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Posted 2 Aug 2015

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How To Increase Your Website Traffic

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2 Aug 2015CPOL4 min read
This post will show you how to increase your website traffic

As you all know, now a days websites matter a lot to us. The word online plays a vital role in our life. Everyone has their own websites. But not all websites have enough traffic. Why? In this article, we will see how we can increase traffic to our websites? How to make it available in Google search? How can we make Google crawl our websites links? about Search Engine Optimization. I hope you will like this post.


There are billions of websites, and all the websites owners are trying to increase their website traffic. This article is for those who are not experts in SEO optimization and SEO traffic. Here, we will discuss the points which I found useful for my website

How To Increase Your Website Traffic

There are few points you must take care of.


It simply means to work with all the devices. Now people are using mobiles and tabs for accessing web. So you just cannot force the use to use your website in desktop or PC, if you do so, they will simply exit from your site. It is important that we must create a website design in users' way, means user can visit site in any device.

SibeeshPassion @desktop

SibeeshPassion @desktop

sibeeshpassion @ Tab

sibeeshpassion @ Tab

sibeeshpassion @ phone

sibeeshpassion @ phone

Fast and Reliable

As a matter of fact, it is important that our websites must load faster too. It should not make our users wait for a long period. You can find out some tips here. It cannot just keep on loading.


Share Your Website Links on Social Media

We all write posts/article/blogs etc., but that is not enough. You need to share your links on social media. You can share on almost all the social media networks that you are part of. The most useful social media communities are listed below:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Riddit
  • Whatsapp


Be Active on Social Media

It is important that be active on all social media, so that people can recognize you and your shares. Try to support others too by giving some shares for others posts. It is a kind of Give And Take policy. Being active is as important as we share our contents.

Be a Member in Communities

Communities can deliver a high traffic to your website. I would say join an online community according to your profession and help others. This is a great way of getting personal satisfaction too. In this way, you can learn lots of things. Try this, you will come to know the importance.


If you are a software professional, you can join,, These are all great communities where you can help and learn.

Create Your Own Brand

Create your own online brand does not mean creating an office and all. As my site name is SibeeshPassion, I have created my own facebook page, twitter account, Google Plus page, etc.

And always include your brand name each time you share something. Sounds good, right?

Create Mail Signature With Your Site Link

We all send mails right? And we do reply to our mails. So it is important that we must include our site name to our email signature. My email signature is:

Kindest Regards
Sibeesh Venu

Include Translation

As our website is accessible to the entire world, we must have an option to translate our contents to users language. If you are using wordpress, you can find out so many plugins related to that. In this way, you can make your site more readable. As far as the user is active in your website, that much is good for you.

Active in Forums

Nowadays, there are so many forums available. You can choose according to your passion, profession. I am active in C-Sharp corner, Code Project, ASP.NET forums. And do not forget to include your website links to your forum signature too.

Include Meta Data and Meta Description

Google crawls your website according to the meta data and meta description you provide to each posts. So you must set meta data and meta description to all of your pages or posts. If you use wordpress, there is a plugin called All In One SEO. I recommend that.


Always Check Your Site Metrics

It is recommended that you check your site metrics regularly. You can either use or I recommended both.

Alexa Site Metrics

Alexa Site Metrics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Please note that there may be other good tools too. Please use those according to your needs. When you check your metrics, you can get some suggestions about what you must do to make your website more efficient. You can find some reports on which keywords and which pages are being visited many times. And please do not forget to take care of the performance of such pages or posts.

And last but not the least…

Avail All the Available Google Services

Google is the master, by using Google service, you can earn money, you can increase traffic, so that you can be recognized. You can find out Google services by clicking this link.



I hope you liked this article. Now please share your valuable feedback. It means a lot to me. Thanks in advance.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Sibeesh Passion
Software Developer
Germany Germany
I am Sibeesh Venu, an engineer by profession and writer by passion. I’m neither an expert nor a guru. I have been awarded Microsoft MVP 3 times, C# Corner MVP 5 times, DZone MVB. I always love to learn new technologies, and I strongly believe that the one who stops learning is old.

My Blog: Sibeesh Passion
My Website: Sibeesh Venu

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