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Posted 19 Oct 2005


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Loading and reading Microsoft Excel file content using C#

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19 Oct 2005CPOL
Using the Excel namespace in C#, we can load or open an Excel file and read the cell contents.


This is a test application which tells how to use the Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library to load/read Excel content.

Note: Here I have created a test.xls file which will be copied to c:\ before running the application.

The application is a Console Application developed using VC#.


  1. Include the following references to the project:
    • Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library
    • Microsoft Office 10.0 Object Library
  2. Include the required namespace: using Excel;.
  3. Create the objects ExcelApplicationClass, WorkBook, and Range.

Here is the complete code:

using System;
using Excel; 

namespace TestExcel
 /// <summary>
 /// Summary description for ExcelApplication.
 /// </summary>
 class ExcelApplication
      /// <summary>
      /// The main entry point for the application.
      /// </summary>
      static void Main(string[] args)
         string Path = @"c:\test.xls";
         // initialize the Excel Application class
         Excel.ApplicationClass app = new ApplicationClass();
         // create the workbook object by opening the excel file.
         Excel.Workbook workBook = app.Workbooks.Open(Path, 
         // get the active worksheet using sheet name or active sheet
         Excel.Worksheet workSheet = (Excel.Worksheet)workBook.ActiveSheet;
         int index = 0; // This row,column index should be changed as per your need.
         // i.e. which cell in the excel you are interesting to read.
         object rowIndex = 2;
         object colIndex1 = 1;
         object colIndex2 = 2; 
            while ( ((Excel.Range)workSheet.Cells[rowIndex,colIndex1]).Value2 != null )
               rowIndex = 2+index;
               string firstName = 
               string lastName = 
               Console.WriteLine("Name : {0},{1} ",firstName,lastName);
         catch(Exception ex)


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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