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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for compare table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files.
by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Complex properties in entity Framework models such as arrays, dictionaries, and objects can be serialized in SQL Server database in JSON format. In this article I will show you how to map your properties in EF model to database columns that contain JSON.
by Thomas Weller
Demonstrates how to run Python scripts from C#
by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).

Latest Articles

by Michael Sydney Balloni
SQL schema and C# code for implementing a NoSQL database on top of MySQL
by John Bandela
C++20 provides us with improved compile time features that can allow us to get a working SQL query into C++.
by Akshay Srinivasan2
This article describes a technique to quickly retrieve and present hierarchical information from a flat relational database table with only one table scan.

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2 Jul 2008
Member 3209760
Creating CSV from SQL Database table attaching it to MS word as datasource and then creating mailmerge document
8 Sep 2005
Member 2260574
Connect and close a sql database with internal error reporting using Event Logs
27 Mar 2015
Member 11459717
An application used to manage applications which are categorized by functionality which also prioritizes tasks necessary to manage a household. The application is back-end managed, controlled and operated through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.
17 Mar 2000
Daniel Kaminski
A class used to serialize object into a database field
26 Oct 2000
John Bevilaqua
SQL DDLs for creating table structures and inserting the data for a set of tables suitable for producing pick lists for validation of the Month Names, Month Numbers, Days in each Month and Years in the 20th Century
4 Nov 2003
Megan Forbes
A short article on recovering orphaned users when moving a database from one server to another.
30 Sep 2017
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - How Packages Are Run
30 Sep 2017
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Interesting Coding
30 Sep 2017
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - The CSV and Excel Importer Code
30 Sep 2017
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Job Scheduling Code
30 Sep 2017
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Architecture and design decisions
27 Feb 2018
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Users Guide
26 Nov 2019
@Abdul Azeez Thekkekandy
This article explores Data Science lifecycles - Business Understanding, Data Understanding and Data Preparation
6 Dec 2016
This article helps in identifying database design issues like certain fields missing, nullable fields, Primary key not found issues in production environment using SQL Server schema views.
18 Aug 2006
Automated generation of PostgreSQL data transfer classes.
29 Jun 2006
An article and source code regarding the implmentation of B-Trees in C++.
8 Aug 2009
A simple to use tool that generates ADO based classes for calling SQL Stored Procedures. Only a few clicks, and you can access any Stored Procedure in your database.
27 May 2006
| Muhammad Waqas Butt |
Show Crystal Report On Selection Base
26 Jun 2013
Step by Step creation of SSIS package using C# with Conditional Split
14 Jul 2013
Step by Step creation of SSIS package using C#
26 Nov 2014
Akhil Mittal
This article is an introduction to Knockout.js and CRUD Operations in ASP.NET Web Forms using Knockout.JS.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article I’ll explain how to write your own custom routes using Attribute Routing.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
This article will explain how to make WebAPI secure using Basic Authentication and Token based authorization.
1 Mar 2016
sachin verma, Akhil Mittal
This article of the series will explain how we can handle requests and log them for tracking and for the sake of debugging, how we can handle exceptions and log them. We’ll follow a centralized way of handling exceptions in WebAPI and write our custom classes to be mapped to the type of exception th
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article we learn how to write unit tests for core business logic and primarily on basic CRUD operations.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
My article will explain how we can make our Web API service architecture loosely coupled and more flexible.
1 Apr 2016
Akhil Mittal
This is the last article of the RESTful series in which I’ll explain how you can leverage OData capabilities in ASP.NET WebAPI. I’ll explain what OData is and we’ll create OData enabled RESTful services.
5 Jul 2016
Akhil Mittal
This article will focus on practical aspects of formatters andcontent negotiation in ASP.NET Web API
9 Oct 2018
Akhil Mittal
The intent of this article is to explain the concept of entity framework core, code first migrations and data annotations in entity framework core.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
Resolve dependency of dependencies using Inversion of Control and dependency injection in Web APIs with Unity Container and Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).
14 Apr 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article I’ll explain how we can host aWebAPI in another process independent of IIS.
26 Nov 2014
Akhil Mittal
How to do custom mapping and entity to entity mapping with the help of AutoMapper.
17 Mar 2015
Akhil Mittal
Unit of Work Pattern and Repository Pattern, and how to perform CRUD operations in an MVC application.
7 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article we’ll learn on how to write unit tests for WebAPI controllers i.e. REST’s actual endpoints.
1 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
Enterprise level application architecture with Web APIs using Entity Framework, Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work.
3 Jul 2012
Dynamic data retrieval from Oracle database to Excel sheet based on a parameter from Excel cell value
17 Aug 2012
Create, Read, Update and Delete operations in ASP.Net with MySQL database with N-Tier Architecture
20 Jun 2014
This article will talk about how to update multiple records in a GridView on a single button click using JSON in ASP.NET
24 Jun 2014
In this article we will create a project to see how one-to-many relationship can be implemented in ASP.NET
18 Aug 2014
Here, we will see the basic differences or similarities between various joins of MS SQL Server.
27 May 2019
Creating or using cursor in SQL-Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases
15 Sep 2014
Some queries to find generation of each row, all possible children, all possible parents, managing recursion
28 Jul 2014
How to manage Entity Framework Code First in Real Time Projects
15 Jul 2019
Conditinal filter query example in SQL, Lambda Expression, C#
2 Jul 2019
Creating CLR in SQL Server
11 Jul 2019
Populating DateTime range in SQL Server
8 Sep 2013
Manoj K Bhoir
A graphical interface to select a color from a set of various colors.
29 Mar 2015
Manoj K Bhoir
Lookup web user control with some basic properties and functionalities
6 Jul 2005
Using a simple example, I'll explain how to prevent a program that can register thousands of dummy users to your database and play with your database and application performance.
14 Mar 2013
Shivprasad koirala
In this article we will talk about the next 5 interesting SQL Server 2012 features.
10 Jan 2008
Shivprasad koirala
An article listing SQL Server Interview Questions
5 Jul 2009
Shivprasad koirala
One-many and one-one relationships using LINQ to SQL.
18 Oct 2008
Shivprasad koirala
Project Life Cycle beyond SDLC
2 Oct 2012
Shivprasad koirala
Many developers think stored procedures are precompiled so they are faster. I have a different story to tell.
7 Sep 2012
Shivprasad koirala
This article will discuss about SQL Server governer.
12 Sep 2013
Shivprasad koirala
ADO.NET interview questions: Part 2.
9 May 2009
Shivprasad koirala
Eight basic steps by which we can enable Windows authentication security on BasicHttpBinding.
24 Oct 2014
Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh
This is the part 3 of the series Learn MSBI step by step
20 Aug 2008
Shivprasad koirala
Some caching interview questions: Part 1.
14 Mar 2013
Shivprasad koirala
In this article I will discuss 5 features of SQL Server 2012 and the rest will be followed in other parts..
26 Jun 2012
Easy way to implement ASP.NET GridView paging .
6 Dec 2006
lost in transition
This article illustrates a helpful database library.
9 Jul 2016
A simple and useful pattern when you need to allow user access to large volumes of data
17 Aug 2015
Method for implementing an audit-trail
3 Feb 2016
Useful things to know for developers put in charge of an MS database server
12 Apr 2016
How to bring CSV and XML data into MS SQL server
14 Oct 2013
Using SQL job agent to backup databases in virtual machines to an Azure blob container, SQL, Cloud, SQL-Server, Azure
31 May 2016
How to ensure there is sufficient disk-space for SQL backup before you run a backup!
15 Oct 2016
Saineshwar Bageri
In this article we are going to have a look on how to secure WEBAPI.
3 Jul 2018
Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to learn how to log each request and response of an API such that it helps to maintain log
20 Apr 2017
Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to learn how to secure web API using custom token based authentication.
6 Feb 2018
Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to learn how to create a secure Web API in ASP.NET Core MVC.
1 Aug 2017
Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to have a look on how touse Unity framework with MVC to remove hard code dependencies from Application.
24 Oct 2014
Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh
This is the part 3 of the series Learn MSBI step by step
25 Jun 2014
Marla Sukesh
Learn Business Intelligence step by step - SSIS Day 2
24 Sep 2008
Sandeep Mewara
How to build reports from Report Builder and save it on the Report Server.
12 Feb 2009
Sandeep Mewara
How to localize the SQL Server Reporting Services Reports
12 Jun 2006
Kirtan Gor
This article uses a Yahoo style grid for showing the records and a checkbox column for selecting Multiple Records and Deleting Them Using AJAX . . .
6 Jan 2006
Alvaro Mendez
A simple class library for database access without the pervasive and often-fragile connection management details.
16 Oct 2006
--==## Andy74 ##==--
Use a personal provider to manage users and roles in a web application.
21 Dec 2006
A brief overview of how the Hera Application Framework aids you in the development of data-driven applications.
29 Jul 2008
Translate a WPF User Interface using the Google AJAX Language API in real-time
5 Mar 2015
This contest submission is for a home monitoring solution that reads temperature, humidity and states from various sensors around a home. The data is stored in Azure and can be accessed via mobile devices.
5 Aug 2014
14 Sep 2014
Abani Kumar Meher
This article describes how we write code while developing web application which results in SQL injection vulnerability and how we should write code to prevent it.
9 Nov 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
To develop scalable applications, effective paging is essential. Devoid of smart and effective paging and sorting to handle thousands of thousand data takes extra time and system resources.
7 Aug 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
How to read an online Excel file and manage it in Microsoft SQL database
16 Aug 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
Framework makes application more organized and efficient way to coding. It is helpful for newly assigned developer to understand code structure within a short time. It is essential for large application.
14 Aug 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
Custom TreeView web user control for parent child relatioinal data upto infinity
16 Nov 2010
Abdul Quader Mamun
Paging must be effective for large scaleable applications. Without smart and effective paging and sorting for huge amount of data, user request takes more time and uses more resources.
4 Aug 2010
Abdul Quadir Saifee
Creating Crystal reports with dynamic number of Columns with Typed dataset with SQL Server 2005
23 Dec 2003
Abhay Dubey
This procedure can be called in another Stored procedure or function and quite handy in debugging and development
28 Jul 2009
Abhijit Jana
Overview of Views, system Views, creation of Views, and binding and securing Views.
9 Dec 2010
Abhijit Jana
A simple guide for beginners, explaining one method of displaying images taken from a database on a GridView inside an ASP.NET web page
29 Mar 2018
Shashangka Shekhar, Abhijit Bhowmick Dip
In this post we are going to create a Single Page Application (SPA) with AngularJS and ASP.Net Core. We will use Angular-UI-Router for our application routing instead of MVC routing.
9 Sep 2010
Abhijit Mahato
This article discusses the pitfalls encountered and their workarounds during development of BizTalk Projects
30 Jan 2012
This article describes how to get the Menus Based on Role in XML Format and Bind them to the Menu Control in ASP.NET
10 Apr 2016
Abhinav Kumar singh (Aman)
Learn an interesting way to design database with coder's perspective
5 Sep 2014
Abhishek Jaiswall
Data parsing SQL to JSON
9 Jan 2013
Abhishek Nandy
In depth details of an Ultrabook
2 Aug 2009
Abhishek Sur
Gives an introduction to CLR programming in SQL Server databases. This is the first part of a two-part article series.
3 Nov 2012
Abhishek Sur
The article demonstrates how you can use SQL Server Query Notification feature to get notification from database whenever the result of a command gets changed. Sample application demonstrating SqlDependency and SqlCacheDependency is also included.
5 Oct 2005
Abi Bellamkonda
ASP.NET TimeTracker Starter Kits Porting from Windows to Linux using Mainsoft's Grasshopper
30 Sep 2005
Abi Bellamkonda
ASP.NET Reports Starter Kit Porting from Windows to Linux using Mainsoft's Grasshopper
10 Jan 2005
A DLL injection library that works on both Win9x & NT platforms.
27 Sep 2009
Given date ranged data, adjust existing ranges on entry of a new ranged data.
9 Jan 2008
Why organizations considering moving to an Agile development methodology to increase product quality, decrease costs and respond more quickly to market needs should also consider the changing requirements that the new model places on the SCM system and which aspects are critical to success.
2 Mar 2005
A simple technique for selecting random records from a table.
25 Jul 2004
Adam A. Mitteer
Using longitude, latitude, and zip code to map the United States, and then mark the zip codes that are matched in your database
7 Jun 2007
Adam Hurwitz
Using a modified Adjacency List model in SQL, can you retrieve a depth-wise ordered subtree?
16 Dec 2004
Adam Klobukowski
Class that creates INSERT INTO SQL queries.
23 Nov 2010
Adam Nachman
Provides a framework for predictably compiling, extracting, and deploying a database project.
19 Mar 2007
Adam Nelson
Presents a SQL Server Extended Stored Procedure wrapper around the author's C++ implementation, and discusses use of Double Metaphone with relational databases in general.
16 Oct 2007
Adam Page
Setting up an SMS gateway to conduct an SMS survey and storing the survey results in an MS Access database, from which you can generate/print out reports.
6 Nov 2006
Simple but powerful GUI O/R Mapper which generates C# 2.0 to handle all of your object relational persistence.
23 Nov 2007
Provides a utility to generate a wrapper for stored procedures to improve performance and eliminate certain run-time errors
20 Jul 2006
This chapter presents a scenario-based demonstration focused on a day in the life of a developer who is in the process of fulfilling the requirements of a fictional customer.
31 Mar 2006
This chapter covers what's new in enterprise database administration. It doesn't just look at the product from a feature list, but groups the features according to some tasks common to database administration.
4 May 2004
Daniel Aioanei, Adi Malinaru, Andrei Postolache
An article on how to persist permutations of items in relational databases.
21 Feb 2016
NoSQL: MongoDB for beginners
7 Nov 2014
Adriaan Booysen
An example of a nearly complete unknown type being used accross EF, WCF and consumed client side
17 May 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
How to perform different computations for each row of a certain table, with each computation involving several columns.
19 May 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
This article shows how to use directly in your Microsoft SQL, an extended stored procedure that makes conversions between Unicode and code page data.
8 Mar 2009
Adrian Pasik
This article is about transferring backups without raising the privileges of SQL Server, or using custom copying tools.
15 Nov 2008
Adrian Pasik
In this article, I would like to show you step by step how to use this fantastic database in your C# application.
25 Jun 2019
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
19 Aug 2017
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
.NET Core 2.0 brings a lot of improvements to the system, and it brings a lot of pain to the developers as well. I had a lot of problems upgrading .NET Core 1.x apps to .NET Core 2.0; I yet have to feel the promise it makes about performance and so, but let us see how to upgrade our existing applica
30 Sep 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article tells the beginners the basic concepts about connecting to the SQL Server database using C#.
9 Aug 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This articles describes how to kick start a shop website using ASP.NET and the software Microsft WebMatrix
11 Apr 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article is for beginners about writing and reading Unicode data from different data sources; including text files, user input, databases. It also demonstrates how to display that data in .NET applications, including ASP.NET web applications.
29 Oct 2008
Ahmad Eid Salim
Provider Design Pattern is a new pattern that Microsoft formalized in .NET 2 to increase application performance where there is no need to explicitly instantiate classes.
30 Aug 2008
Ahmad Eid Salim
Replication is the process of sharing data between databases in different locations. Using replication, we can create copies of a database and share the copy with different users so that they can make changes to their local copy of database and later synchronize the changes to the source database.
29 Nov 2014
Ahmed Charfeddine
Websocket, SSL, Json, MySQL are all combined together with Push Framework to produce a C++ server that interacts with an Angularjs web front-end. The application shows the ease of implementing CRUD.
25 May 2008
Ahmed IG
A Simple GUI Tool for SQL 2005 Reports deployment without using BI Development Studio
19 Apr 2005
Ahmed_EL Sayed
How to set up SQL Server Integrated Security for using with SMS.
1 Apr 2009
Ahmet Göktaş
T-SQL string maker for backup with a MEDIAPASSWORD database.
2 Jun 2017
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in AUTO mode in Microsoft SQL Server to return data in XML format
1 Jun 2017
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in EXPLICIT mode in Microsoft SQL Server to return data in XML format
2 Jun 2017
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in RAW mode in MS SQL Server to return data in XML format
27 Nov 2018
Using locality-sensitive hashing algorithm to improve performance of searching of musical incipits
9 Oct 2006
Ajey Dudhe
This utility can be used to compare two MS Access databases for changes in the data. You have the option of generating the SQL scripts and\or a summary XML
25 Jul 2014
Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
This article explain step by step approach to implement SSAS Cube.
1 Aug 2014
Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
Reading OLAP Cube using MDX: Part 2
23 Jul 2014
Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
This article describes concepts and terminologies used in Datawarehouse. This will help beginners to understand datawarehouse concepts. This will also help developers who wish to design and develop SSAS cube, design data model of datawarehouse system.
29 Jul 2014
Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
This article explains the step by step process to learn MDX query. It will help user to read data from OLAP cube.
4 May 2008
The MySQL engine permits user level locks. This article explains how to manipulate these lock types.
28 Aug 2012
akhil khare
Find multiple strings (delimenated by space) in all selected columns.
28 Sep 2005
Akram Hussein
An article on distributed messaging using Service Broker in SQL Server 2005.
2 Dec 2009
Akram Mellice
Generate strongly typed datasets
21 May 2020U
Akshay Srinivasan2
This article describes a technique to quickly retrieve and present hierarchical information from a flat relational database table with only one table scan.
15 Oct 2011
Al Moje
How to Display/Store and Retrieve Image Data from Database to Gridview, and also on mouse over
3 Feb 2007
This add-in lets you navigate to the specified SQL stored procedure if you refer to it in your code,
14 Jan 2010
Alaric Dailey
Using information from the .NET DataProvider to improve dynamic SQL and allow the use of multiple databases
29 Jan 2010
Alaric Dailey
Working around issues when using SQL Server indexed views.
17 Mar 2016
Alaric Dailey
Using TABLE INHERITS in PostgreSQL to provide consistency
2 Aug 2011
Alaric Dailey
Design for data integrity, simplified SQL, and programming ease.
7 Aug 2007
albert arul prakash
XSS gaining popularity to hack into websites. This article describes how to power yourself against XSS
20 Jul 2005
Albert Pascual
I wrote this short article to improve your ASP.NET application Sessions using Cache.
14 Apr 2004
Alberto Venditti
This article describes a VB.NET tool to test the performances of a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 user database.
23 Sep 2015
Alberto Venditti
Using a .NET Windows service as an engine for specialized custom plug-ins execution
2 Oct 2004
Alberto Venditti
A proposed class to simulate the ADODB.Recordset behavior in .NET.
14 Feb 2005
Alberto Venditti
An alternative and flexible way to manage config settings for multiple web applications.
20 Dec 2010
Albin Abel
Simple Pattern Matching Technique for Search Suggest Boxes
4 May 2010
Alejandro Xalabarder
A natural way of joining tables using SQL
10 Jun 2013
Aleksei Tuiman
Data extraction from XML fields with different namespaces
22 May 2008
Developing Facebook Application with .NET - part 2 - FBML tabs, setFBML, FB:multi-friend-selector, setRefHandle, PublishAction and much more...
13 Mar 2008
Build simple and sophisticated Facebook Apps with FBML, ASP.NET
6 Feb 2007
Print a document from a stored procedure using a SQL OLE and VB DLL
20 Mar 2007
Perform Backup SQL Server Database using Web Method/Web Service from Mobile Device
10 Aug 2015
Alessandro Alpi
MVP and DBA Alessandro Alpi discusses the advantages of source controlling databases, and shows why SQL Source Control is the best tool for SQL Server Management Studio users.
3 Mar 2008
Alex Baker
Change collation order for all text columns in a database
19 Mar 2002
Alex Mikunov
.NET Extensions that provide an infrastructure for enforcing database-like data integrity constraints
20 Mar 2018
Alex Pumpet
A simple program for compare table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files.
14 Jan 2010
alex turner
They might seem like just another not entirely required feature, but actually table variables are a very handy extension to SQL Server
17 Apr 2016
A lot of modern Business Intelligence solutions offer to transfer work of analysts to developers or rise technical level of business analysts, make them closer to developers. Instead of it, I advise to consider a solution, which takes information from Database and gives it to business analysts.
19 Nov 2004
Alexander German
With agStoredProc, you can generate a C# class out of all the stored procedures in a MS-SQL database. No Microsoft ApplicationBlocks needed.
7 Mar 2008
Alexander Kojevnikov
sqlTunes is a small tool that exports iTunes library information to the SQL server.
12 Jan 2000
Alexander Mikula
Writing to Excel spreadsheets using only ODBC
12 Jan 2000
Alexander Mikula
A discussion and demonstration of reading Excel files using ODBC
25 Sep 2007
Alexander Nowak
In SSRS2005, a new provider is available: XML Data provider. This enables you to create reports from ADO.NET datasets or XML documents from URL-addressable resources, e.g. Web services. This article shows a step-by-step example (basic report, no parameters) how to use this new SSRS 2005 feature.
19 Jun 2017
Alexander Sharykin
LibraryCommander is a personal desktop application to manage my texts (e-book) collection, classify and search them by categories and tags.
1 Jun 2005
Alexander Shirshov
Emulate TransactionScope functionality coming in .NET 2.0 with .NET 1.1.
12 Mar 2003
Alexander Wiseman
A class to wrap the use of CDatabase and CRecordset into one object to communicate with databases
3 Nov 2010
The article describes a technique for using C++ templates for validation of SQL statements used in C++ code
22 Sep 2016
Alexandros Pappas
This project provides utilities for SQL server, such as executing a list of SQL scripts, exporting data to an SQL script, and displaying relationships between records.
16 Aug 2016
Alexandros Pappas
An SQL script to see the table hierarchy in a database.
9 Aug 2012
Alexandros Pappas
This article provides a program to measure the performance of the different transaction isolation levels. It also examines the effect of using the UPDLOCK hint in SQL.