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7-Oct-16 3:10am by Yang Kok Wah (updated) 
Playing your favorite video all at the same time
2hrs 20mins ago by Bill SerGio Jr. (updated) 
Angular 2 SwipeClouds Mobile App Framework Combines HTML5 Canvas with JQuery Mobile's Stunning Graphics. Our starting Angular 2 Mobile App displays and plays your monetized videos from Hundreds of Tube Servers like YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, etc. Streams videos from app to any Smart TV. Uses the new Sw
5hrs 5mins ago by Marco-Hans Van Der Willik (updated) 
There are a surprising number of variations on poker rules, making poker an excellent candidate for a SOLID Project, a project illustrating SOLID Principles and related techniques/patterns.
17hrs ago by Imran Abdul Ghani (new) 
Meteor is one of the most popular JavaScript platform for web and mobile application development. Just like Ionic (we covered in previous Mobile App Development Tutorial), we will explore various features of Meteor as a web and mobile app development platform.
19hrs ago by Datalogics Inc. (new) 
Options to turn Java code into executables that can be used from a programming language
19hrs ago by raddevus (new) 
Building the ASP.NET MVC desktop UX (User Experience). See ContextMenu in action.
19hrs ago by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov (updated) 
Thread wrapper (v. 2.0) based on std::thread offers synchronization, status control and termination in safe encapsulated manner
19hrs ago by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov (updated) 
New thread wrapper (v. 2.0) offers programming model based on blocking queue and delegates supplied by other threads
21hrs ago by NewPast (updated) 
Format, add line numbers, error handling, expose a .NET library to VBA, and number to words in Office.
yesterday by Steffen Ploetz (updated) 
This article introduces a small tool (much simpler than sandcaste help file builder) to create HTML help for .NET/MONO assemblies and reviews the XAML based approach to create GUI application with the Roma Widget Set XrwXAML.
yesterday by Tyler Rhodes (new) 
Reflections on writing a simple blog engine in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core

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Fri 24 Mar 2017
At the USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation next week, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial...
Fri 24 Mar 2017
I'm after advice from people who work in the real world as developers in programming and people who hire developers
Fri 24 Mar 2017
Watson is coming to the financial services industry; IBM adds Kubernetes support
Fri 24 Mar 2017
DARPA is working on a new machine learning technology that could let a future artificial intelligence grow up, learning from its experiences over...
Fri 24 Mar 2017
We’ll go into using Windows 10 IoT Core and show how easy it is to start developing applications to deploy on IoT devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Member 13083812
Im using visual studio to write sum of squares. but i having some problem on display the 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^3 in char* formatSeries(int n).Here is my code. Please give some suggestion. Thanks. #include #include #include #include long...
by baha almomani
I'm using Radial svg slider from codyhouse and I want to increase its height on mobile devices (small screens)heres the slider implementation: here is a demo that shows the slider on action:...
by Member 10377426
I want to print Position ( left, top ) of any control for example Textbox1i try theseResponse.Write(TextBox1.Styles["left"].ToString()); // return null and object reference exception thrown.Also tried with HtmlTextWriterStyle.LeftAlso tried to add custom attributes ( X, Y ) in...
by Member 13083454
Hallo All.I am currently teaching myself C# through making an app. It is slow progress with a lot of time spent on forums, but still fun none the less...As for the problem. The code I have made sends an array of bytes out and should get a byte array back as a reply. I believe my problem...
by SL-A-SH
I have JSON data like this.{remaining_room: 10,price: "["2500","1200"]",extra_person_price: "["500","200"]",extra_child_price: "["500","100"]",rate_plan_id: "["15","129"]",plan_type: "["CP","others"]",plan_name: "["Summer Plan","Costume Plan"]",multiple_occupancy:...

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by Marco-Hans Van Der Willik  4.97/5 (33 votes)
This article explores the performance, scalability and limitations of the various .NET Threading Implementations.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov  5.00/5 (24 votes)
Addresses questions on graphics, threading with UI, form development, printing and more
by ProgramFOX  4.98/5 (18 votes)
This article is a solution to CodeProject's Weekly Challenge: "A knight on a chess board".
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov  5.00/5 (18 votes)
Thread wrapper (v. 2.0) based on std::thread offers synchronization, status control and termination in safe encapsulated manner
by Marc Clifton  5.00/5 (16 votes)
An interactive demo of how audit and consistency proofs work

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