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A conversion of the popular DotNetNuke web application to C#

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4.16 (23 votes)
11 May 2007
In an attempt to open DotNetNuke to a wider audience, I have converted the original VB code into C#


DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites. It is very well supported; just take a look at Snow Covered. Unfortunately, VB and C# programmers don't cooperate as best they should, and take a mutually exclusive choice between the languages. This is unfortunate because DotNetNuke is a very well developed framework for ASP.NET that a lot of C# programmers do not want to look at.


In an attempt to open DotNetNuke to a wider audience, I have converted the original VB code into C#. On Oct. 28, 2006 I released the first successful build in C#. Today, Jan 2, I have fixed most of the bugs and have a decent workable copy of DNN in C#.

Lessons Learned

Throughout the course of translating the code I learned many lessons. At first guess, you might think that translating the VB code would be easy, as did I. It wasn't more than ten minutes into this project that I learned otherwise. First, I attempted to translate the code using VB Conversions and compiled the resultant source code with over 3,000 errors. This obviously wasn't going to work out. Second, I tried to use Lutz Roeder's Reflector to look at the code from the compiled binary. Although this resulted in slightly better results, it wasn't a viable solution. If I was ever to complete this in time to be deemed useful I needed an alternative route. Finally I came up with a solution that was a combination of the first two methods, and some specialized tools I made specifically for this project to get it done.


As a result of converting the code, the new C# version runs incredibly much faster than its VB cousin. I was also able to increase its speed by compiling and generating a single named assembly for all pages + classes in the website. This wasn't that easy due to ASP.NET not allowing App_GlobalResources in pre-compiled websites, but I was able to get around this bug by embedding the GlobalResources and SharedResources into the DotNetNuke.Library library, and using a ResourceLoader to extract the strings from the embedded resources in the assembly. The remaining config files were then placed into the config directory.


I converted this project to make it more readable by myself and other C# programmers and open the DotNetNuke to a larger audience.

Google Code

The project is hosted on Google Code. Please visit Project's Google Code website for the latest bug fixes and releases.

Important Links

  • This is the project home at Google code.
  • This is the SVN repository.


Jan. 5, 2007: New bug fixes, modules all load during install, user registration works, and most obvious bugs have been fixed.


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About the Author

Web Developer myspace
United States United States
Its a passion, why else would we be doing this? Everyday it feels like gold fever, wouldn't you agree? With the boom of the internet and an ever decreasing world, programming today feels a lot like the wild wild west of the past. Its so wide open, filled with tremendous opportunities. Its more than a passion, its a forming of the ideas that later generations will use.

With over ten years experience, I've earned the right to say that. The majority of my career has focused on enterprise application development. I earned my BS in CS from UCI, hi everybody. My fondest memories as a child was working with the 8mhz IBM AT my daddy brought home for us. Yeah, I'm a geek, and proud of it. We're at the forefront of something huge, enjoy it.

Comments and Discussions

GeneralGood Job, Andrew! Pin
DrABELL14-Sep-09 11:04
professionalDrABELL14-Sep-09 11:04 
Generaltook a deep look Pin
Asif Ashraf31-May-09 17:27
professionalAsif Ashraf31-May-09 17:27 
Generali appreciate it Pin
Asif Ashraf30-May-09 19:26
professionalAsif Ashraf30-May-09 19:26 
QuestionHow about V5 Pin
MrPianomn20-Mar-09 3:47
memberMrPianomn20-Mar-09 3:47 
GeneralNuke C# download Pin
Ajith R Nair19-Nov-08 23:04
memberAjith R Nair19-Nov-08 23:04 
Generalsource code Pin
justintimberlake30-Mar-08 21:49
memberjustintimberlake30-Mar-08 21:49 
GeneralNot very useful if not in sync with the latest DNN Pin
abdu12-Mar-08 9:10
memberabdu12-Mar-08 9:10 
GeneralRe: Not very useful if not in sync with the latest DNN Pin
Asif Ashraf31-May-09 17:51
professionalAsif Ashraf31-May-09 17:51 
GeneralAwesome work, dude - awesome!!! Pin
Alexander German4-Mar-08 6:53
memberAlexander German4-Mar-08 6:53 
Generalcrystal report Pin
Ravi_2129-Oct-07 18:50
memberRavi_2129-Oct-07 18:50 
GeneralGood job and great effor! Pin
Edward DeGagne27-Jul-07 3:57
memberEdward DeGagne27-Jul-07 3:57 
QuestionHow to get its source Pin
Nguyen Thanh Luc3-Jun-07 17:48
memberNguyen Thanh Luc3-Jun-07 17:48 
AnswerRe: How to get its source Pin
andrewcates4-Jun-07 4:02
memberandrewcates4-Jun-07 4:02 
GeneralRe: How to get its source Pin
Martijnvl12-Jun-07 3:54
memberMartijnvl12-Jun-07 3:54 
GeneralRe: How to get its source Pin
dr1ftw00d4-Oct-07 17:15
memberdr1ftw00d4-Oct-07 17:15 
GeneralGreat Work, Guy Pin
greydmar18-May-07 2:50
membergreydmar18-May-07 2:50 
GeneralRe: Great Work, Guy Pin
AntRitx2-Jun-07 4:59
memberAntRitx2-Jun-07 4:59 
QuestionFeeling Threatened? Pin
JakeSays17-May-07 14:40
memberJakeSays17-May-07 14:40 
GeneralLicense Pin
DBuckner11-May-07 23:02
memberDBuckner11-May-07 23:02 
GeneralExcellent Pin
Southmountain11-May-07 6:36
memberSouthmountain11-May-07 6:36 
QuestionWhat a complete and utter waste of time and effort Pin
robvon10-Jan-07 23:06
memberrobvon10-Jan-07 23:06 
AnswerRe: What a complete and utter waste of time and effort Pin
Jeffrey Scott Flesher25-Jan-07 15:59
memberJeffrey Scott Flesher25-Jan-07 15:59 
GeneralRe: What a complete and utter waste of time and effort Pin
Fred_Smith11-May-07 5:54
memberFred_Smith11-May-07 5:54 
GeneralRe: What a complete and utter waste of time and effort Pin
Jeffrey Scott Flesher11-May-07 17:46
memberJeffrey Scott Flesher11-May-07 17:46 
GeneralRe: What a complete and utter waste of time and effort Pin
emission6-Aug-08 11:51
memberemission6-Aug-08 11:51 

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Posted 2 Jan 2007


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