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Posted 6 Apr 2005


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DaReport PrintDocument - A Printing Utility for .NET

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7 Jun 2018CPOL2 min read
A printing utility for .NET



This component helps you generate simple but useful reports for printing in .NET. The idea is to generate XML-based templates, and then to call them from your program, and eventually to fill them with the data required. This is appropriate for generating small and simple printing documents.


The basic class of this project is DaPrintDocument. It inherits from the standard .NET class PrintDocument. Therefore, you can use it pretty much the same way as the PrintDocument class.

This class simply paints attached drawing objects within its PrintPage() method. For simplicity, there are only four types of drawing objects supported: TextField (simple formatted text), PictureBox (images), ChartBox (simple charts), and StyledTable (table with static or dynamically loaded data).

Template File Overview

DaPrintDocument makes use of template files written in XML syntax. Those provide all static information relevant for printing a page.

You can write template files in any text editor, or alternatively, use the DaReport Designer (beta) provided in the distribution (it's a separate application: DaReportDesigner.exe).

The brief overview of the XML structure:


   <parameter name="parameter1_name" />
   <parameter name="parameter2_name" />


<!-- Static objects are evaluated once per report -->

      <!-- The list of static objects goes here. 
         Check in reportStatic.xml (in download package). -->

<!-- Dynamic objects are evaluated once per page of report 
      (like data table segment or page number) -->

      <!-- The list of dynamic objects goes here. 
        Check in reportDynamic.xml (in download package). -->



Once again, the preferred way for XML template file generation is by using the DaReport Designer (beta) provided in the distribution.

Using the Code

First, add a reference to the daReport.dll file (provided in the distribution) to your project. If you feel like it, you can also put this component in your controls toolbar.

Second, add an instance of DaPrintDocument to your module (form); if you have previously attached it in your controls toolbar, simply drag it to your form:

private daReport.DaPrintDocument daPrintDocument = 
                         new daReport.DaPrintDocument();

At the point where you wish to print some report, set the template file and fill in the parameters (if any):

// set .xml file for printing

// fill in declared parameters (if any)
// (parameter names are case sensitive)
Hashtable parameters = new Hashtable();
parameters.Add("author","Predrag Dukanac");

Using Tables

  • Static tables: Static tables have data defined in an XML template file (DATA tag). The DataSource property for these tables is not set. No specific action is required in code for these tables to print correctly (everything is done in the .xml file).
  • Dynamic tables: Dynamic tables present data calculated in your program (like database reports). The DataSource property is set, and must correspond to the DataTable.Name property in your code. Do it like this:
    // myTable is DataTable previously filled from database
    // (using DataAdapter.Fill method, for instance)
    DataTable printTable = myTable.Copy();
    printTable.Name = "printTable";
    // this is the DataSource attribute of my table in XML file
    // attach DataTable to printing document
    // now you're ready for print

Take a look at reportStatic.xml, reportDynamic.xml, reportCharts.xml, and the ReportTest project (all in the download package) for a deeper insight.

Latest Update

The DaReport print engine has turned into a commercial product - Stampa Reports System®. A Stampa Reports demo is available for download here. Stampa designer features backward compatibility with daReport in design mode. The Stampa printing engine can be used free of charge.

The DaReport project at this address is still an open-source project by all means.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Working at Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade, Serbia.

Comments and Discussions

PraisePrint without XML Pin
Member 92447718-Dec-18 0:54
Member 92447718-Dec-18 0:54 
It is possible to print without XML file as well. This can be achieved as follows.

1. Add a method to class DaPrintDocument. And add codes as specified in step #2 to #4.
(E.g) AddTextField. Define necessary parms(x,y,height,width etc..)

2. Create a var type TextField.
(E.g) TextField textField = new TextField(x, y, Width, Height, this);

3. Assign all the necessary properties to this var(created step #2)
Ref - Existing method resolveTextField()

4. Add the var (created in step #2) to staticObjects array.
Remember to increase the Array size. (Array.Resize())

(E.g) staticObjects[StaticCount] = textField;

That is it. Now you can call this method from your application to add a staticobject.
Remember to call InitStaticObjects(false) and InitDynamicObjects(false) before call this newly
created method from your application.
No need to create XML and call daPrintDocument.setXML("reportStatic.xml");

Naushad. C. K.
PraiseXML Generation - Easy Pin
Member 92447716-Dec-18 9:29
Member 92447716-Dec-18 9:29 
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Pushaw13-Jun-18 5:11
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Gluups8-Jun-18 10:46
Gluups8-Jun-18 10:46 
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raiserle30-Dec-17 9:17
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Predrag Dukanac7-Dec-12 4:14
Predrag Dukanac7-Dec-12 4:14 
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Aciobanita Costel18-Oct-12 2:30 
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biye5u1-Mar-12 21:08
biye5u1-Mar-12 21:08 
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Sunil Apte13-Oct-11 22:02
Sunil Apte13-Oct-11 22:02 
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MCY5-Dec-10 2:43
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