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Posted 3 Feb 2008


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Document SQL Server 2000/2005 Database

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17 Oct 2009CPOL
T-SQL script to generate the document of SQL 2000/2005 database


Here is the script to generate the HTML document of your SQL Server 2000/2005 database. It is reverse engineering after the database is created. I hope it will be useful to many of you.


While working as a part time DBA for some projects, I encountered difficulties in documenting and publishing my databases because I do not have any tool available to generate the document. I have written this script that gives the output in HTML that is easy to be modified/published/distributed.

Using the Code

Follow these steps to use this script:

  • Download the attached script file and open it in Management Studio (tested on version 9.00).
  • Select the database for which you want to generate document.
  • Select Result to File (Ctrl+Shift+F) from Query - Results To menu.
  • Execute (F5) the script.
  • In the Save Result dialogue box, type a file name (filename.htm/filename.html) in the File Name text box and select All Files (*.*) in Save As Type dropdown.
  • After successful execution of query, check the output file.

Note: For populating the description of table and columns, update the Description property of table and columns while creating database diagram or add extended property for them with name as MS_Description.

I hope this information will be helpful. I am planning to provide details of code in my next update.


  • Bug in getting index column is resolved
  • Bug in getting check constraints list is resolved
  • Definition of check constraints is added to document
  • Table Summary is changed to Table Description
  • Table and column description is populated from extended property

Download documentation application from here.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Database Developer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
With 10 years of experience of working on Microsoft platform, currently I am working as Database/BI expert.

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PraiseGreat script Pin
Md. Ismail7-Jun-17 20:20
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Robert Jurado18-May-17 7:44
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thaidx8-Apr-13 19:18
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BerBuz2-Dec-12 4:44
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bigfiveai.com10-May-12 10:07
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G.Suman Babu20-Apr-12 5:06
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QuestionVery good Article Pin
G.Suman Babu20-Apr-12 5:05
MemberG.Suman Babu20-Apr-12 5:05 
QuestionExcellent script Pin
mickegus9-Feb-12 21:35
Membermickegus9-Feb-12 21:35 
QuestionGreat job! Pin
PiotrZajac5-Feb-12 9:08
MemberPiotrZajac5-Feb-12 9:08 
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Cassnat14-Dec-11 13:28
MemberCassnat14-Dec-11 13:28 
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StewStyle13-Dec-11 0:06
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Bastiaans1-Jun-11 1:17
MemberBastiaans1-Jun-11 1:17 
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Mamun Reza30-May-11 19:44
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bougie4-May-11 4:45
Memberbougie4-May-11 4:45 
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kiran.puchakayala22-Apr-11 19:18
Memberkiran.puchakayala22-Apr-11 19:18 
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Priya666611-Feb-11 6:39
MemberPriya666611-Feb-11 6:39 
GeneralThank you Pin
samirMistry18-Oct-10 21:39
MembersamirMistry18-Oct-10 21:39 
GeneralThank you very much! .good job Pin
koke171-Oct-10 1:40
Memberkoke171-Oct-10 1:40 
GeneralVery good work (PERFECT!!!) Pin
Albric3-Sep-10 0:47
MemberAlbric3-Sep-10 0:47 
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aivanq012-Sep-10 6:31
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aivanq012-Sep-10 6:30
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NArgade23-Aug-10 0:53
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silverscouts9-Apr-10 16:24
Membersilverscouts9-Apr-10 16:24 
GeneralExcelent time saver [modified] Pin 11:58 11:58 
GeneralAwesome! Just what I was looking for! Thanks! Pin
miguelguzman16-Feb-10 5:07
Membermiguelguzman16-Feb-10 5:07 

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