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How to Sort Alphanumeric Data in SQL

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12 Jan 2010CPOL
Sort alphanumeric data in SQL.


If your SQL query is not returning the result-set in the order you are expecting, this article may be helpful to fix the issue.


We all know that the ORDER BY keyword is used to sort a result-set by a specified column. It works great for most of the cases. But, for alphanumeric data, it may not return the result-set that you will be expecting. This article explains how this can be fixed easily.

Using the Code

Step 1

I have created a table named “Test” with two columns, as shown below:

Image 1

The following data has been added to the “Test” table:


The “Order By” in the following SQL query may not return the result-set in the correct order.

Select ID From TestOrder by ID


Step 2

I have modified the ORDER BY clause as shown below, and it returned the results in the proper order.

(Note: The ID column is defined as varchar(20). So, I did the following to fix this issue:

  • If ID is numeric, add 21 '0's in front of the ID value and get the last 20 characters
  • If ID is not numeric, add 21 ‘’s at the end of the ID value and get the first 20 characters
Select ID 
From Test
Case When IsNumeric(ID) = 1 then Right(Replicate('0',21) + ID, 20)
     When IsNumeric(ID) = 0 then Left(ID + Replicate('',21), 20)
     Else ID


Step 3

I have changed the query to return the row numbers (used in pagination) and it worked!

(Note: ROW_NUMBER works only in SQL Server 2005 and above versions.)

Select Row_Number() Over (Order by
Case When IsNumeric(ID) = 1 then Right(Replicate('0',21) + ID, 20)
                          When IsNumeric(ID) = 0 then Left(ID + Replicate('',21), 20)
                        Else ID
               END) As RowNumber,
From Test


Any suggestions/comments are welcome!

Points of Interest

There may be better ways of doing this. Please share your thoughts.


  • 7th January, 2010: Initial version.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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Posted 11 Jan 2010


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