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Posted 26 Mar 2001

Do Not Call GetLastError() !

, 27 Mar 2001
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Use CWin32Error instead !! It encapsulates WIN32 error message strings with the error numbers. Has a smart-copy mechanism for passing objects by value, useful in exception-handling. Is TRACE() compatible!


In your last project, how many times did you read the following in the MSDN help files:

If the function fails, the return value is NULL (or FALSE, or 0, or -1, or INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE).
To get extended error information, call GetLastError.

Then, while debugging, how many times did you:

  1. copy the current value of the error code from the variables window
  2. launch the Error Lookup tool
  3. paste the contents
  4. and hit a button on the tool

All of this just to see what the meaning of that error number was?

Or, how many times did you separately look up the FormatMessage documentation on MSDN (took time to swap the CDs too! :) ), just to copy and paste the code for retrieving error messages into your project?

Then, how many times did you wonder if it was worth introducing all those lines calling FormatMessage right in the middle of the main logic of your app?

Or, how many times did you recall the discussions of exceptions vs error codes?

Or, how many times did you have to explain the meaning of your own, home-grown, error strings to your marketing folks?

Why, coming to MFC, you even have a CPoint class, and a CSize class, but no CWin32Error class!!

That was so, until now! :)

CWin32Error Summary

A C++ class with a very small footprint that encapsulates both the WIN32 error-message strings and the error-code numbers returned by GetLastError(). Employs a smart-copy mechanism for minimal overheads while passing or returning objects by value. Provides DWORD and const char* conversions. Objects can also be sent to the TRACE() macro directly!

CWin32Error Sample Usage

Example 1: Exception Handling

void MyFunction( void ) throw CWin32Error
    if(! SomeWin32API())
        // ::GetLastError() and ::FormatMessage()
        // automatically get called during construction.
        // Catch by value or by ref--the code stays the same.
        // Smart copying means you can rethrow the object by 
        // value as many times as you like!
        throw CWin32Error(); 

void ClientToMyFunction( void )
    catch( CWin32Error e ) // catching by value is OK (smart copying)
        // Note: Automatic conversion to const TCHAR* type.
        ::OutputDebugTrace( e ); 

Example 2: "Vanilla" Usage (No exception-handling)

The following code shows how a function can return a CWin32Error object. Smart copy means you can return objects even during the normal course of execution, without having to take an undue performance hit.

CWin32Error MyFunction( void ) 
    if( ! SomeWin32API() )
        // Constructor gets last error and keeps the text 
        // of the error message ready.
        CWin32Error e; 

        // Don't have to call a member function even in 
        // MFC trace macro [i.e. no e.c_str() or (const char*) e]
        TRACE( "%s\n", e );

        return e;
    // In Win32 API, the '0' value corresponds to the 
    // error string: "Operation completed successfully"
    // The error string is automatically taken from the OS 
    // in the returned CWin32Error object.

    return 0; // ctor taking unsigned int called here

Example 3: Simplest: As a message formatting class

The code given below shows how you can use CWin32Error purely to make the source-code look pretty!

void MyFunction( void ) 
    if( ! SomeWin32API() )
        // If you want to retrieve the error code yourself...
        DWORD dwErr = ::GetLastError();

        // ...perhaps for some check on the code like this...
        if( AlertUser( dwErr ) )
            // This form of CWin32Error ctor does NOT call 
            // ::GetLastError().

            CWin32Error e = dwErr; 
            // CWin32Error supplies const char* conversion
            AfxMessageBox( e );
        // Else, forget prompting the user. 
        // Just return from the function...
    // other code ...

CWin32Error Features

  • Is an incredibly small but enourmously useful C++ class.
  • Encapsulates the two basic Win32 APIs:
        GetLastError and
  • Employs smart copy methods to minimize the overheads of memory allocation, retrieval of system error strings, and copying strings.
  • Has all member-functions inline. Just #include the Win32Error.h file.
  • Does not depend on MFC. Use freely with any C++ library.
  • Compiles under both UNICODE and MBCS.
  • Is very convenient and simple to use - in fact, the objects of this class are *best* created on the stack, and can be passed by value without undue performance hit.
  • Provides automatic conversion to const TCHAR* type. Pass objects, as they are, to MessageBox() or AfxMessageBox().
  • Supports the MFC TRACE macro. Pass objects to TRACE as they are - you don't have to call object.c_str() method or so. e.g. TRACE( "%s\n", e ); and not TRACE( "%s\n", e.c_str() );
  • Helps in taking advantage of the exception-handling features of the C++ language.


The main source code is in only one file: Win32Error.h.

A console app demo is included in the download zip file.

Technical notes are included in the ReadMe.Win32Error.txt in the zip file.

Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are most welcome.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Ajit Jadhav
India India
Ajit R. Jadhav is an engineer-cum-physicist from Pune, India. He completed a PhD on a topic from computational science and engineering in 2009. Earlier, he did a Diploma in Advanced Computing from C-DAC, Pune (1994), an MTech from IIT Madras (1987), and a Distinction Class BE from COEP, Pune (1983).

He has been programming Windows in C++ since 1994. He has also had many years of industrial, research and teaching experience in the past. Currently, he works as a consultant in computational mechanics with a small firm in Pune. History of science and philosophy continue to remain his other interests.

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