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17-Mar-15 22:19pm by Tsuda Kageyu (updated) 
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
2hrs 15mins ago by Alejandro Xalabarder (updated) 
An efficient and flexible layout mananger.
8hrs 20mins ago by Michael Chourdakis (updated) 
An easy locking class
2 days ago by 0xG00DC0FFEE (updated) 
A better and much simpler implementation of Finite State Machine library for C++
5 days ago by darkoman (updated) 
The article about the 2D isometric game engine
16-May-17 23:43pm by Robert van Engelen (updated) 
This article introduces RE/flex for C++. RE/flex generates fast lexical analyzers similar to Flex, but supports Unicode patterns, indent/nodent/dedent, lazy repeats, smart input text handling, and performance tuning. RE/flex is compatible with Bison/Yacc.
13-May-17 12:58pm by Alex the Green Apple (updated) 
C library defining string type and string manipulation functions
12-May-17 16:31pm by Alexey Shalnov (updated) 
How to build Not OLE container of MFC applications based on hosting of MFC application from within WinForms and WPF applications
12-May-17 16:15pm by SeattleC++ (updated) 
Reports performance of C++ container classes on a variety of operations
12-May-17 15:29pm by Alexey Shalnov (updated) 
Demonstrates the concept of how to build an old MFC application in a .NET application, to replace the MFC MDI Framework with the modern WinForms or the WPF Framework and to integrate MFC Views and Dialogs in it.
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Wed 24 May 2017
DeepMind's AlphaGo AI has defeated Ke Jie in the first round of a best-of-three Go match in China.
Wed 24 May 2017
Astronomers and alien life enthusiasts alike are buzzing over the sudden dimming of an otherwise unremarkable star 1300 light-years away in the...
Wed 24 May 2017
Programming computers is a piece of cake. Or so the world’s digital-skills gurus would have us believe.
Wed 24 May 2017
Not content with running the classic 1993 shooter on a platter of banal machines such as toasters, Kodak digital cameras, and even billboard...
Wed 24 May 2017
Microsoft has responded to claims that its Windows 10 Enterprise operating system ignores user preferences in Group Policy with the advice that,...

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by Member 13219151
I have a form with radio buttons for Male and Female and an Update button that lets you update directly and view the data in a grid view. While clicking the Update button I need the corresponding radio button to be displayed as checked. (All other values of the form are displayed). How do I get...
by smdevivo
In the code block below I am wishing to use a variable in a xxxx.Rows.Count line. Specifically, I'm wanting to take the "R1200s" portion and increment it to R1201s, R1202s, R1203s and so on as the For-Next loop executes. I, of course, already have the DataTable()'s portion defined... no problem...
by w14243
SQL server 2014/16. Want create a table. The table has some columns that need support: 1.Can contain multiple nulls. 2.If not null, then must be unique. How to make the CREATE TABLE command? It seems SQL server can only support one null when using UNIQUE. I had searched internet, lots of...
by Rithish Áj
These is the full program , i have mentioned the loop which is not getting executed... #include #include #include #include #include #include #include using namespace std; int generator(char day[]) { int x,n; cout<<"\n...
by Member 13218984
I have already done some function but i cant able to do so please let me know the examples What I have tried: Function and stored procedure in cassandra

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by darkoman  4.82/5 (12 votes)
The article about the 2D isometric game engine
by Michael Chourdakis  5.00/5 (9 votes)
An easy locking class
by 0xG00DC0FFEE  5.00/5 (4 votes)
A better and much simpler implementation of Finite State Machine library for C++
by alexey_t  2.60/5 (2 votes)
A simple calendar with notes support

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