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Posted 27 Jun 2005


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A Small Class to Read INI File

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4.39 (40 votes)
27 Jun 2005CPOL
A small class to read INI File, only has 4 methods: ReadInteger, ReadFloat, ReadBoolean, ReadString.


I have written two classes CIniReader and CIniWriter. They are used to read and write .Ini files. They only have four methods, and are very simple and useful.


class CIniReader
 CIniReader(char* szFileName); 
 int ReadInteger(char* szSection, char* szKey, int iDefaultValue);
 float ReadFloat(char* szSection, char* szKey, float fltDefaultValue);
 bool ReadBoolean(char* szSection, char* szKey, bool bolDefaultValue);
 char* ReadString(char* szSection, char* szKey, const char* szDefaultValue);
  char m_szFileName[255];


#include "IniReader.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <Windows.h>

CIniReader::CIniReader(char* szFileName)
 memset(m_szFileName, 0x00, 255);
 memcpy(m_szFileName, szFileName, strlen(szFileName));
int CIniReader::ReadInteger(char* szSection, char* szKey, int iDefaultValue)
 int iResult = GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection,  szKey, iDefaultValue, m_szFileName); 
 return iResult;
float CIniReader::ReadFloat(char* szSection, char* szKey, float fltDefaultValue)
 char szResult[255];
 char szDefault[255];
 float fltResult;
 sprintf(szDefault, "%f",fltDefaultValue);
 GetPrivateProfileString(szSection,  szKey, szDefault, szResult, 255, m_szFileName); 
 fltResult =  atof(szResult);
 return fltResult;
bool CIniReader::ReadBoolean(char* szSection, char* szKey, bool bolDefaultValue)
 char szResult[255];
 char szDefault[255];
 bool bolResult;
 sprintf(szDefault, "%s", bolDefaultValue? "True" : "False");
 GetPrivateProfileString(szSection, szKey, szDefault, szResult, 255, m_szFileName); 
 bolResult =  (strcmp(szResult, "True") == 0 || 
		strcmp(szResult, "true") == 0) ? true : false;
 return bolResult;
char* CIniReader::ReadString(char* szSection, char* szKey, const char* szDefaultValue)
 char* szResult = new char[255];
 memset(szResult, 0x00, 255);
 GetPrivateProfileString(szSection,  szKey, 
		szDefaultValue, szResult, 255, m_szFileName); 
 return szResult;


class CIniWriter
 CIniWriter(char* szFileName); 
 void WriteInteger(char* szSection, char* szKey, int iValue);
 void WriteFloat(char* szSection, char* szKey, float fltValue);
 void WriteBoolean(char* szSection, char* szKey, bool bolValue);
 void WriteString(char* szSection, char* szKey, char* szValue);
 char m_szFileName[255];
#endif //INIWRITER_H


#include "IniWriter.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <Windows.h> 
CIniWriter::CIniWriter(char* szFileName)
 memset(m_szFileName, 0x00, 255);
 memcpy(m_szFileName, szFileName, strlen(szFileName));
void CIniWriter::WriteInteger(char* szSection, char* szKey, int iValue)
 char szValue[255];
 sprintf(szValue, "%d", iValue);
 WritePrivateProfileString(szSection,  szKey, szValue, m_szFileName); 
void CIniWriter::WriteFloat(char* szSection, char* szKey, float fltValue)
 char szValue[255];
 sprintf(szValue, "%f", fltValue);
 WritePrivateProfileString(szSection,  szKey, szValue, m_szFileName); 
void CIniWriter::WriteBoolean(char* szSection, char* szKey, bool bolValue)
 char szValue[255];
 sprintf(szValue, "%s", bolValue ? "True" : "False");
 WritePrivateProfileString(szSection,  szKey, szValue, m_szFileName); 
void CIniWriter::WriteString(char* szSection, char* szKey, char* szValue)
 WritePrivateProfileString(szSection,  szKey, szValue, m_szFileName);


#include "iostream"
#include "IniWriter.h"
#include "IniReader.h"
int main(int argc, char * argv[])
 CIniWriter iniWriter(".\\Logger.ini");
 iniWriter.WriteString("Setting", "Name", "jianxx");   
 iniWriter.WriteInteger("Setting", "Age", 27); 
 iniWriter.WriteFloat("Setting", "Height", 1.82f); 
 iniWriter.WriteBoolean("Setting", "Marriage", false);  
 CIniReader iniReader(".\\Logger.ini");
 char *szName = iniReader.ReadString("Setting", "Name", "");   
 int iAge = iniReader.ReadInteger("Setting", "Age", 25); 
 float fltHieght = iniReader.ReadFloat("Setting", "Height", 1.80f); 
 bool bMarriage = iniReader.ReadBoolean("Setting", "Marriage", true); 
 delete szName;  
 return 1;   


  • 27th June, 2005: Initial post


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Web Developer
China China
My Name is Xiangxiong Jian ,I love Programming ,And I love the sharing code

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