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Posted 18 Jul 2007


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Computed Column Specification in SQL Server

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18 Jul 2007CPOL2 min read
Computed Column Specification for populating nth column
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This article will help the user to write a complex calculation in the backend (SQL SERVER) and populate the nth column in the table. Since the code snippet is written in the backend, the performance for a complex calculation is high.


I believe the users of this article have got enough knowledge in writing SQL functions. I have written a function which will take two parameters as input and add the parameter values into the result. This computed value is then inserted into the nth column of my table where my SQL query for insertion will have only two values.

Using the Code

I have created a very basic example to show the usage of "Computed Column Specification". Initially I created a Table which was named as "AddValues" which has three columns of datatype INT, my columns were named firstvalue, secondvalue and total. My idea was to insert firstvalue and secondvalue where the thirdcolumn named total will be populated depending on the function which I have written automatically.

Let me first create a simple table with three columns as below. Execute the below in the query analyzer of SQL Server:

//CREATE TABLE [dbo].[AddValues](
//    [firstvalue] [int] NOT NULL,
//    [secondvalue] [int] NOT NULL,
//    [total]  AS ([dbo].[AddTwoValues]([firstvalue],[secondvalue]))

The next step is to create a function which will do a calculation in-order to populate our third column. In my example, I have written a function which takes two parameters and adds the values. My function returns integer values. Users can create their own complex functions.

//ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[AddTwoValues](@firstval INT,@secondval INT)
//    BEGIN
//        DECLARE @Result INT
//        SET @Result = @firstval + @secondval
//        RETURN 
//        (
//            @Result
//        )
//    END

My next step is to write the function name along with the parameters which I need to pass. The user needs to select the column and write in "Computed Column Specification --> Formula". Remember the parameters are the column names, users are not supposed to use '@' symbol here.

Formula -- Displays the formula for the computed column. To edit this property, type a new formula directly.

Is Persisted -- Indicates whether the results of the formula are stored. If this property is set to No, then only the formula is stored and the values are calculated every time this column is referenced. To edit this property, click its value, expand the drop-down list, and choose another value.

Now you may execute the insert query and look at the result. You can use the simple insert query as below:



As I get queries from users, I will be updating the article.

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About the Author

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India India
Shiras AbdulRahman Currently working with Proteans Software Solutions Bangalore.

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