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Posted 3 Dec 1999


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Inter-Process Communication using WM_COPYDATA

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3 Dec 1999
Demonstrates the use of WM_COPYDATA
  • Download demo project - 83 Kb
  • Download 32-bit source - 20 Kb
  • Download 16-bit source - 13 Kb
  • sample image

    This demo shows how to send and receive message between apps (32-bit and 16-bit) using WM_COPYDATA.

    There are two samples. One is 32-bit and one is 16-bit. The 32-bit sample will check and see whether it is already running and if so, will start another instance with a different window header.

    • The 'Send' button will send the text from the editbox to the other 32-bit app.
    • The 'Send16' button will send the text to the 16-bit app.

    The received data will show up in the static box.Only 2 instances of the 32-bit apps are supported in this demo. The 16-bit app will only send and receive data to/from the 32-bit apps.

    The exchange of data is performed by finding the other application (using FindWindow) and sending a WM_COPYDATA message to that window:

        CString strWindowTitle = _T("Window Name");
        CString strDataToSend  = _T("This is a message to send");
    	LRESULT copyDataResult;
    	CWnd *pOtherWnd = CWnd::FindWindow(NULL, strWindowTitle);
    	if (pOtherWnd)
    		cpd.dwData = 0;
    		cpd.cbData = strDataToSend.GetLength();
    		cpd.lpData = (void*)strDataToSend.GetBuffer(cpd.cbData);
    		copyDataResult = pOtherWnd->SendMessage(WM_COPYDATA,
    		// copyDataResult has value returned by other app
    		AfxMessageBox("Unable to find other app.");

    The other app should handle the WM_COPYDATA message in the following manner

    BOOL CMyWnd::OnCopyData(CWnd* pWnd, COPYDATASTRUCT* pCopyDataStruct) 
    	CString strRecievedText = (LPCSTR) (pCopyDataStruct->lpData);
    	return CMyWnd::OnCopyData(pWnd, pCopyDataStruct);


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    About the Author

    Eddy Celis
    Software Developer (Senior)
    United States United States
    From firmware in Assembly code to GUIs in C#; done it all.
    Currently mainly programming C, C++ at the Windows system level.
    Living in Palm Bay, FL.

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    Eddy Celis6-Oct-13 2:31
    professionalEddy Celis6-Oct-13 2:31 
    Generalvery nice artical,thanks Pin
    haiqing19881-Jul-13 2:42
    Memberhaiqing19881-Jul-13 2:42 
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    Adeel Mirza7-Mar-11 1:50
    MemberAdeel Mirza7-Mar-11 1:50 
    GeneralRe: problem with WM_COPYDATA Pin
    bhupendradhyani6-Apr-11 2:13
    Memberbhupendradhyani6-Apr-11 2:13 
    GeneralAn bug in the program.(the buffer should include the end 0 of the string) Pin
    linzhehui5-Dec-08 19:31
    Memberlinzhehui5-Dec-08 19:31 
    GeneralRe: An bug in the program.(the buffer should include the end 0 of the string) Pin
    Destiny7774-Mar-13 17:42
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