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12-Jun-14 15:36pm by Michael N Haephrati (האפרתי) (updated) 
How the Shopping List mechanism was used as part of the Target Eye project
20 mins ago by Cornelius Henning (updated) 
Binding of both the DataGrid columns collection and aspects of cell style
48 mins ago by Azim Zahir (new) 
This is a Text Editor App for Windows 8.
4hrs ago by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter (new) 
Play hide-and-seek with your shared files...
4hrs 5mins ago by Sergey Kizyan (new) 
This is 5th lecture of the set I'm giving. It is related to delegates and events
5hrs ago by Sergey Kizyan (updated) 
This is the 4th article from the training that I give for my coworkers
5hrs ago by Steve Naidamast (updated) 
“Agile” as A Meme Since the introduction of Agile Development in the early 2000s it has increasingly spread throughout the software industry in the same manner a popular cult is formed; based on supposition, mythology, and rumor for which little real statistical proof has ever been provided. A more
5hrs 20mins ago by Dholakiya Ankit (updated) 
Logging database operations in Entity Framework and handling Exceptions
6hrs 10mins ago by Anton Angelov (new) 
Learn how to use the Windows Event Log via C#. Find different logging solutions and various test strategies.The post Top 9 Windows Event Log Tips Using C# appeared first on Automate The Planet.
17 hrs ago by Bill SerGio Jr. (updated) 
Responsive Mobile Shopping Cart Bootstrap 3 AngularJS App with Features that Drive Real Sales like Video & Distributor IDs
20 hrs ago by Gaston Verelst (new) 
How to set up a parameterized unit test
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
As if ignoring KB3035583 is not enough, we now have a new pest, KB3123862
Mon 8 Feb 2016
I went literally years without a BSOD in Windows 7 and now I seem to get them weekly with Win10
Mon 8 Feb 2016
Servers distributing the notorious Dridex banking trojan were instead circulating clean copies of the freely available Avira antivirus program.
Mon 8 Feb 2016
Microsoft has recently purchased Android and iOS keyboard developer SwiftKey for $250 million (€225 million) in one of the largest acquisitions...
Mon 8 Feb 2016
We've been hearing about a lot of drama going on at $2 billion startup GitHub, the hugely important and popular site used by millions of computer...

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by Kristian_dk
Dear freinds, I simply can't resolve this riddle. Im trying to find every Company in our database without any contacts. I have two tables:Organisations:System_IDNamePersons:System_IDFull_nameperOrgRelationIdThe two tables can be joined on perOrgRelationId.How on...
57 mins ago by samflex
Forum: ASP.NET
by Member 11400282
I got error when try to perform operation on grideview rowupdatingConvert.ToDateTime(((TextBox)(grdBookDetails.Rows[e.RowIndex].FindControl("TextBox1"))).ToString());please give me suggetionWhat I have tried:I got error when try to perform operation on grideview...
by mohdniyaz169
hi,I want to make a query builder and I want to show my table and their column like this in with sql server and how to code entity part EasyQuery - ad-hoc query builder for web-sites. Demo page.but I am anble to do this kindly help me how to do this .thanks...
by Troy Bryant
Hi -I am using the jquery datatables. What I'm trying to do is adjust a column css based on another column if it contains an @ symbol. So here is the code that i've tried and cant seem to get working. Here is how the table is rendered. var table =...

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by Shemeer NS  4.66/5 (35 votes)
WCF - Exception Handling, Global Exception Handling, FaultExceptions and FaultContracts- Detailed explantion with Sample Codes.
by Jakub Szymanowski  5.00/5 (29 votes)
The article presents idea and implementation of fundamental algorithms in image processing.
by wells cheung  5.00/5 (29 votes)
Standalone Privilege Control, Single Sign-On Solution
by Shemeer NS  4.93/5 (15 votes)
Explaining Factory Pattern in C# using a Simple LoggerFactory.
by 9374170340  4.71/5 (14 votes)
Basics on Cryptography, SSL and Digital Signature

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