with simple JSON objects & collections to Custom Converters and Transformations into .Net classes.
by Ehtesam Ahmed  5.00/5 (18 votes)
This article discusses about one of the coolest features of ECMAScript 6 i.e. "Destructuring"
by Marc Clifton  5.00/5 (10 votes)
Not very classy in C#, but pretty classy in F#.
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  5.00/5 (10 votes)
Since I wrote an article previously, I had been asked on various occasions to share the code to Yahoo! or Bing, etc. I wanted to write an article, with the code, which covers all of those vendors as well.

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