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3-Jan-17 12:20pm by Bryian Tan (updated) 
An article on how to build a multiple selection dropdownlist with the AJAX HoverMenuExtender.
29 mins ago by Robert_Dyball (updated) 
"... dogs and cats living together ..." or how to build an application framework to get the best out of ASP.Net Core and Angular - at the same time.
3hrs 20mins ago by Ramachandran Murugan (updated) 
"A Creation Design Pattern which is used to duplicate or clone the resource and time consuming expensive object"
9hrs 20mins ago by Rion Williams (new) 
Glyphfriend 2.1 Released! Now with Library Filtering
9hrs 20mins ago by yuvalsol (new) 
Set the format of a SSRS date parameter apart from the SSRS report localization
9hrs 20mins ago by yuvalsol (new) 
Swap positions of two elements in a jQuery object
9hrs 20mins ago by yuvalsol (new) 
Use marquee tag to expose table's cell overflowing text
12hrs ago by Veronica S. Zotali (updated) 
This article shows how to configure IdentityServer3, when you need to authenticate and authorize usage of your WebAPI/MVC, for users stored in SQL Server.
12hrs ago by DavidHancock (updated) 
Describes an algorithm that solves the Countdown number puzzle written in c#
13hrs ago by Yang Kok Wah (updated) 
Implementing shape control that supports transparency, custom design-time editors and simple animation
14hrs ago by Ankur Rawat (updated) 
Detect whether the event is click event or drag event of pushpin, performed by user in Bing Map
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News Latest News

Mon 27 Feb 2017
Service used by 5.5 million websites may have leaked passwords and authentication tokens.
Mon 27 Feb 2017
To combat Microsoft and Google, Amazon appears to be in the early stages of developing its own office suite, utilizing the power and ubiquity of...
Mon 27 Feb 2017
Notebooks are a great learning resource that go beyond a REPL (an simple interactive console) in that they are effectively textbooks with islands...
Mon 27 Feb 2017
I have often suggested that every comment represents a failure to make the code self explanatory.
Mon 27 Feb 2017
This is the conclusion of a study carried out by cyber-security firm Avecto for the second year in a row, after, at the same time last year, it...

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by Member 12986299
I'm using Visual studio 2008 and I want to use CRegKey classfor that I just include the file atlbase.h and after compile I'm getting following errorI have not used anything anywhere from that file I just included file and compiled that's it I copied all code form altbase.h file look...
by Member 12986745
How to change label image by using another thread in C#.What I have tried:it is possible by button click.
by Member 13025537
When you watch a video, you often come across the favorite images and videos and you will choose to process the video, so here is a question, how to do it ? I have a video processing,just like this: GF9450C-CBE3 a new beginner, I...
by tanliem653
hi everyone,I find code from Sigurd Johansen talk aboutCommunication on a serial port in NET 2.0Imports SystemImports System.IO.PortsPublic Class Form1 Dim WithEvents Port As SerialPort = _ New SerialPort("COM1", 9600, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One) ...
2hrs 15mins ago by Member 13027430
Forum: Objective-C and Swift

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by Marc Clifton  5.00/5 (13 votes)
Hashcash is a proof-of-work system used to limit email spam and denial-of-service attacks, and more recently has become known for its use in bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as part of the mining algorithm.
by Wolfgang Foerster  5.00/5 (12 votes)
A class which helps to easily move and rotate a camera in a 3D scene
by Naveen Kosana  5.00/5 (12 votes)
Learn how to write unit test cases using Jasmine framework for Angular Controllers
by Pete O'Hanlon  5.00/5 (11 votes)
This series of articles covers MVVM from the absolute beginning; no frameworks and no helpers, we're going to learn MVVM from the nuts and bolts.
by Dirk Bahle  5.00/5 (10 votes)
In a dialog with WPF

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