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Posted 11 Jul 2016

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Some SQL Tips

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11 Jul 2016CPOL
Some SQL Server Query tricks

1. I am back after a very long break. So, I somehow forgot SQL Server ‘SA’ Password, and this is how I recovered that.

  • Change the startup parameters by adding add -m;
  • Start SQL Server
  • Open command prompt and type SQLCMD

Method 1: Create new user and add to systemadmin role

CREATE LOGIN recovery1 WITH PASSWORD = 'abc123%';
sp_addsrvrolemember 'recovery1', 'sysadmin';

Now login using created user and change the ‘Sa’ password.

Method 2: Change Password

EXEC sp_password NULL, abc123!@#$', 'sa';

Method 3: Give system admin roles to the Windows user

EXEC sp_addsrvrolemember 'Softcat\tharaka_r', 'sysadmin';

2. I could not remember who wrote this query, but I am sure it was not me. :p So, I just simplified that.

DECLARE @RunDate AS DATETIME = getdate()
SELECT CONCAT (DATEPART(yyyy,DATEADD(dd,30,@RunDate)),'-', _
DATEPART(mm,DATEADD(dd,30,@RunDate)),'-', _
DATEPART(dd,DATEADD(dd,30,@RunDate))) AS DateNow , 30 AS Value;

The simplified version is as given below:

DECLARE @RunDate AS DATETIME = getdate();
SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DATEADD (dd,30, @RunDate),120) AS DateNow , 30 AS Value;

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Paw Jershauge14-Jul-16 21:50
Paw Jershauge14-Jul-16 21:50 
Questionyeah Pin
Robert Yank13-Jul-16 21:51
Robert Yank13-Jul-16 21:51 
Wow! thanks for that! Very cool!
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Vipin_Arora12-Jul-16 21:19
Vipin_Arora12-Jul-16 21:19 

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