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Posted 19 Aug 2005


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7 Sep 2005
Splitting a path into its components.

Sorry, it should have been SplitPath.jpg


Most applications have to handle path names somewhere along the way. This simple class (actually it's more a collection of static methods) provides nine functions that make the different parts of a path accessible. Groundbreaking ideas are not included, but creating relative path names in any direction across a drive might be a useful feature.

Using the code

The most often problems should have the most easiest solutions. So here it comes:

// get drive letter
CString drive = PathInfo::getDrive(Path);
// get directory
CString dir = PathInfo::getDirectory(Path);
// get folder
CString folder = PathInfo::getFolder(Path);
// get name (title + extension)
CString name = PathInfo::getName(Path);
// get title
CString title = PathInfo::getTitle(Path);
// get extension
CString extsn = PathInfo::getExtension(Path);
// change extension ("cfg" for example)
CString cfgPath = PathInfo::getPathAs(Path, "cfg");
// switch absolute to relative path
CString relPath = PathInfo::getRelPath(Path, Origin);
// switch relative to absolute path
CString absPath = PathInfo::getAbsPath(relPath, Origin);


Version 1.1


  • The GUI now allows textual input for testing purpose.
  • getRelPath() now uses _strnicmp() to compare strings.

Version 1.0


  • getDrive()
  • getDirectory()
  • getFolder()
  • getName()
  • getTitle()
  • getExtension()
  • getPathAs()
  • getRelPath()
  • getAbsPath()


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Comments and Discussions

GeneralThis is not thread safe Pin
CodeScrubber8-Jun-10 10:00
CodeScrubber8-Jun-10 10:00 
Generalthanks Pin
skydave14-Nov-07 22:48
skydave14-Nov-07 22:48 
GeneralHave a look at boost.filesystem Pin
Ghost-Rider8-Sep-05 1:17
Ghost-Rider8-Sep-05 1:17 
GeneralRe: Have a look at boost.filesystem Pin
Achim Klein8-Sep-05 2:19
Achim Klein8-Sep-05 2:19 
GeneralJust use the PathXXX Win32 Functions Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz29-Aug-05 6:41
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz29-Aug-05 6:41 
GeneralRe: Just use the PathXXX Win32 Functions Pin
Achim Klein29-Aug-05 8:18
Achim Klein29-Aug-05 8:18 
GeneralRe: Just use the PathXXX Win32 Functions Pin
milkplus19-Nov-09 7:52
milkplus19-Nov-09 7:52 
I'm not super keen on shell path (Shlwapi.h)
I think your PathInfo.h is very clean and useful.
However, you might want to consider using the same API as System.IO.Path in .NET framework

ChangeExtension - Changes the extension of a path string.
Combine - Combines two path strings.
GetDirectoryName - Returns the directory information for the specified path string.
GetExtension - Returns the extension of the specified path string.
GetFileName - Returns the file name and extension of the specified path string.
GetFileNameWithoutExtension - Returns the file name of the specified path string without the extension.
GetFullPath - Returns the absolute path for the specified path string.
GetPathRoot - Gets the root directory information of the specified path.
GetTempFileName - Returns a uniquely named zero-byte temporary file on disk and returns the full path to that file.
GetTempPath - Returns the path of the current system's temporary folder.
HasExtension - Determines whether a path includes a file name extension.
IsPathRooted - Gets a value indicating whether the specified path string contains absolute or relative path information.
NewsUpdate Pin
Achim Klein27-Aug-05 8:06
Achim Klein27-Aug-05 8:06 
Generalidea for future versions Pin
mgama19-Aug-05 5:05
mgama19-Aug-05 5:05 
GeneralRe: idea for future versions Pin
Herbert Illfelder22-Aug-05 4:44
Herbert Illfelder22-Aug-05 4:44 
QuestionUNC? Pin
Uwe Keim19-Aug-05 3:03
sitebuilderUwe Keim19-Aug-05 3:03 
GeneralMine does... Pin
Kochise19-Aug-05 3:22
Kochise19-Aug-05 3:22 
GeneralRe: Mine does... Pin
peterchen19-Aug-05 23:17
peterchen19-Aug-05 23:17 
GeneralRe: Mine does... Pin
Kochise20-Aug-05 0:19
Kochise20-Aug-05 0:19 
GeneralInteresting Pin
Geert van Horrik19-Aug-05 2:58
Geert van Horrik19-Aug-05 2:58 

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